(Eng sub) 푸들, 키울 생각이라면 보세요! Cream Poodle CHACHA

Hello? I’m CHACHA’s mom. Today, I prepared a video that I should watch if I’m going to raise a poodle. A lot of people asked me a lot about Poodle on YouTube, so I prepared this video. I made a lot of mistakes because I wasn’t ready either. So I’ll tell you what I’ve been through. I hope you don’t make a mistake like me. And I hope this video will be useful to you. 1. Are full-grown Toypoodles as small and cute as when they were young? No. ToyPoodles change their appearance when they grow up. People are cute when they’re young, right? Puppies are cute when they are young. Adult dogs are cute but different from baby dogs. Poodles, in particular, have a body shape similar to deer. Don’t think a puppy is the same as it was when it was young. 2. Do you lose a lot of dog hair? If you look at the dog YouTube, other dogs lose their hair easily. Compared to that, the poodle’s hair doesn’t come off easily. Hair will come off a little, but it won’t come off very often. A person’s hair falls off better than the poodle’s. 3. I’m allergic to dogs. Can I grow a poodle? I’m allergic to dogs, too. There are also allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, and asthma. Originally, I should not have a puppy. So I worried a lot. I thought I couldn’t keep a puppy. I tried to take an allergy medicine for the dog. But I’m not allergic. This is my case. Others may vary. Living with poodles didn’t cause any problems. 4. What you have to buy when you have a dog. The first things to buy are feed, a bowl to hold food, a dog’s toilet, a dog fence, a dog’s house, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a dog shampoo, a dog’s harness and a dog’s mobile home. Options include snacks, gums, various nutritional supplements, good feed, clothes, automatic feeding machines, toys and nose-working toys. There are more things you need than you think. At first, puppies need to get vaccinations several times, and puppies are prone to various diseases, so hospital costs a lot. 5. The constant expenditure of raising a puppy It depends on what kind of food you feed your dog. CHACHA is mixing two things.
($60 for 5kg, $100 for 5kg) If you buy 5 kilograms, use it for about three months. I want to feed my dog good feed. Nutrition supplements and snacks for dogs also cost about $100 a month. If a dog is sick, it pays more than a person. It will also cost for neutralization surgery. Defropylia imitatus and mites should also be prevented through medication. It costs a lot of hospital bills if the dog has a big surgery. The cost varies from country to country, so check out the animal hospital. Adopting a dog should be prudent. I must consider my economic situation. 6. I live alone. Can I have a puppy? If you can spend a lot of time at home, keep a dog. I work at home, so I keep a dog. If you have to spend a lot of time outside because of your job, don’t keep a dog. Dogs are under stress. Dogs are not toys.
He’ll wait for you to come all day. Don’t adopt a dog because you can’t afford it because of your impulsive desire to raise it. CHACHA waits for me to come home in front of the front door when I go outside. The dog only knows its owner. Don’t make the dog sad. 7. It will be painful if the dog dies. Is that okay? This is the most important thing to think about before adopting a dog. I am sad that my dog will die in the distant future. So I regret adopting a puppy. In the past, I didn’t understand that an acquaintance was sad for a few days after his dog died. But now I understand. Take this into consideration and adopt a puppy. 8. Can you take responsibility for the puppy to the end? People abandon their dogs for many reasons. There are many reasons why dogs are thrown away, such as not paying hospital bills, bad defecation, barking, old, etc. when dogs are sick. Dogs are sometimes abandoned because of old age, dementia, or blindness. Dogs can’t talk and are less intelligent than humans, but they have feelings. Dogs feel happy, sad, angry, and jealous. When the dog is abandoned, it waits for its owner to the end. Think of the abandoned puppy. That’s it for today’s video. I hope this movie will help you. Please look forward to the next video.

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