ENG SUB _ Pet Morning ๐ŸŒž and Night ๐ŸŒ™ Routine Dog Daily

(Girl’s Planet, Small Planet)
(Sonyeo’s Hangseong, So-Hangseong) (AM 07:00 A peaceful morning) (Here is Bulldozer) (A good daughter who tread on
her mother’s hair to wake me up) No, no, no Sonyeo, don’t move (Mommy, wake up) (I couldn’t move because I was so sleepy) (Fighting) (Sonyeo Hangseong is fighting in the morning) (This laugh is not really a laugh…) Why are you making such
a fuss in the morning? Food~ (AM 08:00 Eat breakfast) (Drink water together) Come here Hangseong,
Let’s eat (It’s mine!) (She’s angry) (Sonyeo covets Hangseong’s food) (This video is not paused) (Now is the time!) (Sonyeo wants her food) (How dare you!) (Hangseong warned Sonyeo) (I finished) (It’s unfair…) (After breakfast) (AM 10:00 we have fun) Can’t you guys get along? (Fighting) (Hangseong never lose) (She opens her mouth to
express she’s dog too) (It’s not a threat at all) (Even if they seem to be fighting) (Biting) (Actually Sonyeo goes easy on Hangseong) You finally cut the string (Pretending she doesn’t know) (After playing hard) (They became bored in the afternoon) (PM 01:00 Take a nap) (Sweet dream, Sonyeo) Shall we go outside? (PM 04:00 Happy Walk Time) (At the end of autumn) (Popular dog’s composed attitude) (Swag) (Sociability) Let’s go (After about an hour’s walk) (Fainted) (Please film Hangseong too) Do you want to appear more on the video? (In the end, everyone fainted) (Sleep tight, good girls) (Dissatisfied look of Sonyeo) (PM 06:00 Mom is working) (Woof!) (Mom is editing YouTube videos) (Bbi) (Bbi) (When I edit an outdoor video, ) (she makes a noise. Maybe
she wants to go outside) (Uuung) (Woof!) (Woof!) (Bbi) (Pied Piper Sonyeo) (Bbi) (Sad) (Sonyeo got sulky and) (went to the dark place) (Woof!) (Woof!) (Bbi) (Bbi) (Bbi) (Every time I work, she plays the flute) (I have to cheer her up) Sonyeo, you want to play… right? Sonyeo, you want to play but your mom worked You wanted to get my attention, right? Shall we go to the playground tomorrow? It’s already too late today It’s night soon
You have to eat dinner BAP? BAP? Bap(Food)~ (PM 07:30 Eat dinner) Hangseong, let’s have dinner (Yam) (Yam) (I went to the living room for a second) (Sonyeo and Hangseong followed me) You finished it? (Woof!) (Don’t steal my food!) She’s afraid Sonyeo’d steal her food (who want to steal) (and those who want to protect) Sonyeo, no matter how long you wait Hangseong doesn’t give you food (In check) Hangseong looks at Sonyeo while eating (After a bite of food) (Looking at Sonyeo) (After another bite) (Looking at Sonyeo) (Is Sonyeo a dessert for you?) (I took Sonyeo with me in case
Hangseong is uncomfortable) Where are you going? Hangseong, finish your meal Eat your dinner She needs Sonyeo to eat (After Sonyeo waits her) (Hangseong finished her dinner) (After having a peaceful time with mom) (Sonyeo and Hangseong’s day ends) (You can see cute pictures of Sonyeo and
Hangseong if you visit Instagram) (Girl’s Planet, Small Planet)
(Sonyeo’s Hangseong, So-Hangseong) (Please click on “Subscribe” and
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