Episode 3: Pure Breeds “The Saluki” by Graydon Sheppard

Pure Breeds Episode 3 This is a Saluki Duh, I’m a Saluki,
I think I’m so beautiful Salukis are called the royal dog of Egypt
because they’ve been found mummified in tombs with pharaohs They’ve also been called
Persian Greyhounds and Gazelle Hounds because Bedouins
used to use them to hunt The hawk would fly out
and gouge out the eyes of the gazelle Then the Saluki would run up
and kill the gazelle The man on the horse will go
pick up the gazelle and eat it Ugh! I, Florence Amherst, started forcing
these noble dogs to make puppies in 1895 in America Oh, in America?
She’s American I thought she was British
that’s why I’m doing the accent This is Lana, Luka and Raida They look pretty, right? They’ve won a bunch of awards
But you know what? I bet they’ve done all sorts of
gross dog stuff too I can’t say for sure but Luka looks like the kind of dog
who has eaten a diaper Salukis can run about
70 kilometers an hour That’s very fast! So if you want a Saluki make sure you have a big open field
for them to run on Also, Salukis hate babies How could you hate a baby? Why would anyone hate a baby? If they don’t like babies
I don’t like them

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11 Responses

  1. BOWOWOW mag says:

    Salukis do like babies though?! x

  2. Caleb Rimmer says:

    reminds me of adam sandler "let mamma play with ya cocknballs'" lo)

  3. teedubya1440 says:

    Is this the voice of Linda from Bob's burgers?

  4. cheshirelandry says:

    Please please please do either the Cardigan Welsh Corgi of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

  5. AndyPips says:

    My Saluki thinks babies are fun, he plays with them 😀

  6. YASSS Kari says:

    I appreciate you using the original flag of Iran! 🙂

  7. Azul Sordo says:

    I would love to see more of these pure breed episodes 🙂

  8. iiKill says:

    His voice is so fucking annoying.

  9. Luis aguirre says:


  10. Paul Kirk says:

    Educate yourself and for gods sake get your facts right idiot just another wannabe ration waster

  11. Gayze Nastasi says:

    Salukis don't hate babies. LOL I know, because live with Ryder, who appears in this film, and Ryder doesn't hate anyone. Except maybe for squirrels. He's not terribly fond of squirrels.

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