Eddie Martinez Whistles While He Works | Art21 “New York Close Up”

[hums and whistles] Come here [whistles] The enthusiasm when she comes is amazing [laughs] [OFF-SCREEN INTERVIEWER] “So is there a routine for you?” Pretty much guaranteed that i’m going to go to the studio, at some point or several times in the day [whistles] This is going to be exciting, to have– This new big surface. [whistles] “Eddie Martinez Whistles While He Works” [sound of electric sander against canvas] Eddie Martinez–Artist Franny–French Bulldog Alright, let’s see if I can’t get a little sketch up on here. [shakes spray can] [Whistles] [Sound of spray can] I learned a massive amount from graffitti that I’ve taken into the studio, [whistles] [sound of spray paint] in terms of scale and how to make large marks and how to take a small drawing and make it large. I mean, that’s totally invaluable, the skill set. Not bad. [sound of spray can] It’s sort of like a boxing ring in here–it’s a very physical process. [sound of spray paint] Maybe I’m a little addicted to that. [sound of spray paint] It’s a real part of my life–it’s a real way for me to work things out, outside of just the actual painting. [sound of spray can] God damn it, come on. I might be one of the most impatient people in the world. Certainly, at times I can’t control how the anxiety and impatience and aggressive energy comes out. It’s best when it happens in here, so I like to try and harness that cause no one can judge me, or… [sound of feet shuffling] I do have to trick myself into getting through parts of a painting. [dog barking] Come on, Fanny, come on. If it gets to a point where I know a painting’s going to be a painting, sometimes there’s that real sense of chore, So then i’ll have to, like, drink a bottle of wine [laughs] Or do something fun, Like walking around Greenpoint. [sound of tapping rhythmically] [whistles] The best thing, and the most freeing feeling for me, is when I’m just moving the brush and making those strokes and am not standing back across the room looking at it. it’s when I’m completely lost in there. [sound of brush against canvas] There’s that sense that I can express any kind of movement or action or noise or whatever i want in there. [sound of brush scraping against canvas] [sighs] [sound of foot tapping lightly] I think that’s it. I think if I start painting I’m going to start making mistakes. “Yeah” Which is fine, but i dont want to. “Yeah” But the composition is working and that’s exciting. I love when i get a first composition. That’s pretty rare– A first take composition that i want to go with. Now I said that and I see something I hate but… “What do you hate?” This shoulder shape here, it should come into like, it should drop off, like, there. [sound of pallet knife scraping against canvas] When I can make a drawing in 25 minutes and be really moved by it, that’s what I want to be painting. But I dont know how to do it yet, which is exciting, Because if I already knew how to do it, that’d be kind of depressing [laughs] [sings “I live my life on…”] [whistles lightly]

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17 Responses

  1. EATshitanddrinkbleac says:

    his work reminds me of early de kooning. me gusta

  2. AlyC says:

    I love it – so spontaneous & free. … But he's sanding without a mask – yikes!!!

  3. riquizable says:

    sto qua si deve ripigliare

  4. Sergio Lobato says:

    Great art, cool pooch! A win win.

  5. Lukas Prochazka says:

    great documentary serries, but this one was somekind of boring

  6. Bela Bel says:

    impatient, aggressiveness, a painting seems as a chore at times…..very negative, but beautiful strokes.

  7. Bela Bel says:

    yes…i love it!

  8. Carl Euegene says:

    I am all too tired of seeing artist with no contest, concept, and sloppy form. Just sick! I am loathed and disgusted, even nauseated.


    He wistle and he walke, i love him !!!

  10. Ricardo Benavides says:

    arte huevon!


    pésimo pintor. Nada para ver, nada interesante, hasta el mismo se ve decepcionado de lo que hace.

  12. John Orozco says:

    girl she's a basic painter

  13. Elizabeth Josephson says:

    Love it!,great to see !

  14. John Castle says:

    I like the big bold shapes ,he keeps it fresh and alive .

  15. Bris Vegas says:

    wear a mask or have good ventilation when spray painting – keep your health. Love your art BTW 🙂

  16. Carcinogen Curator says:

    "blue moon o' Kentucky keep on shinin' shine on the one the that's gone and left me blue. . ."

  17. Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown says:

    Shouldn't he be wearing a dust-mask while operating that hand-sander?

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