Ellen Meets Inspiring Hurricane Florence Dog Rescuer Ryan Nichols

When hurricane Florence
hit a couple of weeks ago, more than a million
people were evacuated and over 1,000 animals had to be
rescued from the rising waters. I saw an incredible
video of a man who rescued six dogs that were
trapped in rising waters and I wanted to meet him. Take a look. [DOGS BARKING] Dear God. Come on. Come on. [DOG HOWLING] Come on puppy. It’s OK. From Longview, Texas,
please welcome Ryan Nichols. That really touched
me when I saw that because clearly
those dogs were trapped and the water was
rising fast so– It was rising pretty fast. Yeah. Yeah, and there was no
way for them to get out so you saved their lives
so you’re an amazing guy. Thank you. OK so you live where? Texas. Longview, Texas. Yes, ma’am. All right. And what made you decide
to go to North Carolina? When did you make that decision? I mean, well, we went to
Hurricane Harvey last year. We were living in Houston
and so this year, it was really no question. One, you know, David and I are
Marines and just took an oath to the country. Also have three amazing coaches,
Christopher John Stubs, Grant Cardone, and Tim
Magali, were like, dude, you know what
you’ve got to do. Get out there and do it. So I called up David. I was like, well, David, you
served on the east coast. Like I have no idea
what’s going on up there. I have no idea of the
landscape, the structure. Can you help me? He’s like absolutely, man. So we had like 18 hours
before the storm hit and we got the resources
that we needed and we just hit the interstate and it
took us around 18 or 19 hours to get over there. We just drove straight through
the night and got there. Good for you. Good for you. [APPLAUSE] You took out the boat. So you picked up a boat
along the way that you had. So you get there and you
drive to where you can and then you put the
boat in the water. Yes ma’am. And then how did you
find out about the dogs? So we were going back there. We were driving the
boat in like you said. We found a spot where we could
back the boat in, directly into the water. And we got around the
corner and I hear awoo. Where are these
dogs coming from? We just heard them in the woods. And there was a
church full of people that we had to get out first. And as soon as we got all
these folks out, we’re like, we got to go back there
and find these dogs. And so sure enough, we
went through the woods and the neighbor
was like, there’s dogs back here somewhere. And we got around the
corner and we saw the pen, as you can see in the video,
and there were six dogs there. And we just went over
there and let them out and they went straight
to the back yard where their house was at where
it’s dry and found some food. Well they had plenty
of water already but found some food for
them and they were eating and they were happy and just
glad to be out of the water. They knew you saved their lives. Absolutely. Yes ma’am. I can’t believe that. All right, so you rescued–
you were there four days, you rescued how many people? At least 25 people and
at least 10 animals, ranging anywhere between– [APPLAUSE] Couldn’t have done
it without David. That was a lot of work
so got David right here. Hi David. Over 25 people, over
10 animals ranging anywhere between 75-80
years old all the way down to a five week old baby. And had David on the other
side, navigating the roads, taking care of the
people when we got out, giving directions, calling
in orders, everything. It was pretty awesome. Well there’s all these
stories about more animals that need rescuing. There’s a whole bunch
of animals out there so Shutterfly loves
helping people tell their inspiring
stories like yours and they want to make a donation
for $25,000 in your name to the Humane Society
of the United States. [APPLAUSE] Thank you so much. If you want to find out how
you can help the Humane Society and learn more about the rescue
efforts, check out my website. We’ll be right back
with Ryan after this. When you were leaving to go
rescue people and animals, what did your wife think? Same thing she thought
with Hurricane Harvey. It was a no, but I understand
that you’ve got to go do this. You’ve got a responsibility. So a little bit of
backlash but not really just because we have
two young children. We have a business as
well, staff, clients, that we have to take
care of and so there’s is a little bit of
hesitation but she also understands like this
is what Ryan does, this is what David
does, go out there and do what you need to do. So you actually rescued your
dog from Hurricane Harvey as well, right? Yes ma’am. So I didn’t rescue the
dog from Hurricane Harvey but it was a Hurricane
Harvey rescue dog. We have Macy now and we
also have Copper too. So Copper’s another
little hound dog. He looks just like the dog
that we out of the pens so I saw that and was like, it’s
my puppy Copper out there so– Speaking of that,
I mean, like you said, you rescued that
dog from Hurricane Harvey, there’s so many
animals, because people lost their homes, that are going
to need homes from Hurricane Florence so if you can
rescue a dog or a cat that has been rescued,
try to look into that and see if you can do that. So you lost everything
in Hurricane Harvey as well, right? You lost your house? Yes ma’am. Yeah, so you just had
moved into that house? So we moved into the house. We were there for about,
I would say, six months and we were already
planning to move. We moved about three days
before Hurricane Harvey hit but we didn’t have
time to get everything out. And sure enough with the
morning we were moving, we looked on the radar, like
Hurricane Harvey’s coming. Good time to be
getting out of here but unfortunately,
there were some pipes that broke in the house. There was nothing
that we could do. We lost a lot of clothes, lost
some of our belongings– a lot of our belongings, couch,
bed, stuff like that. But nothing that
couldn’t be replaced. So I was just thankful that
we were able to get out and that’s also where we
realized that other people were going to need help
because we went through the same situation. So that’s another
reason why we do this and why we’re forming a
nonprofit to help folks just like this. You’re a good guy. That’s amazing. All right. Well I know you never
got to go on a honeymoon and David never got to
go on a honeymoon either so thanks to Shutterfly we’re
sending your families, both of your families to Hawaii. Oh, that’s awesome. [APPLAUSE]

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