(ENG) 지브리를 좋아하는 집사와 귀여운 고양이

Hello everyone my cute cat even in the morning morning massage Not too much! I sat down on the sofa to wake myself up and Lili came. Why? Are you hungry, Lilli? His purpose was breakfast. Do you want to eat? Let’s go to eat. Follow me. There was no food, servant. There was no food? yum yum I’m going out to take a walk and do the grocery. Heading out listening to the music I play often these days. I like wired earbuds. It’s been a while I haven’t shown you my walking path. I met a bird. Is that an umbrella that Totoro has left? I came to the supermarket. I’m going to buy cheese rice cake and make ddeokbokki. I bought some eggs. Pickles that I will eat with pasta. I’m taking some small apples. Mushrooms for pasta. I’m not buying too much so I can carry back home. scanning I’m stopping by a bakery to buy a loaf of bread. good looking bread It smells so good. I’m picking the one I eat often. Everything looks good but I decided to buy only a loaf of bread today. tra-la going home I was hungry so I’m making a toast. I put two eggs in a bowl, chop the cabbage, and mix them. bit of salt I grill the bread with margarine. And then cook the eggs and cabbage. putting a slice of cheese on one side and eggs putting some catchup on. one more A simple toast, done. I’m eating while watching Itaewon Class which I enjoy a lot these days. It’s so good because the cheese has melted perfectly. I’m eating some apple with the toast. sweet and sour It was good. drowsy afternoon I went to my bed and watched The Secret World of Arrietty. Taking almond chocolate one by one. It’s so fun. eyes that threaten Lili Meowwww start the cat bus approaching to Lili Help Lili!! I’m going to eat cream pasta. cutting onion, chopping garlic, ingredient preparation is done after cutting mushrooms. Boil the pasta for 5 to 6 minutes. Put olive oil on the fryingpan, stir-fry chopped garlic and onion. After a few minutes, I put the mushroom. I only had whipped cream at home so I put that in. putting a slice of cheese bit of salt Put the boiled pasta in and boil down the sauce. Put the pasta on a plate. I’m going to make lemonade with the lemon preserved in sugar which I made recently. I’m going to watch Kiki’s Delivery Service at the same time yummy yummy Here is my favorite scene in Kiki’s Delivery Service. I don’t eat meat so I put lots of mushrooms. It’s not too rich and yummy. I had a nice meal. Cute Lili was sleeping while I eat. I came to my hobby room. I put the Totoro magnet I bought recently on the cabinet. So cute gifts from my subscribers Thank you for sending me the masks which are so rare to find these days. precious letter camomile tea alcohol swab It’s a pretty note with my name on. a cool cup and wooden holder Thank you for the gifts with a personal touch. A pouch I made at the sewing atelier for Crema. I made it a bit too long When I put my Crema, the width is fine but the length is not fitting well. But I made it fluffy so I’m going to use this for now. I made this some time ago. I bought Kiki badge and Totoro badge. The Kiki badge will go well with this pouch. I will try it on. So cute I put Totoro on the eco-bag. It’s quite fun to decorate my room with Ghibli goods. the day after Lili, sleep more. eyes asking for breakfast as always It’s an Ipad, expensive. It’s an expensive Ipad! my cat holding out I came for a walk. dignified looking duckie friend checking if his friends are following Yes, they are coming I’m feeling drowsy listening to the sound of the stream and birds. I made Lili listen to the sound I recorded. He thinks it’s from outside and looking at the window. I will have instant tofu stuffed with rice. putting the ingredients into the rice and then stuff the tofu with the rice watching Itaewon Class while eating I’m Korean eating this meal with Kimchi. It was a good meal. preparing dessert I will have a red velvet cake and a cup of coffee. impatient I had a sweet time. Let’s have small but happy moments.the highlight of the day We don’t know when we are going to die. Isn’t it a waste to live with other people’s eyes and with others’ thoughts? A person with strong self-centeredness is not shaken by a small wind. Look at the ginkgo tree, a thousand-year-old in Yongmunsa. The roots are so deep that it doesn’t move even when there is a storm. There must be such self-centeredness. Suggest yourself. I am a strong being, I am a strong, deep-rooted tree. I haven’t finished the book but I agree with many parts and I like it. I spend my daytime reading. After taking a shower, I prepare dinner. I’m going to eat ddeokbokki. I first boil the egg to put in ddeokbokki. preparing ingredients cutting cabbage I washed the rice cake and put it in the water. cut some fish cake I’m going to use onion and chopped garlic that I prepared before. making the sauce as I want red pepper paste soy sauce oligosaccharide sugar red pepper powder 1L of water I usually make broth with dried anchovies. adding the ingredients and the sauce and boil them. When it’s almost done, I put half of the noodle. putting the boiled egg and it’s done. I put the amount I will eat on the plate. I never get tired of eating ddeokbokki even if I eat it every day. I’m going to drink a bottle of beer. I put the bottle in the freezer while I was cooking so it’s really cold now. It’s always good to eat ddeokbokki. Now I’m going to bed with Lili. It’s a clean toothbrush I only use for Lili. No, no, it’s not that. It’s to pet you. I’m feeling good. Good night, Lili! Thank you for watching the long video. the cat pretending to be brave hiding behind a curtain

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25 Responses

  1. Edy Putra says:


  2. 소정 says:

    진짜 자취하면 지은님처럼 꾸며놓고 귀여운 고영희도 키우고 싶네요ㅠㅜ현실은 부모님 집에 얹혀사는 사람…ㅎㅎ오늘도 잘 보고 가요!

  3. 오늘 모하나 says:

    우와 토토로 너무 귀엽네요… 저도 고양이 키우는 집사인데…. 영상도 따뜻하고 좋아요~ 많이 배우고 갑니다~^^

  4. Shirisha Reddy says:

    I love Shin chan ♥️

  5. kpoppsycho says:

    This is actually my dream life ✨

  6. Early K says:

    리리 똥똥하니 너모 귀여워영😚 고양이와 고양이 버스ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너무 웃겨욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  7. 연지 says:

    지은 님이랑 리리 케미 너무 좋아요 공부하고 나서 지은 님 영상 보니 완전 힐링 저도 쉬는 날엔 지브리 봐야겠어요 ㅎㅎ

  8. 뿜빠야 says:

    토토로 마그넷이랑 배지 어디서 사셨는지 알구싶어요 🥰🙏🏻 그리고 강아지만 키워봐서 몰랐는데 고양이가 이렇게 사랑스럽고 너무 예쁘군요! 동물농장에서 봤는데 고양이들끼리는 서로 소리를 안 내도 의사소통이 된다구요 근데 주인한테 소리내는건 수다떨고싶다는거라던데 소리낼때마다 왜이리 귀엽지 ㅠㅠ 오늘 영상도 힐링하고가요 🧡

  9. 김보라 says:

    지은님~ 잘지내시고계시죠~^^ 오늘영상도 넘 따뜻하고 행복한일상이네요 !! 지은님도 귀여우시고 리리는 더 귀엽구요 ^^ 고양이버스와 리리의 만남 ㅋ 😃미소가 띄어지네요!!
    영상긴거 너무 좋아요 지은님 다음에도 ㅎ
    요즘 날이이래서 다들 이말이 이제 인사가 되버렷더라구요 건강조심하시고요
    다음영상에서 뵈요★

  10. 노유경 says:

    지은님 이불커버 정보좀 알수있을까요? 너무 이뻐요☺️

  11. Arie Cho says:

    헉 넷플릭스 홈에는 지브리가 안 떠서 있는지 몰랐는데 지은님 덕분에 알게 돼서 너무 좋아요 감사합니다 ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 리리도 너무 귀엽구 영상 분위기가 너무 제 스타일이에요 나중에 대학 가면 꼭 자취해서 지은님처럼 살고 싶어요 ❤️

  12. 정주은 says:

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ야옹이버스 너무 귀여워요

  13. SR says:

    보는 내내 너무 즐겁고 행복했습니다..❤

  14. mooinsooni says:

    지은님 오랜만이에양 ❣
    요즘 넷플에 지브리 영화 오픈해서 넘 좋아요
    저는 센과 치히로나 고양이의 보은 무한 반복으로 보고 있는데 볼때마다 마음이 평온해짐❣

  15. 세진SEJIN says:

    아…리리 넘 예뻐요ㅠㅠ 아니 장화 싣은 고양이 실사화에요…..정말…모자 씌우면 대박일듯…ㄷㄷ

  16. 슘슘이 says:

    오늘도 다채로운 리리💜

    0:38 아이폰 문자오는 소리 리리
    0:40 눈빛으로 집사야 밥이 없구나 알려주는 리리
    1:10 리리 허리 어디갔지…
    5:40 🧡 리리
    6:18 이때부터 박자 타는 리리
    12:37 물물교환을 득도한 리리 (아침밥과 아이패드)
    13:40 그냥 예뻐.. 💜
    18:44 원근법때매 맥주 대접인줄알았음
    19:48 칫솔의 원래 용도를 알고 있는 리리선생
    20:30 보이지않는(?) 그것과 싸우는 중

    그나저나 지브리를 좋아하신다니 문득 든 생각인데 리리는 고양이의 보은에 나오는 바론백작을 닮았군요.. 단지.. 더 행복하고 유복하게 자랐달까?💕

  17. SoieLuvs MonstaX2NE1AteezLittleMix says:

    the watercreek on your way is so beautiful looking & the whole studio ghibli aesthetic is so sweet & cute ur vlog is goals and now I am hungry ^^ you got such a gorgeous Cat

  18. 뚱현 says:

    인스타 스토리에 지브리 굿즈가 집 곳곳에 있어 좋다고 남겼었는데ㅎ 역시 지브리 좋아하시는군요🥰 고양이버스 장난감도 있으실줄이야ㅋ 요새 넷플릭스에 지브리애니 올라와서 좋은게 더빙버전으로도 볼 수 있으니 요게 또 색다르게 느껴지더라구요 ㅎ

  19. Amaliah Santrilla says:


  20. 김말이먹고싶어요 says:

    저도 요즘 지브리 완전 빠져사는데…. 고양이도 완전 귀여우시네요 완전 좋아요.

  21. 지리링 says:

    저도 넷플릭스에 지브리 영화들 올라와서 다시 보는데 동심으로 돌아간 기분이더라구요ㅎㅎ
    브이로그 항상 잘보고있습니당 리리 넘 귀여워요 ㅜㅜ 초롱초롱~

  22. ぬらりにょん says:

    안녕하세요.나는 일본 사람입니다.
    미야자키 하야오 감독의 지브리 작품을 좋고
    보고 계시는군요!
    한국에서도 지브리는 인기입니까?

    덧붙여서 나는, 마녀의 택배가
    가장 좋아합니다♡

  23. miyeong J says:

    촬영카메라 정보좀 주실수있나용?

  24. 기울임 Slash / says:

    장보실때 귀염귀염한 아이들로 데려오시는게 귀여워요 ❤️❤️

  25. 누가달 says:

    지브리 굿즈들 너무 부러워요ㅠㅠ 너무 비싸서 사기 엄두가 안나요..ㅎㅎ 지브리 감성 이해하시는 지은님 알게 돼서 너무 좋네요😀 지브리 박물관도 갔다오셨던데 저도 갔다왔어요! 티켓이 너무 예쁩니다ㅜㅜ 저는 게드전기였는데 어떤 영화 걸리셨나요??

  26. 이윤이 says:

    저기 산책할때 쓴 음악 앱 뭐예요?

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