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I have a question for Mason. Yesterday at a big mart, a big dog didn’t wear a muzzle, so I told the dog owner, “You don’t wear a muzzle.” He glared at me. ” “Did I behave so badly?” I wouldn’t feel good if someone told me that story. I would tell him, “You do it, cover your face.” Dogs have the potential to bite. But you can’t keep a mouthful on all puppies. Then there are many people who have to keep their mouths shut. There are many people who curse whenever they open their mouths. Then, you have to muzzle those people? One day I remember fighting with a person at the dog playground. If my dog is precious, other person’s dog is also precious. But she only cares about her dog and not other people’s dog. Sometimes there are people with no manners like this way. All puppies should be respected and protected. We are guardians. There is a writing in front of the dog playground. Food is prohibited. The mannerless woman was controlling snacks to puppies in the playground. I was so angry. But before I spoke first, a strong lady next to me swore at the rude woman. “Hey bitch, what are you doing with your dogs with food? ” The old lady was more angry than I was. The next day, however, a woman with no manners visited here again. Today the ill-mannered woman was doing the same with a snack. I didn’t want to fight her. So I went out. I went around outside the playground and went back into the playground. The rude woman was fighting with someone else again. I went into the playground. ready to fight that ill-mannered woman I’m sensitive to the snacks I give to Mason. Because Mason only has one kidney. by nature I can’t give my son a delicious snack either. I get angry if someone else feeds my son anything. I was staying in the playground ready to fight. But another dog was approaching to smell the rude woman’s dog. The ill-mannered woman kicked the other puppy that came to her dog. I was so angry. They could defend with their hands. And the other puppy did not approach aggressively. If a woman with no manners kicked a horseman, I would kick her in the face. The other dog that was approaching the rude woman’s puppy collapsed. The dog’s owner was too nice. There was a silence in silence. So I started talking. I respect all puppies. I am not angry with the puppy. I swore at the owner of the dog. A woman with no manners spoke to me. “What are you doing? Are you crazy?” So I said. “Yes, I’m a crazy bitch. ” I hate to fight people. But it was unbearable. Many people warned the rude woman several times. But the mannerless woman’s behavior has not changed. I can’t talk about everything because I’m on the air. But the mannerless woman never showed up at the playground again. I will try to upload many video clips from now on. Subscribe, please.

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