[Eng sub] 레오가 경위님을 만났어요(경찰견이었을 때 레오는 어떤 모습이었을까?)

(7/7/2019 Baegam Art Hall where
the dog conference was held) I saw a flower garden where dogs can pee (Leo, going to the bathroom with Wook) (Excited Leo’s Butt♥) Toilet
(Looking around) (Strange… Leo seems to be hesitating) Toilet Maybe it’s because a lot
of people are watching? (Bystander 1, 2, 3) (Simply bright^^*) (Leo, finally getting in position!) (They won’t post this on YouTube, right?♥) [Hyung-wook] Good boy! [Susan] Say “Bye bye, poop” (Eh-hem♥) (Go to the toilet like Leo) Did Ju Woon clap? Ah~ Good job! [Susan] He said “Bye bye, poop” as well He said “Bye bye, poop” too? Good job♥ Leo isn’t really the kind of dog
that’s threatening to others But there are a lot of people in Seoul And Leo gets excited when he sees
someone’s bag swings side-to-side People might get scared if Leo
follows them because of that So this is for the people
who are scared of dogs (Leo knows to wear a muzzle
in crowded atmospheres) I mean, it doesn’t matter
since Leo is so gentle But only because there
maybe people who get scared Let’s go (Huh?) (Leo’s tail looks so natural on Hyung-wook) (Leo knows to wear a muzzle!) [Staff] Hi Ju Woon!
(Ju Woon is an impressionist???) [Susan] Ju Woon, do you want to eat? (Leo, resting in the kennel) I think he’s here – [Staff] The Lieutenant?
– Yes, yes I think he’s here at the Art Hall (Leo, reacting to the sound
of the door opening) – Hello
– [Do Hyung] Hello [Hyung-wook] Come on in (Haven’t seen each other in a while) It’s the Lieutenant Hi Leo (Leo with a happy face)
[Do Hyung] How were you Leo? He’s doing well He, uh… You know Gapyeong
is famous for pine nuts – The pollen there is crazy
– Yes, yes But he has allergies – Is that so?
– Yes He has pollen allergies So he scratched himself a lot But now that it’s past May,
the pollen is gone So he’s gotten a lot better now He’s almost all better His skin…
(Don’t worry, Leo’s fine♥) He’s hungry so this moving moment… (Leo became the childish puppy
due to the Lieutenant’s visit^^) [Susan] He’s not so familiar
with that emotion Ju Woon, bow to the Lieutenant – Bow and say “Hello”
– Hello Hello He’s gotten so big Are you stepping on my foot? (Sticking right next to
the Lieutenant just like old times) It’s alright if he steps on my foot outside But if he does when
I’m inside and barefoot… (The two that spent a long time
as a police officer and a handler) [Susan] Then it feels like
my foot will break into pieces His eye surgery went well too… (They know each other as well as
the time they’ve spent together) I don’t know if his waist hurts But he can’t run a lot He can’t run a lot and… What are you doing, Ju Woon? [Susan] It seems like he feels
uncomfortable if we give him attention But if people don’t,
he does stuff like this… I thought he was going up on stage too but they won’t let him
He’s not supposed to But the CEO let us He got the permit for us So we could bring him back (The Lieutenant prepared
a speech on sniffer dogs) Please tell us a lot of helpful stuff, sir Actually dog trainers… (Forgets about the speech
and keeps peeking at Leo) I didn’t know Leo has gotten bigger
because I haven’t seen him in a while He looked really skinny once
when his fur all fell out But it grew like this again He didn’t have much fur on his tail before They all fell out And all grew back (Hehe!) He likes it♥ (Everyone’s proud of Leo) There are some people who are scared of him So he was wearing a muzzle
(Good boy, Leo♥) You know to wear a muzzle, don’t you? Only when we’re going out to the city He doesn’t use it in our neighborhood
(Gentle Leo♥) – Are you leaving right after the speech?
– Yes I was on business trips until two days ago – Where?
– Ulsan… There’s a person missing for about a month Is the sniffer dog there good? Oh, Tony tries his best He tries his best?
(Leo’s the best!) He tries and he has the will so… You have to take him everywhere, right?
Scenes, and training… Yes, training and stuff Leo doesn’t follow
pedestrians even from afar Because they’re alive (Tony) Just goes ahead and checks first So he tends to scare some hikers So we have to call him over Lieutenant, why does this fella
keep digging the ground??? (Reference video: ‘Leo the Bundle of Love’) [Hyung-wook] Gosh, if he does this… (Digging enthusiastically) If I say “Here!” he digs here
(Excited) – So that’s…
– He must’ve been trained Yes, when we have to
find bodies that are buried up… (Oh… That’s what is was…) So he was trying to dig up a body, right? I was so scared He would dig if I point (Poke) If I say, “Dig here”… (In conclusion… It is that situation) So it’s like “Find it”? But he used to start digging
when he smells something unusual (Leo-detected, unusual person!) He dug up the whole place! Even next to desks
(It was unusual♥) (Hmmm…) He finds it very fun! Leo would dig up holes
for Ju Woon to play in And goes in the water (You’re the best!♥) That’s what he does (Leo) Swims to his best – He always liked water
– Right? – He really likes swimming
– When we were searching… He wouldn’t call even when we called him Even when we blow whistles and stuff Then I go looking for him I go to places with water to find him Looking at maps and GPS’ We go when we find someplace like a lake He’s always in the lake like so But I get why he does that In the summer, he has to live too,
so he’s getting his temperature down If he’s too hot, his
temperature would rise, so… Come here Leo, it’s alright (Leo spent his young
days serving for the country) He’s been in public service for a long time (He is now living a normal life
as a normal pet) He’s very, um… He’s not familiar with normal pets’ lives He’s not so healthy in
some parts of his body But he’s full of ambition
(Bragging about Leo♥) But he still… Doesn’t have much stamina Maybe because it’s hot? That kind of ambition isn’t common
for a dog with such a kind face Usually at least their eyes are fierce – [Hyung-wook] Fierce…
– [Susan] Feels strong, huh? (Leo is ambitious but has kind eyes) (Hehe…) He wants to get attention (Talk about Ju Woon too) (Wook♥) (Lieutenant♥) (Pet me♥) (Leo’s feeling great today~!) (Leo’s here again♥) [Staff] Have you ever
watched Leo on YouTube? Of course! Very often Gosh I’m so proud of him Hyung-wook’s doing such a good job too The family, and the dogs
are all so good to him They looked happy (Q. How was it,
meeting Leo in a long time?) I was choked up a bit… I tried my best to hold it in But he was doing so good And his health has gotten so much better So that made me happy [Staff] We’ll be looking
forward to your speech – Thank you
– We’ll cheer for you, thank you Thank you (It was nice seeing you again, Lieutenant)

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