Dysfunctional Dog Family Intervention (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Shiz got real, real quick )_) Oh good, help is on the way Jerry Springer/Maury vibes w/dem security guards tryna separate them We need to take you to the hospital Geumsoon, oh no!! Geumsoon.. Grab her too! Geumja tries to attack Geumsoon again Time is of the essence for Geumsoon Thankfully, there was an animal clinic nearby Vet: We made Geumsoon’s heart beat again Geumsoon regains consciousness And is panting heavily;; Geumsoon is a survivor.. Geumsoon.. Thank you, doc. You saved our Geumsoon Any vet would’ve done the same Geumsoon made it because the hospital was nearby After darkness, comes sunshine This is the last resort No more alternatives You never know what happens behind glass doors.. Love is an open door (not) Geumja gets triggered by Geumsoon Once a french bulldog fights It’s hard to control em Owners should learn how to control their dog Starts training simultaneously Silly dogs.. hehe Geumja has entered the (chat) room Dog helper also enters the (chat) room Geumja gets intimidated for the first time Lemme out!! Geumsoon enters (the chat) They’re both scared Geumsoon has no choice but to rely on Geumja Mom.. I’m scared Geumja doesn’t get angry Since they’re in an unfamiliar place with another dog, they rely on each other Dog helper exits (chat) They get closer through this exercise~ Establishing an emotional connection.. Geumsoon and Geumja can now live side by side Why don’t you just meet me in the middle? Happy family~ Now that I see change I’ll train them well, and live happily

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14 Responses

  1. Le Pro says:

    Je suis le seule français

  2. Jamie Angela van Ginkel says:

    Poor Guemsoon.. if they were my dog’s i should sell the other dog, this is so sad..

  3. Abraham Gideon says:

    Mom: I am the big dog
    Daughter: No I am the big dog.
    Enter HUGGGGEE dog ….both shut up.
    Power of perspective.

  4. KauMito Br says:

    Quem Se Ama Briga!

  5. Freja Valentin says:


  6. duolingo bird says:

    0:09 nigga youer choking the fking dog

  7. il ninja siciliano says:

    Siete degli idioti lo stava ammazzando e lo rimettete insieme

  8. strawberry girl says:

    Aww they get along after years😊❤️

  9. gospelevans says:

    The music is trippn me out

  10. Oyun Canavari says:

    Akına koduğum

  11. Alejandra Santacruz says:

    El perro se queda sin oxígeno porque el Guardia lo está ahorcando

  12. Kawany Ribeiro Pereira says:


  13. Ricardo Ruiz says:

    que basura de dueños

  14. 김나희 says:

    강아지 않죽어서 다행이에요

  15. armandoTG says:

    Porque la familia están retrasada de juntarlos estas están buscando que el otro la mate I luego vienen los putos lloros

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