English Bulldog – Gaano sila ka-SWEET!(w/English Subtitle) VLOG#5

Gotcha! What are you doing? Time to eat! Pepper eats on a lazy mood. Cute bulldog! After meal she always sleep.. Stretching while snoring.. Same routine with Cardo bulldog .. And you will know more about Cardo on our next vlog Pepper also loves sunlight in the morning “Pepper, Pepper! Are you sleepy?” Pepper always wait outside when I’m in the bathroom. .. because she wants to drink fresh water from the faucet. Clingy Pepper! She used to lay down on my slippers. to make sure that she can follow me wherever I go… She will follow me anywhere😂 Look! I will sit here.. Tada!! She will also sit beside me. 😂 Pepper make sure that we are both safe and then she will lay down again. But.. If i will try to leave her again she will still follow me.. (pretending that I will leave her) 😂 Pepper: “I’m sleepy, why are you trying to play with me?” 😴 Pepper:”Mommy, what do you want? Please stay with me and let me sleep.” Let’s wait…😂 Tada!!! Sorry my Pepper.. 😂 Let’s go Pepper, take a good nap.. 😘 Sleepy Pepper while showing her tongue.. 😝 Wow!! Pepper can have a photo shoot.. 😍 Pepper, Pepper I LOVE YOU Pepper Pepper is so sweet that you can’t imagine.. She is the sweetest!!!! 😍 Pepper, try to look at the camera. They want to see you CUTE face.. (Play time with Pepper) 😂 Pepper, what can you say about your CUTE face??? 😂 You need to take a bath Pepper, you smell fish!! A BULL-FISH??? 😂 (just kidding) Pepper is a smart bulldog, she knows when it’s time to take a bath.. 😂 We need to pull her and walk like a kiddo.. 😂 (she knows that we are filming, so she tend to sit on top of the toilet bowl) 😂 a little bit for a little bit I mean Yabhie: “It’s ok to get wet when you shower your bulldog, as long as you will do the same after”.😁 .. And then try to take a video of yourself too.. 😁😜 Pepper brings HAPPINESS TO US, she will let you realize that LIFE IS A BLESSING. 🤗😘 She may be a bulldog for some, but for us she is one of our strength to live and love ourselves. 😍😘 Yabhie, try not to hold her.. She will definitely jump on you.. 😂 She will never stop.. 😂 Pepper sit!!! Pepper sit!! Pepper sit!! Good girl!!! Sit! Sit! Sit!! GOOD GIRL PEPPER!! 😘 (Hahahahha.. 😂😂😂) ugly! Hug Pepper, hug Pepper…If you’ll do it to Cardo he’s just behave.. (trying to prank Pepper, pretending it’s time to stop playing) .. but it’s a PRANK PEPPER!!! 😂🤣😂 Pepper UP! SIT! HIGH FIVE! GOOD GIRL PEPPER!!! A VERY SMART BULLDOG!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Cardo and Pepper: “Please subscribe to our channel” Cardo: “It’s my turn, know more about me on our next vlog guys”.😘

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  1. Yabhie Yabhie Doo says:

    Just leave a comment if you want to shout out your name and if you have any questions and suggestion about our vlog.. Feel free guys.. 😘

  2. kenneth OMG says:

    pa shout out po next VLOG thank you

  3. JLotho TV says:

    Cute nila akin na lng yng Isa hehehe joke

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