Einfache Poodle – Frisur für Anfänger / Easy Poodle Hairstyle (ENGLISH SUBS)

Hello Guys
Welcome to this new tutorial todays video is all about the Poodle not the dog
i mean the poodle hairstyle made of lots of curls and how you do this hairstyle I will show you in the next few minutes It is super easy and have fun with this tutorial Like always we start with protecting our hair with a heat protection spray because we will need a hot curling iron to curl the hair I use the paul mitchel or big sexy hair spray brush through your hair to spread the product over your whole hair now you should start to part your hair If you have seen my candyman curls Tutorial which was uploaded a few years ago – you can still find it in my hair tutorial playlist – then you know the next few steps you have to part your hair in small sections and curl them with you middle-size-curling iron I part the hair in a few long sections behind each other and then part this sections in three or four small sections I am curling the first line for example in the right direction and the line behind in the opposite direction just the first and the last section of each line will be curled towards the middle of your head It is pretty hard to explain but just watch the video and you will see how I change the direction in which I curl the hair and of yourse it is very important to pin the curled hair to cool down and yes I also struggled explaining the whole process in germand sorry guys Here you can see that I curl the hair towards the middle of my head because this section is far on the right side of my head You will see later why I am doing that To pin the hair is very important because if the hair cools down in the right shape the curl will stay in shape Do this curling and pinning with your whole head every section of hair on the outside will be curled inwards because in the end it should look smooth just watch how I do it here it is always easier to curl the hair in the same direction that the curl should be in the end and here we want them rolled inwards It is almost like preparing the hair for victory rolls At the sections that will be combed and pinned straight into place you don’t have to curl the whole sections. Here the ends of the hair is enough for the curl. So you can save little time and save your hair from the heat. If everything is cooled down we can take out all the clips and begin to arrange all the curls how we want them and set them into place To shorten the hair I give each curled wisp of hair a little twist and pin. In this way I do all of my hair. Try to hide your hair pins but use as much as you need to secure each curl. Take your time to set each curl in the right place and don’t use hairspray while styling the hair. Nobody will judge you if there are some hair pins to see but always try to do your best to hide them.. Also use pins with a color that matched with your hair This makes every style much more easier. In the end you can use as much hairspray as you want. The more the better for this hairstyle. So don’t freak out if a little curl is not behaving. When you feel like the curl is perfect the way it is give it a little spray with a string hold hairspray. At last you do the hair sections around your head. Pull the hair up and pin it into place and then try to hide the hair pin with which you secured the hair with the curly end of your wisp of hair. Hiding is a hard game, but you will make it. to set the hair together you can gently brush over the finished styled hair on the back and the sides of you head. Check the back of your head while styling with a mirror. Like I said it takes a little while. And by the way don’t make the same mistake like me and do some workout for your arms before doing this hairstyle. Otherwise your arms will kill you. That’s the main reason why I look that grumpy. After you secured all the pins your hair will look like that I hope you like it. Yes, it takes its time Thank your for watching and see you in the next video. BYE!

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3 Responses

  1. teddynash says:

    Sieht cool aus. 🙂 Sunny Day teddynash.

  2. Monic Littelmomo says:

    Das mit dem zwirbeln ist ja eine tolle Idee. Dann ist es auch nicht so voluminös. Das muss ich mal probieren. Ach und wieder mal ein tolles Video, von dir. ???

  3. Lisa Simpson says:

    Sieht toll aus. ;O) Freu mich auf mehr solche Videos.

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