Eco-Friendly Natural Cat Care | Chemical-Free and Zero-Waste Goal

I practice sustainability, Minimalism, and natural living. I try my best to keep my home Chemical-free for my cat. Hello friends this is Youheum, my cat’s name is Boru. She’s affectionate, gentle, and a master in meditation and mindfulness. She’s been declawed by her previous owner before we adopted her back in New York. And she’s currently recovering from a hematoma on her right ear. My intention today is to share how I care for her in my natural home while trying my best to keep it Low-waste. I admit that I’m not 100% Zero-waste and in no way do I think that my own practice is the best for all cats. So feel free to send me suggestions and insights so that the community of cat lovers can all benefit. I keep an indoor garden for my cat. I use a clay sprouting tray to grow cat grass. She likes to nibble on it occasionally and I also add a few cuttings to her food as well. The organic lemon balm and catnip are her favorites. If you want, you can also get these at a local nursery. I will also do a video on gardening and sprouting in the future! Some of you wanted to know how I manage to grow some of my own food.I I am an Extreme Minimalist practicing Furniture-free living. The only thing close to furniture is the woven cat tower that I have in the living room. It’s made of natural materials and the reason why I choose materials like linen, organic cotton, jute hemp, and straw is because I want to avoid chemicals like flame retardants and mold repellents that are sprayed onto pet and human furniture. Of course, no one can avoid harsh chemicals completely. I try my best to align with my intention of natural living. The cat shelf is handmade and the wood is kept unfinished. My cat also enjoys sleeping on my meditation cushion. This one is made of buckwheat. No synthetic materials. I also don’t use chemical cleaning solutions like air fresheners or any kind of artificial fragrance at home so that my cat doesn’t inhale any toxins. If you want to know more about home detox, feel free to download my e-book. Also, be sure to let me know what your pets favorite things are. It could be their favorite plant toy or place to hang out. I use holistic remedies and herbal medicine for my cat. I clean her ears with a witch hazel and gentle essential oil solution and I apply colloidal silver for irritated skin or open wounds. I also add organic spirulina and kelp as a supplement into her food. I add a bit of CBD oil to her food as well. This one is from CBDistillery, and I’ve been using this for a while. I’m grateful for their generosity of sending me this free gift. CBD oil for pets and for humans hs anti-inflammatory benefits and helps with relaxation. I had some people ask me if my cat is also Vegan because I eat a Raw Vegan diet. She’s not and I feed her limited ingredient rabbit meat cat food. I have tried giving her raw food to reduce packaging and for her health. But she was unable to transition at that time, but I might try again in the future. I’m aware of the waste produced from cans and I know that most are lined with toxins like BPA. I’m looking into more of this and would love to hear what works for you. She’s allergic to poultry or at least low-quality conventional ones. So I’m trying to avoid that as well. I enjoy grooming her once a day during shedding season when it’s warmer. I also just let her do her own grooming. I have a metal brush a natural brush made of boar hair, which I bought before I went fully Vegan. I also have a coconut fiber brush which could be a good natural and Vegan-friendly option. I try not to stroke too fast or with too much strength. And I usually let her tell me if she wants to be groomed or not by letting her rub against the brush. I’m currently using a walnut husk litter without any added fragrance. I also tried clay and wheat but found that the most natural and sustainable option for me is walnut from what I know. Her litter box is made of stainless steel. So it’s easy to clean Plastic-free and durable. I don’t have to worry about the litter box cracking and needing to replace it after a year. I’m hoping to find a more Low-waste and Eco-friendly way to purchase litter. So if you know any plant-based materials that I can get in bulk or in package free form. Please let me know! We both love fresh air and taking a short stroll outside (supervised) She also spends time on the balcony to watch birds and squirrels. She’s slowly building more confidence to venture outside. I usually recycle paper and fiber to make her toys. This one is made of a wooden stick, strings, and a piece of scrap paper. I would love to know what your cat loves to play with. Boru loves anything string and scrunchie. I truly enjoy the time I spend with my family. I love being in this present moment with my cat. Of course, I love the outdoors, traveling, and excitement but it is so special to be able to return to my peaceful home where my cat is. It is truly a gift to be able to share this moment with this gentle soul. I hope you also enjoy the presence of your companion. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to my channel. Feel free to leave any comments on how you care for your cat and any suggestion the community can benefit. Thanks again for being here my friends and I hope to see you again soon.

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100 Responses

  1. 1 11 says:

    Am please you cat can go outside.

  2. I G says:

    I feed my cat commercial raw food called Primal. It costs me about $35/month. He absolutely loves it. We alternate between 3 protein sources. It comes in plastic, but I think it's best for his health. It maintains a healthy weight and his coat is nicer.

  3. dfjkrr druu says:

    I have 10 cats. My biggest number was 15.
    I can't help but love them. They are the most gentle animals I ever touched.

  4. Rand Zopyr says:

    Please make sure that you're adding thiamine to her diet since you're not giving her cat food.

  5. Justaya Merk says:

    Your cat's so so so cute!!!☺️

  6. minty jackson says:

    I really respect you for feeding your cat with cat food even if your vegan. Also, your cat is soo cute. My cat isn't that cuddly. 😕 Sometimes I try to hold him in my arms, but usually he just jumps of me. He really likes to lie on high shelves and cupboards or just places where he can see everything and everyone. And his favourite toy is everything he can roll across our home. 😅
    Much love for you and your pretty kitty! 💓

  7. Valerie Miller says:

    Our cats love old boxes. I think it is important that you feed your cat meat and fish. It is what cats and dogs eat naturally. Our cats also love scratching posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your life. It inspires me.

  8. JulieFully says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! You are full of light! For the litter you can use cassava flower with flaky corn flower. It works amazingly and you can get both in bulk.

  9. Jane says:

    I just found your channel and I am loving your videos 😍

  10. molly moomoo says:

    Your cat always looks so content and happy just like you! ☺🤗 you are clearly a fantastic cat-mom doing a wonderful job😍🤗👍

  11. Mizz Bella Kitty says:

    CBD is really good stuff. I have a friend with Tourettes and she ticks really bad sometimes but when she takes CBD, her ticks are almost completely gone.

  12. Luciana Guerra says:

    I have 2 sweet cats and we use cassava flour (which is very cheap in Brazil, my country) instead of litter. Since it is completely biodegradable, I can dispose of it on the toilet 😉 maybe some other flour will be the best option for you two. 😸

  13. ShadowGale says:

    Just a suggestion, a while ago I switched my cats over to equine pine pellets as litter, and it's AMAZING. It's organic, biodegradable, and way less expensive than the clay litter while also being less messy and less smelly. The pellets absorb the pee and turn it into powder, and the powder releases this pine/hay smell. No joke, I haven't smelled ammonia in months 😸.

    You can find it at a local farm and supply store or online. I got a 40lb bag for $7. Two months later and we're not even halfway down the bag so definitely worth it.

    However, I don't know how a cat who's been declawed will take this litter. Of my three cats (0 declawed) only one of them had issues adjusting with it, but after working with him some on it he was fine.

    Love your videos! Hope this helps.

  14. Hello Endtime says:

    I like to felt Cat toys out of their own hair. Therefore i collekt it in a smal bag all year round. Felting is easy and you got a never ending free supply 😀

  15. Yin yang says:

    I love cats i have 15cats

  16. Liz says:

    I love this video, and all the ones I've watched so far ❤ have you tried adding nutritional yeast to her food? My cats are on full raw, and they love it. It helped them transition plus it's got protein!

  17. GeorgianaOnline says:

    I LOVE BORU. She's so adorable. Thank you for this video! I've been looking for information about more eco-friendly options with my own kitties. Cats are obligate carnivores. They must have meat. I feed my cats a fish-free food that comes in paper bags. (One has a fish allergy). I do need to check the bag for plastic lining, etc. Mine are also picky. So hard to feed them when you have challenges like this. The litter box segment was outstanding. I'm trying to get away from plastic bags as liners. Seems like you don't need that with stainless. I've become a big fan, btw, even though I don't aspire to extreme minimalism. All the same, you inspire me so much. ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Bailey Kathryn says:

    I’ve recently found your videos, I starting my journey with minimalism and environment conscious living. Your videos have been really informative and inspiring! Thank you

  19. Al says:


  20. rileyandss says:

    At my local petco they have a cat litter bulk bin!!!!!! Maybe there will be one near you!

  21. Y Park says:

    I think your cat's life is boring. I've heard that play is essential part of cat's life as walking out is important for dogs from a vet. There are not much toys, and other cat materials for your cat. I don't think that rabbit food is 100% suitable for your cat. I think you force your belief on your cat that cannot speak. Extreme minimalism is good for people who can decide to live like that way, but I don't know whether a lack of stimulation is good for cat's well-being or not. If my parents were minimalists, I would have thought that they do not love me enough to buy toys/ books that makes me exposed to a lot of positive stimulation.

  22. Happy ClamGuy says:

    It's a bit expensive but this is the best cat litter ever. It's just prairie grass seed:

  23. NWforager says:

    i know lot of folks who use wood pellets (compressed leftover sawdust) for cat litter . it comes in huge 40 lb bags for like 10 bucks . Use it for heating and cooking also .

  24. S K says:

    It take a lot of courage to live your lifestyle. Kudos to your inner strength. Stay blessed always

  25. Manda L says:

    How do u dispose of the litter? .. this kitty is so loved 🧡

  26. Sim M says:

    Your a beautiful soul

  27. Tomiko Chatman says:

    She's a beautiful cat I have three male cats one came from an abusive home, but all came from the local animal shelter. I was wondering do you vaccinate your cat and take her to yearly vet visits? I think you're an amazing cat mom keep up the good work🤗

  28. Love Vintage says:

    Im looking for eco friendly way to dispose of my cat's waste. The typical method is putting the waste in a plastic bag and putting in trash. There has to be a better way! Any suggestions?

  29. Jasmina Cvetkovic says:

    I love your videos! I've been trying to find the best way to dispose of my cat's waste as it's still an issue. Any ideas?

  30. Richard Bonilla says:

    Does the Kitty travel or go camping?

  31. Richard Bonilla says:

    So wonderful the way you care for your Furry friend

  32. Sajaia X says:

    Loved the video. I adopted 2 kittens and was looking for a good stable cat tower. Could you please link me to the one that you have for your cat?

  33. James William says:

    @heal your living where did you buy the woven cat furniture piece

  34. ShippingAvaLance says:

    My dogs favorite toy are my feet

  35. Kiralee Farmer says:

    I love your cat she's beautiful ❤️💕💖♥️

  36. Kiralee Farmer says:

    Perhaps you could just get some good mince from a butcher take your own container and just get enough for a few days there won't be any additional waste and will be great for her to just eat 1 ingredient I hope this is helpful to you I'm vegan to and trying to find a better option for my 4 cats

  37. Angelica Jolin says:

    This made me cry….you have such a sweet and loving connection with your cat. and i bet she loves the peace in your home….no tv,noise etc.

  38. Alethia Cherry says:

    Me encanto!! Y ella se ve feliz y súper tranquila 💕

  39. Deano saur says:

    You could try wood pellets as litter like the stuff you use for horses or fire.

  40. MEK Productions says:

    What natural flea prevention do you use?? ❤️❤️

  41. Mugen & Fuu says:

    DON'T BUY DRY FOOD IN BULK. I see a lot of commentors saying they buy dry kibble in bulk to reduce packaging. Avoid buying kibble in bulk because the essential fats start to break down as soon as the bag is opened. After a couple weeks, there is major nutrition loss. Not even storing the food in "air tight" containers can prevent this from happening. Only buy in sizes that your cat(s) can finish within a couple weeks!

  42. J sletering says:

    what do you use for an all purpose cleaning since vinegar isn't always the best options for cats?! i really wanna make my own mixtures but also want to keep my cat happy & healthy hehe

  43. Cassie Smith says:

    My dad has a burst hematoma. I can't imagine the pain she went through, but it makes the life she has now much sweeter.

  44. 楊咩咩 says:


  45. SafePet Haven says:

    Thank you for being mindful about your cat's life and care. But please be aware that not all essential oils are safe for pets [cats, dogs, birds…] and also be mindful that all "natural" items are not always safe for all species, including humans and cats! Terpenes are often a natural ingredient in so-called natural or organic supplements but are not safe for any of us, especially those of us who are very sensitive to certain things often thought of as safe [they are not]. Reference EHC-Dallas, and Johnson Medical Associates/Richardson TX. Once chemically poisoned [for me it was my career as a chemist, then subsequent very toxic work environments separate from the lab], one can never tolerate "normal" levels of environmentsl toxins, and they are EVERYWHERE!

    By the way, I was hesitant about certain litters because of my own sensitivities as well as a few of my special-needs rescue cats and had tried every single "natural" litter but they were a no-go. Finally someone mentioned the Breeze litter "system" but I was very wary because of the name and concerned there may be obvious or even hidden cheimcals used or worse — so I tried one setup and was pleasantly surprised thhat the pellets were inery and ;ilrwise the absorbent pad used the tray below was safe. Price-wise it may seem muh pricier than traditional pans and litters but O even compared the longterm price for this multiple cat household and it tuened out to be the same or cheaper! I have used them dor several years now and would not go back.

    For a single cat household it would be even more cost effective overall. Not one of my cats had a problem using the Breeze pellets and urine collection pad system, and I have some who, let's say, are not the 'sharpest knife in the drawer', due to their disabilities/special needs.

  46. Marley says:

    I know this may not be an option for a cat toy. If you know anyone with a pet bird that shed feathers. Perhaps during molting season. You could grab a few loose feathers and fashion a make shift feather toy. To preserve the feather I think you can heat up sand over a fire pit and stick it in the hot sand for awhile. This will set the feather. This was a process done in the old days to make quills.

  47. Animal Frantics says:

    As a cat owner as well, I appreciate you giving your cat meat, I know people who make their cats/dogs have all vegetables, even though they are strict carnivores. I also enjoy your other videos as well. Thank you.

  48. Animal Frantics says:

    I also just realized I have the same brush as you.

  49. Theresa Walker says:

    She's such a sweet girl! I'm looking into tractor supply pelletized bedding for horses which is also commonly used for cats too. it's bio degradable with no additives, perfumes, or chemicals. Best of all it's cheap.5.99 for a 40 lb bag.

  50. Christy Lofranco says:

    Cat with rabbit diet. Seriously 😒

  51. Benedetta Savitri says:


  52. pinkdotties says:

    Chicken feed is natural and low cost as cat litter we use that at our rescue

  53. kleptomanatee says:

    I know that Tomlinson’s in Austin has a few different litters in bulk that you can bring your own container to fill(depending on the location). I’m not sure if they are all plant-based though. The one that I get is clay-based.

  54. Emily says:


  55. Cohinta Piard says:

    Hi, my kitty has the same issue to regular cat food and she's very food sensitive. The vet recommended Hills Z/d and has bought her quality of life. Luna, my cat was severely ill and this was a great solution. I also use natural wooden pellets for her litter. Maybe, yours is a better option. I'm intrigued.

  56. Tanya Vincent says:

    Kind of an unrelated question – what do you use on the floor of your balcony? It looks like a bamboo mat but I'm not sure. I'm looking for a natural simple rug/mat to put down on my balcony but can't find a good option 
    🙁 Thanks!

  57. xpyre says:

    Hello i was wondering where you got your meditation cushion? Love the video and your cat

  58. Dinoo JudeLeen D. says:

    💜 this video. I use walnut litter for my cat too

  59. Lovisa Chung says:

    hi thank you for sharing.

    love all nature things in your home.
    Where did you buy stainless steel Litter scoop?
    cant find it?

  60. Nyla says:

    For the cat litter, there is a brand I know as of now called okocat. It's a wood base natural type, but it does come in cardboard packaging. Also, Boru is very cute 🙂

  61. Scarlett-rose Giles says:

    Thank you for inspiring me ☺️

  62. Hilary M says:

    Question: is there a sustainable way to dispose of cat litter, like biodegradable litter bags?

  63. Sparrow Hawk says:

    My cat loves chicken, beef and fish.

    Her fave is probably fish, I’m going to leave the recipe here if you are interested :
    You will need :
    3 fists of Rice
    400 g Fish
    1 Carrots
    1 Zucchini
    Olive oil

    Boil the veggies first , then add the fish, cook for about half an hour then add the rice and cook for another ten mins.
    Then leave to chill. Mix with a mixer or by hand ( until you get a paste)
    Then put everything in small jars and to preserve them you need to first put the jars ( that need to be closed ) in a pot with some water and boil them for around 15 mins ( the water should be enough to cover 3/4 of the jars )
    Then cover the pot and wait for the jars to cool down
    Then you just need to put them in the fridge and you are done !

    Remember to cook all the meat ! Cats can only eat raw calf and cow meat ( but I usually cook that too just to be sure )
    Another thing you can do is boil chicken and zucchini , mash the zucchini with a fork and make tiny strings with the chicken by hand, boil the chicken broth to make like a sort of “sauce” that you can add to your cats food to integrate more water in its diet 🙂
    mix the zucchini and the chicken strings, add the reduced broth and voila !
    Oc wait for it to cool down 😅

    I usually buy oat based litter that comes in paper packaging, which can be recycled very easily.

  64. Renee says:

    I use compressed pine wood pellets it smells natural and is not messy. I find my cat leaves the litter box and no mess comes out of the box. I make sure it’s 100 percent natural wood and pet friendly. I can usually find it for 6 to 7 Canadian dollars for a 40 pound bag. I like it cause it’s more clean and natural 😊

  65. Keila Huang says:

    Equine pine pellets (kiln dried) litter is very low cost and can be composted. I'm not sure if it aligns with your ideals, but it has been amazing for my cats so far. I'm interested about the walnut litter now. I haven't heard about this option, but I have seen that there is soy litter and diatomaceous earth, but I'm also not sure of how eco-friendly these options are. I would like to hear your thoughts on these options.

    I know clay litters are not healthy or eco-friendly for cats or humans. So I will never use those.

    Corn litters are also an option, but can sometimes attract bugs. I was also considering toilet training my two kitties, but that seems like a long journey. I'm hoping to find the healthiest option for my cats and the environment.

  66. Mak Turco says:

    You are so gentle and loving towards this animal and all living creatures in general, we need more beautiful souls like you in the world ❤

  67. Megan Barnett says:

    Are you guys seriously supporting her this blindly? While I admit that minimalism and low waste output is a positive thing to strive for, this lady is obviously misinformed. She mentioned using colloidal silver on her cat, which is infamously a psuedoscientific practice. There is nothing that proves it's benefits other than anecdotes and there are heaps of research that state that it can be dangerous to your health. Even if it makes you feel better via placebo, the same effect won't work on your cat. They don't understand what colloidal silver is. I'm not a hateful person, and I'm not trying to destroy what makes her happy, but spreading misinformation like this is reprehensible.

  68. Fienii says:

    if you want to go to raw diet you can give some probiotics the first two weeks; the bacteria in the intestines are gone because of long processed food. after a while this is restored. 🙂 I also have woodpellets for catlitter, it decomposes in a few weeks, it does come in a paper bag though… but paper is also composable! 🙂

  69. Achsa Hasan says:

    I've had my cats for two years now and I don't usually give them the package cat food because the one that my cats can tolerate is usually in the more expensive side, and they dont really like raw meat so what I've done is that I cooked the meat about 3/4 of the way and mixed it with steamed rice, they really like it. I usually bought about 2kg of fish, it can last for about 3 days, cooked it, usually by frying it with as little as oil as possible, tried microwaving and putting it in the oven but they didn't like it that much maybe cus that lil bit of oil, idk, after that I put that in a container and wrapped it with a piece of fabric and that put it in the freezer. When I want to serve it I just re heats it and shredded it into more manageable pieces and voila a meal is served.
    Hope this helps, if there's any question or stuff like that feel free to ask me

  70. Wren Paasch says:

    My two kitties eat the same food! One of them has food allergies too. The only other allergy-friendly rabbit meat food I've found is Stella & Chewy's, which comes either freeze dried (and you add water) or frozen, and both are raw. Unfortunately the allergic cat will eat the freeze dried without water like treats, but once I add water or tried the frozen, he wasn't interested (the NOT-allergic cat, though, actually likes it and she's usually the finicky one). There are so few options for cats with allergies! But the S&C comes in a plastic bag as opposed to a can.
    For litter, I have two different kinds (it's a long story but tl;dr it's because the two of them are not friends and there was some bullying around the litterbox). So one of them uses Okocat which is reclaimed wood and comes in a cardboard box, and the other uses clay that I take my empty bucket to Petco and refill from their giant bin.
    I find that growing the cat grass, it usually lives longer if it's in a bigger container rather than the tiny pots they often sell the pre-grown grass in. I buy a big bag of seeds (usually wheatgrass or oatgrass) and plant in my own planter. In the summer, the planter is on the balcony. In the winter, I use a smaller one inside the apartment.
    Their favorite toys are from Yeoww! Catnip – they have a rainbow and a banana. They are durable fabric toys, and years later they'll still play with them and lick them like they are going to break through to the catnip inside. 😀

  71. oresama93 says:

    what do you do about fleas?

  72. Brenna Newbert says:

    Shoe laces with knots tied into them are my cats favorite toys along with twisty ties from bread bags

  73. Ren Esho says:

    I hate it that people de-claw cats.. That's like me removing your knuckles.. Your cat in a carnival please don't give her a vegan diet it's not in her nature.

  74. Maggie-Jo Napier says:

    I found a video of a lady who uses wood pellets for kitty litter. I haven’t yet, but would love to try this method. It’s cheaper and smells better. You’d need a sifting litter box though. I hope you end up trying this.

  75. Meaghan Angell says:

    Your videos are so soothing to watch, and you really inspire me to be a better human.

  76. Goldie Gareza says:

    my cat uses the toilet which saves on litter costs. not all cats are willing.

  77. Chloe Elizabeth says:

    Your love and care for your cat is amazing. You are a wonderful cat owner, with a wonderful and calming mind and soul. Bless you.

  78. Jocelyn says:

    Hey there, I’ve been looking for a natural tower for my cats. If you don’t mind me asking where did you get yours?

  79. BayLee Wright says:

    You should look into pine pellets for cat litter. They’re usually used for horse bedding and I can get a 40 lb bag at Tractor Supply for $5.99. Their pee turns the pellets into sawdust (which can be used in composting). I’ve been using it for a couple of months and it has saved me so much money and effort already.

  80. innershifttv says:

    For litter I use pine pellets. I buy it as horse bedding. I remove her stools daily then spread the sawdust on my garden. There is the plastic bag generated. I change the litter once a week, so the bedding lasts for months.

  81. Kimberly's Mind Storm says:

    I liked this video about your cat. More cat videos please. I knew a yoga teacher who cooked her dog fresh meals each day, mostly vegetarian too! Super Zen dog! Have you thought about volunteering at an animal shelter? Maybe adopting or fostering a second cat? There are so many who need homes. Spring is kitten season and rescues are always seeking foster homes. Would make an adorable video too!

  82. Beata says:

    Hello 🙂 First, sorry for my english- I don't speak well… Honestly, I like to watch Your videos because of Your nice, slow voice, so that I can understand more sentences than many videos from youtube. I like to learn english with You 🙂 . Your life is very special and interesting so I listen to You with pleasure. I am Catholic, so I will never do some things what You practise (like yoga, EFT etc) because of my faith and Catholic Church knowledge about this things. However I really like to watch how You live with minimalizm – it is so, so amazing! 🙂 Because of You I think more about what is better for me (less stuff in house, more natural clothes, less spending money for things) and what to do for Earth.
    I like your cat. I have two. The best toy for my cats is… shoelace. I bought many toys from shops, I spend my money and my cats almoust always look on these toys with indifference. So… in my opinion, the best toys are the simplest toys. They are happy when I give them paper ball, shoelace, walnut. They like to steal my scruchies and hair clips 🙂 .
    Thank You if You read it . Have a nice day!

  83. Heather W says:

    I think I’m going to throw up – I’ll try to make a video about that. I don’t know who is more precious – you or your at.

  84. Tali Medina says:

    Can you link that cat tower please?

  85. Cassie Smith says:

    I crochet cat toys for my baby. I use scrap yarn and stuff it with cotton stuffing and catnip.

  86. Elle sans makeup says:

    Everything about you is perfect. The way you care, the way you behave, the way of your living. Thank you so much for those precious videos!

  87. Yoshi Patterson says:

    Thank you for the follow up to this video! Enjoying your content as always, but what are your alternatives to discarding cat waste? Do you compost to a bin or plastic bag and compost it?

  88. Robin Presley says:

    I loved your ideas! I’m going to try growing some catnip herbs too! And thank you for the litter idea of walnut hulls. My cats love homemade toys the best too! Especially when they can get my daughters hair tie and bat it around. 🙂

  89. Tiffany Verrill says:

    I’m slowly trying to go minimal waste (I’m a beginner) and I’ve been trying to look for alternatives to dispose cat poop when I scoop it. I usually use the plastic grocery bags for it but I have so many that I don’t feel right just throwing them in the landfill (I have at least 10 bags or more) I scoop my cats litter every 2 days and I throw a poop filled bag each time so that adds up a lot. I recently found out that biodegradable dog poop bags exist and I thought of using those but i don’t think the cat litter I’ve been using is safe for the environment (it’s usually “Tidy Cats” or “Fresh Step”.) I’ve heard things about wood- related litter (such as pine or shavings) but I read that cats paws could get splinters from that. Does anyone know safe cheap alternatives to cat litter and ways to dispose of the cat poop without creating too much waste

  90. EVOLVE FREELY says:


  91. Ella Karina says:

    Aw man I was loving your channel and then I heard “rabbit food” 😟

  92. Monica Yu says:

    Highly recommend: The Natural Cat: The Comprehensive Guide to Optimum Care: Anitra Frazier
    The holistic bible for cat caregivers and a must-have gift for cat lovers—now updated and expanded.
    I followed her recipes for my 9 yrs old cat when she diagnosed with diabetes. She recovered after 3 months of natural raw meat diet plus Anitra's vita-mineral supplement.

  93. Anat Katz says:

    Cats cannot be vegan. They go blind.
    My cats can't eat fish — it makes them vomit.

  94. Diana Parisi says:

    MAster of meditation that’s so funny

  95. Diana Parisi says:

    Thank you for your advice on cats. Your cat looks really happy
    My cat is suffering from stomatitis so I stopped all canned cat food just organic meats preferably raw
    My cat looooves organ meats especially the heart and liver
    I also dip the meat in the blood that licks from the package so he loves that even more
    Yes cbd oil does wonders
    I also give him dandelion tea and probiotics

  96. Roma L says:

    My kitty loves cat grass! I want to work on giving my cats a health and natural lifestyle, including giving them better food and exposing them to less chemicals.

  97. Jessica Goyette says:

    Would bagged food (dry) be more eco-friendly than cans? She is so beautiful. Love the calm that these sweet animals bring.

  98. Sohail Qayomi says:

    Does cats wast money

  99. Silentflower00 says:

    hi your video is super informative and i am planning to get a kitten soon. I need to mesh up my windows and was wondering if there was a zero waste alternative to cat proofing your window? Most of the mesh i see are plastic mosquito nets and it would help if i have a solution to this. Thank you so much for our tips and all that you do~

  100. Laticia Cull says:

    looking for really good idea to make some diy stuffs ? go to Avasva

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