(ENG)🐶리트리버 아기강아지가 감기에 걸렸어요!!/ The retriever dog got a cold. / 꽃발그림 Flower foot Grimm

Puppy GRIM came home from the protection center. GRIM came home, but the cold did not heal and cough became worse. Runny nose too. It gets worse at dawn GRIM don’t sleep. GRIM fell asleep in the morning. It hurts too much. I go to the hospital once again. GRIM has no strength. It’s sick. There was no problem with a measles test at the Protection Center. But I was worried and went to the hospital again. The doctor says that it is not measles. He said it was a severe cold symptom. Put off the inoculation until the cold is good. GRIM have been prescribed medication for the time being. GRIM lay in a cold place when it feels hot. If the temperature drops I put on cow clothes. There was no honey, so I used a little syrup. Confuse with other fingers yech I hate you! Let’s go for a walk when you are healthy I love GRIM. Please subscribe

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