EPIC Breed comparison battle pitbull Vs german shepherd

pitbull is a atheletic breed and because of its body structure and body mass this point goes to pitbull both breeds are good runners and there names come among best running breeds but a german shepherds top speed is 40kph but a pitbulls top speed can be 48.3 kph so this point goes to pitbull both breeds are intelligent and pitbulls are also used in USA as police dogs but german shepherds dicipline makes him more intelligent so this point goes to german shepherd both breeds are freindly and child lovers but if they are not handles properly both breeds can become aggresive so its a ties point goes to both breeds

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3 Responses

  1. Rashi Sankhla says:

    Pitbulls are best

  2. VIJAY CHOWK JODHPUR City Jodhpur City says:


  3. canine man says:

    sorry guys a part of video is missed a adult german shepherd height can be upto 26 inches and a pitbulls can be 18 inches so point for size goes to german shepherd

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