Ellen Added a New Member to Her Family!

As you can see I skipped
out of here because– you know you can’t skip
unless you’re really happy. I don’t know if you know that. But you can’t, like–
if you’re angry, nobody just– (GROANS GRUMPILY) [LAUGHTER] Because I’m happy. I’m very excited. So excited I can’t even
tell you how excited I am. I’m talking fast
because I’m excited. Because I want to tell
you something exciting. So we rescued a puppy. [CHEERING] I know. She’s brand new. That’s what puppy means. So we got her from a
wonderful rescue place. It’s called Wagmor. I’ll tell you more
about that in a minute, because everyone
should go to Wagmor. W-A-G-M-O-R, no E. But first I want to show you a
photo, because she’s so cute. I can’t even take it. Here she is. This is– Aww! I know it. She’s tiny. Her name is Mrs.
Wallis Browning, and– or Wallis, or Wally. But Mrs. Wallis
Whitmore Browning– it’s her maiden name, Whitmore– she’s very adorable, and
pretty, and precious, and so– and she knows it. She was– this is
this morning, looking in the mirror at herself. [LAUGHTER] So I took you know– we
got her last Wednesday. And so I took a
bunch of pictures. So I’ll show you some
more pictures I took. There. Those are some of
the pictures I took. Just not all of them. There’s more video. I had to get another phone. I was like, my battery was
running low, and I was– like literally I was picking up
the phone, everything she did. She’s amazing. She’s a standard poodle puppy. For those of you who
really want to rescue a dog but really want a
purebred, know that you can rescue a pure breed dog. They have them at rescues. So don’t use that as an excuse. Wallis is three months old,
and she, unfortunately, was with some
irresponsible people. She was kept in a cage
outside in the desert, since she was two months old. Just on the ground in a cage. And so she was
never able to run. She never had a toy. She never wagged her tail. She never lived
next door to Oprah. She’s– it’s all changed. It’s all different now. So when we got
her home we were– they say take a neutral space
to introduce her to your dogs, and between some
kind of fencing. And we knew, especially
Kid, he’s just a jerk. And he just doesn’t
like other dogs. And we thought this
is going to be– here we are trying to introduce
them to each other, first day. [BARKING] [GROWLING] Stop it. Stop it. [GROWLING] No. [GROWLING] [LAUGHTER] Yeah. Yeah. They were mad. I think they realized
they were going to have to split my
fortune an extra way. [LAUGHTER] And so– and anyone who knows
us knows that our house is normally ready for an
Architectural Digest shoot at any time. You can just show up any time
and our house is pristine. But look at it now
that we have a puppy. It is like a– [LAUGHTER] It’s like a PetSmart aisle. And that’s not
even all the beds. We have actually four more beds. And this is where
she likes to play. Even though we got all those
beds, she’s in the grass all the time. She’s so– anyway,
we got so many toys because she’d
never had any toys. And this is her– the
first time, literally. She didn’t know what grass was. She didn’t know how to run. And this is her playing with
a toy for the first time, and running. [TOY SQUEAKING] Go get it. Aww! [TOY SQUEAKING] Drop it. Drop it. Good girl. Aww! I know. She’s so smart! [TOY SQUEAKING] Now, if anybody else made that
noise over and over again, I would sue them. But when Wallis does
it, it’s adorable, because she’s never had a toy. So she just walks
around with that toy. Puppies are a lot of work. So you have to know what
you’re getting into. Don’t think they’re adorable and
get them home, because she’s– but we’re like new parents. So we’re trying to do
everything we can right. We have a crate next to the bed. And we’re crate-training
her at night. And it gives me new respect
for moms that have babies. Because, you know, to worry
about your baby in a crate, I can’t even imagine. [LAUGHTER] So, you know, the first
two nights she was crying. And it’s hard for me because
I want to get her out. And Portia’s like, no,
she’s got to learn. And now she– so on
Sunday night she slept– she got into the crate at 9:30. And it was 7:00 in
the morning, and we hadn’t heard a peep from her. And I was scared that
she wasn’t alive. I was– I woke her
up at 7 o’clock. And she was alive. And she was furious
that we woke her up. But if you’re wondering how
all the dogs are doing now, this is day six. This is this morning. And this is how they’re
getting along now. Aww! I know. Wolf has a wide spread. Wolf has a– he really
takes up a lot of room. Anyway, I am so excited
that we have her. Like I said, we rescued her. It’s an organization
called Wagmor, which is right here in Studio City. Really close to here, if
you want to go get the– anyway, follow
them on Instagram. They do a lot of good work. They have a lot of adorable
dogs that are up for adoption right now. Wallis’ mother is
there right now. So if you’ve ever wanted
to be related to me, this is your chance
to have our puppy– actually her two brothers
are still there, too. There’s two more
male puppies there. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing. Yah! Ah! [BLEEP] God-[BLEEP]!

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100 Responses

  1. Trinity Livingston says:

    Aww, cute! I love dogs! <3

  2. Adriana Alvarado says:


  3. My dog Layla says:

    ? kiss for Wallace. And the other pooches.

  4. Patricia Garza says:

    Thank you Ellen and Portia seeing her running in the grass made my eyes tear with joy. We have 2 rescue dogs Princess and Crystal and Princess loves to lay in the sun on the grass. We have shade but she prefers the sun. We love them so much and I love your furry babies too.

  5. Vu Fam says:

    I’m choking on laughter!!! ???

  6. Punam Subba says:

    I love you soo much ellen

  7. Filteris Rosa says:

    I love you Ellen ????

  8. Een Abdulla Ali says:

    My birthday is coming up on September 30th

    Pls wish me a happy birthday Ellen.that would mean the whole world to me.

  9. Niko Siavos says:

    But maybe the people who care only about a purebred, don't really love animals? So I'm not sure if we should give them that advice. On the other hand, some of them will probably treat them right, so it's still a better future for the purebred shelter dogs i guess.. idk

  10. Suzi Vlogs says:

    Omg this is just so cute x

  11. Jennifer says:

    Wags to riches indeed.

  12. cookiesncream789 says:

    All of our cats ? are rescues!

  13. Linda Ryan says:

    Wolf is the oddest, cutest looking dog!!

  14. Paula Hoff says:

    I also rescue a standard poodle and whoever had her dye her white curls to purple what irresponsible people dye a dog purple…and her name is Miss Abby….they are one of the only breed that does recognize them self in the mirror they know it is not another dog, they are that smart…

  15. MrNikkimaxine says:

    Nicer than enough for just one because I have one daughter and two times in the next like 10

  16. Joy Smith says:

    Ah so sweet I love these dogs

  17. boston babe says:

    Proud Mama !!

  18. boston babe says:

    Adopt and rescue a dog or cat today !!

  19. boston babe says:

    You saved her !!! They save you in return.

  20. Aziza Omar says:


  21. Zania Zee says:

    Omg… I wish someday I can meet you or watch ur show.

  22. Jean Vignes says:

    I rescued a Sheltie mix thirty years ago and she was the nicest, sweetest, most gentle, comforting, and affectionate doggie on this earth. Psychic, too. All I had to do to send her into hiding was THINK, "Hmmm, I should give Rosa a bath."

  23. Casey Manuel says:

    “They were mad. I think they realized they’re going to have to split my fortune an extra way.” ???

  24. Lori M says:

    Please remember the animals at the shelters are put to death…the animals at rescues will not be put down.

  25. Kara Unverricht says:

    I love this so much! Everyone considering a dog should remember, adopt, don't shop!! Also, I regularly wake my dog up because he's slept so soundly and I'm worried he's not breathing. And he's almost 7!! Dog mom life haha

  26. Vilma Brady says:

    Congratulations on your new member of the family. She is adorable. I bing watch your videos on down days and you always always make me laugh. This was very special. Thanks Ellen.

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    I’m sure at least 10

  39. tara b says:

    "So if you ever wanted to be related to me …" LOL

  40. kathrine knight says:

    Ellen, may I be a new member of your household?

  41. Chloe says:

    Ellen god bless you!!!!!!

    ADOPT DONT SHOP y’all!!!!!!

  42. Purple Cinnamon says:

    She looks a perfect cuddle buddy when your wife is busy/working❕❗

  43. nabil channel says:

    Silly and pointless.

  44. raven johnson says:

    Ya. It's three days after this video posted. I'm pretty sure the rest of Wallace's family had been adopted. Lol

  45. Best Water Guaranteed says:

    Please get Hope For Paws on the show, you'd love them!

  46. KB Collisionヅ says:

    I want to be a puppy in ellen’s house. Just sayin

  47. Dulce Sanchez says:

    Has Wally meet her neighbor Oprah yet? ???

  48. Urban Lady says:

    I love that sound of a human voice who loves a dog so much! I have a rescue dog, too!

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  56. fatima adreeta says:

    This is so cute I think I'm gonna cry :'(

  57. sophisticatedbadgurl says:

    Wow. That's awesome. If i adopt a dog and they have a sibling or Parent…. i'm adopting them too. Well maybe not whole squad, but at least a sibling. Just so there's familiarity for the dogs .

  58. Alahnna Williams says:

    Ellen: Hey stob it!

    Puppy: * Keeps barking *

  59. Falak Gilani says:

    Don't break the family. Let the puppies and the mom stay together. Please.

  60. Susan Swanson says:

    Congratulations! On your new addition!

  61. Yo ASMR says:

    I want more videos of the dogs please ellen!

  62. Reggie M says:

    Ellen please rescue a senior dog, too!??

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    Ellen, you a hilariously beaming. I love it!

  64. Laura Westphal says:

    We adopted 2 poodles ! One from a puppy mill ! The best thing we ever did. Purebreds absolutely are in rescues . Congrats on such a beautiful baby.

  65. Kara Theresa says:

    Can you rescue me? I need to be adopted ?

  66. Jmass 86 says:

    Well yeah she’s so smart….she’s a poodle….last I can remember that breed can remember the most commands of any breed.

  67. Shamima Mohimen Mohimen says:

    Ellen pls help me

  68. Sandra Buckett says:

    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW BABY GIRL! She is absolutely Adorable. I wanna just hug her. ????

  69. Kelley Russell says:

    I am crying she is so cute

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    She is so adorable

  71. Faguni Mehta says:

    Oh My God! Ellen's baby voice is so adorable!

  72. Beth Munden says:

    Thank you for loving and adopting, Ellen ???❤️

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  75. Linda Storey says:

    So pleased that Ellen adopted a rescue dog,and made the point about the merits of adopting a pet

  76. Bluegirl Yeah says:

    Too cute!?

  77. Bluegirl Yeah says:

    ?Congratulations on your new fur baby!?

  78. Rebekah says:

    Here where I live tho most dogs you can adopt are big dogs and mostly shed. All the small or dogs that don't shed are quite rare and get snatched quickly. For my family we needed a dog that didn't shed and wasn't too much work for us as we have busy lives. We wouldn't be able to look after a big dog where we live and give them all the needs. We also couldn't have one that shed as my brother and other family members have severe asthma. We got a dog who is healthy and wasn't from a puppy mill. We are still in touch with his breeder now and she is lovely. She has so many certifications from our main adoption agency and gets checked regularly as she is a certified breeder. She has to pay for licenses to be seen as a good healthy breeder which are also hard to get. Adopt and shop responsibly. You need to remember you also need a dog that fits with your family ?

  79. Shay Johnson says:

    OMG the dogs are super lucky to be adopted by Ellen you can tell the area she has set up she spoiled they got plenty of dog beds

  80. RUBYXREIGNS says:

    Ellen! What happened to the puppy you adopted or bought before you went to Africa ? When I was writing you and Andy , your staff bout asking for help to get my Greyhound returned to me ,since he was stolen from me by the Greyhound rescue"GREYHOUND FRIENDS FOR LIFE" I adopted him from (whom I thought I trusted.
    SO WHAT HAPPENED TO the Brussels griffon? ……and did you see my letters since before you went to Africa the first time? I wrote to you,Oprah, Ricky Gervais too.

  81. RUBYXREIGNS says:

    I miss my family Ellen.

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    She is adorable ❤️

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    Realized they have to split the fortune LOL

  84. SuperSkyheart2 says:

    Being a mom to a new pup or babies is so exciting and exhausting.

  85. Ana Dzalto says:


  86. Janie Cisneros says:

    I love your new pup… especially her name ,because that's my dog's name too his name is wall-e and yes I spell the same way as the movie and the funny thing is that when I'm mad at him i call him Wallace..?

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    You educate people, you make us laugh oh, you make us cry. You keep it real! The world would be such a better place with more Ellen's.
    I am a recent Widow and I honestly wouldn't have a day without watching your show. May God bless you each and every day thank you for all the blessings you've given me without ever even knowing it.❤?✌?

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