ENG SUB _ Bathing our dirty Cotton candy * Review of Pethroom’s Shower head

Girl’s Planet, Small Planet
Sonyeo’s Hangseong, So-Hangseong This video is sponsored by ‘Pethroom.’ One peaceful day the smaller dog chases the larger one. Courageous Planet Plays catch every single day. Planet chases down Girl lol Kneel before me! This is the difference between you and me
(* quote from Korean webtoon Noblesse) Gets ahold of Hangseong Sonyeo likes to play with toys (omg… ) Sonyeo starts fighting with the sprinkler (It doesn’t work even if you try tugging on it) *trying her best Why isn’t this working?? You can’t win regardless of how hard you try lol (lolz) Since they played outdoors everyday, they became all dirty (Why are you all so dirty? ) (DId you play all that you wanted?) Hangseong got herself some gray socks It’s about time they took a bath (Sonyeo, let’s go and take a bath! Bathtime!) (Who should go first?) (How about you, Girl?) No thanks. (How about you, Hangseong?) No, ma’am. We’re going to be using Pethroom’s shower head today. Which is this! (Are you supposed to grip it like this?…) Take off the showerhead you already have, and simply attach the Pethroom showerhead Wetting… Little by little Our cotton candy is melting! (You really gained weight, haven’t you? You’ve gotten so plump! (Hangseong, since when have you gained
so much weight?) She used to be so bony, but now she’s gained so much weight! (You’re adorable) (Look at her from the back, it’s so cute!) (Our little cutie suddenly lost all of her strength) She was so courageous during the day lol suddenly became so docile during her bath After wetting, Hangseong attempts to escape during shampooing (Hangseong, come here! Come on, hurry!) (Was it too much for you, Hangseong?) (Look at her dark circles) Flip the cap inside out, and create bubbles It’s so much easier compared to making bubbles
by hand Quickly rinse~ (The bubble comes off quicker than I thought) After rinsing, trying to squeeze out water… she looks so frail, it hurts to watch ToT Now let’s dry using dog towels. Hangseong’s going to do with these hand towels. They look perfect for H.O.T. concerts lol Squeezing the life out of Planet… It’s so much easier since I could use my hands
to dry her fur~ flappflapflappp… Extremely sufficient in absorbing water Finally, bathing is done! Time for the seal Look at how big she is XD Now putting sauce on the hotdog lol After swiftly massaging using the shower head, you get more bubbles! The bubble sound is pleasing to listen to… Lastly, rinsing out the soap After washing out every spot, using the biggest towel to dry out her fur Look at all the fur that fell out 0.0 Girl, who used to be so naive and kind, starts showing off her true self. Sonyeo dries off her hair on the floor mat (Here, dry your fur here, I’ll put this down for you~) (No, not there, GET OUT!) (Good girl~) (NO, not there either!!) (Good, good come here! Dry your fur here!) Sonyeo REFUSES to obey Come on Sonyeo, over here! It’s almost like having a bull fight lol Come on, good girl, come! It’s TOUGH even to dry a bigger breed Fine, get out. You go to the drying room over there. Look, Hangseong’s sleeping~ Come on Sonyeo, get in! But I don’t want to~~? One, Two~ Three~! LISTEN! Finally EXPLODES! Sonyeo has been freed So happy lol (You like it, huh? Sonyeo, you like it, don’t you?) She looks so happy Hangseong has become fluffy again Absolute~~ly refreshing Review of the Pethroom Shower head I used the Sponge Towel , Gloves,
and Shower head from Pethroom, which is supposed to help your dog’s bath routine. It is immediately available for use after replacing the original shower head. You use the handle by placing it
between your second and third finger. The cover cap helps prevent splashing water, so it was much easier cleaning the facial parts. I used the bristles inside to brush while bathing, and it was much more efficient to wet the fur inside. Moreover, using the brush while rinsing, I noticed that all the bubbles washed out smoothly. It takes a lot of time to wash out Girl and Planet’s fur, since they both have double layers of fur, but it wasn’t burdening
because I brushed out the bubbles, and the inside was quickly washed out. If you don’t thoroughly wash out the soap, it can create eczema or skin diseases, but the brush helps with cleaning out
all the leftover soap. The sponge towels come in three sizes for fitting your dog’s size. And there also are gloves. I used it by pressing down the wet fur after bathing, and the amount of water they absorbed was amazing. It usually took two towels for drying each dog’s fur, but it takes only one large-sized towel for Sonyeo, and just the gloves to fully dry Hangseong. The products helped cut down the time it took during the drying process, especially since they absorb so much water. It was nice to be able to cleanly,
and easily bathe my pets. ~What use is there washing,~ ~if they get dirty again anyways~ Please click like and subscribe for Girl’s Planet,
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