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Hi everyone, Eclaire here from Today I’m trying video blogging. First things first, A big “thank you” to everyone emailing me, especially from other dogs facing illness. It means a lot knowing I’m not alone. Yesterday I had a call from my vet. Still no official diagnosis, but cancer is less likely. Which is good, but I’m not out of the woods. My liver is in bad shape and nothing can fix the scar tissue. (But, I hear scars are cool.) So I will hang in there, keep taking my meds, and fight this the best I can. Because I don’t really have a choice. Sometimes in life, you just have to play the cards dealt. Sometimes you have a royal flush. Sometimes you have a pair. But with the support from all of you I at least have a full house. Really, I can’t complain. I’ve lived well and made the most of things. Smelled the roses, and the occasional collie, and spaniel, and poodle, and hound, and boxer, and Saint Bernard, and Bouvier des Flandres, and setter, and retreiver, and pointer, and greater Swiss mountain dog, and schnauzer, and weimaraner, and keeshond, and dalmatian, and chihuahua, and dachshund, and old English sheepdog, and bernese mountain dog, and newfoundland, and samoyed, and shih tzu, and beagle. Oh man, there was this one chihuahua named Diego… (He smelled good.) Anyway, My doctors still don’t know what’s wrong, but I’m feeling better. That’s really all I wanted to say. Later!

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  1. lovemybeau says:

    Hell wwwdogmatchscom what are you doing to cause her to speak?
    Pretty dog! Is she prey driven? Mine is and it is very hard to control and he pulls when walking if he see's a squirrel or cat.

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