euphoria | official song by labrinth & zendaya – “all for us” full song (s1 ep8) | HBO

BY ZENDAYA PLAYS) ♪♪ Taking it all
Taking it all for us ♪
♪ Doing it all for love
Doing it all ♪
♪ Doing it all for love ♪♪ Taking it all for us ♪♪ Doing it all for love ♪♪ Yeah, yeah ♪-♪ Too much in my system ♪
-♪ Throbbin’, throbbin’ ♪
♪ Money MIA ♪♪ Pockets hella empty ♪-♪ Mama makin’ ends meet ♪
-♪ Makin’, ends met ♪
♪ Workin’ like a slave ♪♪ Mississippi yay-aye ♪-♪ Daddy ain’t at home, no ♪
-♪ Father, father ♪
♪ Gotta be a man ♪♪ Michael Corleone ♪♪ Do it for my homegrown ♪♪ Sisters, brothers ♪♪ Do it for the fam ♪♪ Yeah, so tell ’em bout it ♪-♪ Hey! ♪
-♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
-♪ Just for your love, yeah ♪
-♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
-♪ Give you the world ♪
-♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
-♪ Mona Lisa’s smile ♪
-♪ Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! ♪
♪ Hey! ♪
-♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ Hell, I’ll do 25 to life
If it makes me a king ♪
-♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪-♪ A star in your eye ♪
-♪ Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! ♪
(CHORUS SINGS)♪ Hey, yeah ♪♪ Taking it all for us ♪♪ Doing it all for love ♪♪ Yeah, yeah ♪♪ Guess you figured
My two times two ♪
♪ Always equates to one ♪♪ Dreamers are selfish ♪♪ When it all comes down to it ♪♪ I hope one of you come back
To remind me of who I was ♪
♪ When I go disappear ♪♪ Into that good night ♪♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪ MAN: Until then.

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100 Responses

  1. Alissom Marra says:

    Season two please?

  2. Zayna Baig says:

    Last time I heard Zendaya was singing was (Besides The Greatest Showman) Something New.

  3. Diego Serafim says:

    Oh, Zendaya 😌

  4. Sadie DeCoite says:

    I’ve been replaying this songs for 3 weeks now maybe not every day but ITS BEEN ON DAT REPLAY BOI

  5. That One Guy says:

    Bruh this was the best sequence ever

  6. moonlight eri says:

    I'm obsessed with her…

  7. namjoon my babe says:

    army goes crazy with the last episode haha

  8. Lauren Breiter says:

    straight chills man

  9. BrittanyAnnTodd says:

    I wish this was on Netflix 😭💕

  10. Zenande Ximba says:

    Zendaya is giving me the feeling of euphoria 😫😫😫😫❤❤ dreamers are selfish

  11. jay an jay says:

    This song was not long enoug😔😫😫

  12. Cata GregoryHolmes says:

    I've seen this an unhealthy amount of times and it still makes me feel the ñañaras

  13. Alicia Stratton says:

    “Until then” just kills me IM WAITING FOR THE NEXT SEASONNNNN :,)

  14. nessa cee says:

    Y’all this show looks so good but some of us can’t afford HBO!! UGH

  15. David Mayordomo says:


  16. Jessica H says:

    everyone keeps saying the song was scattered throughout the season but jm too lazy to go back and watch everything again.
    can someone make av video edit pls 😁

  17. Jayda Sharaf says:

    This deserves so much more views

  18. Jughead Jones says:

    please put this version on itunes 🙇🏽‍♂️

  19. jilan says:

    Zendaya lowkey sounds like Beyonce and she can ACT too I stan talented queens

  20. v p v r p says:

    i didn’t really understand can someone like explain their thought what they think’s happening ?

  21. Lupe Caneda says:

    I literally watch the final like over 30 times. I need season 2, i miss zendaya 🙁

  22. Aspected Mirza says:

    I seriously need an analysis

  23. MyTwoCents says:

    I'm like 1 million of those views

  24. Aripie 12 says:

    Tbh I have never even heard of this show but just by watching this music video I HAVE TO WATCH THIS NOW😍 zendaya is an actual Queen!

  25. naiara urbano says:

    i really thought she died

  26. Lynnyell Alexander says:


  27. Raquel Padilla says:

    I want to see the making off of this scene 😍

  28. Tae Shavers says:

    I'm going to be watching this everyday until season 2 comes out.

  29. jeff griffin says:

    Was dancing to this and did a dislike by mistake and m sure every other dislike did the same as me.

  30. oceanbliss says:

    her vocals 😍

  31. Hannah Johnson says:

    Chills. Every time I watch/listen to this I get chills.

  32. AllesInDunkelweiss says:

    Zendaya is a true artist and euphoria is a masterpiece.

  33. Jose Daniel says:

    I got chills

  34. Kay Lewis says:

    So she relapsed

  35. Brianna A says:

    1:44 The part where she says "a star in your eyes" is so addicting 😩💓

  36. spiccypeaches says:

    can we take a moment to appreciate how she evolved from replay to this

  37. Barbora Bílková says:

    Beyonce should watch out!

  38. Zhanna Sargsyan says:

    Awesome 👏🏽

  39. PilotRegrettes says:


  40. Yes Indeed says:

    Best tv show I’ve watched so far

  41. Beefpie135 says:

    I love her version of the song more than the one on Spotify 😭💖 I wish I could buy this one.

  42. em bela says:

    Under eye glitter is either
    Loneliness of being happy or
    Happiness of being lonely

  43. Debbye Reis says:

    This song is as wonderful as the series

  44. Devin Grace says:

    I am confused because I see some comments saying that she didn’t relapse and it’s just a flash back? Is this true?

  45. Mbeng Pilache says:

    This song is AMAZING.
    Zendaya is AMAZING.
    Euphoria is AMAZING.
    and i can't wait the saeson2.

  46. Mbeng Pilache says:

    just today I've been watching this video a hundred times. I AM ADICT "taking all for us" .I just want an official video

  47. gabriel _alvsz says:

    Cadê os brasileiros que amam essa série maravilhosa ? Zendaya Love you 3000♥️

  48. Derek Parker says:

    She better win every award for this show, OMG this is incredible!

  49. LStacks says:

    Idk why I'm so obsessed with this song 😫

  50. Ari Grande says:

    Rue is me when I wake up in the morning

  51. Eduarda Coutinho says:

    god is a woman

  52. Diana Cosy says:

    It shows her trying to fight it yet she’s giving up

  53. Adriana says:

    I Love euphoria and this song

  54. MM CC says:

    2:35 hits different

  55. Levy Hill says:

    Zendaya desirves a ocscar and award that is the highest for acting she is a …… One of a kind actor I don't even have the words shes bringing back her singing career she's in more older movies and TV shows she is a queen and my role model

  56. Iconic Hunny says:

    Jesus Zendaya can really sing

  57. Mariam M. says:

    I keep replaying 2:47 to the end its SO GOOD

  58. luqas neto says:


  59. heart msp says:

    For some reason I got emotional and I never even watch the show yet😭

  60. ali 4g says:

    God ❤️❤️❤️

  61. ali 4g says:

    She is the best

  62. Jesslyn Gill says:


  63. Ashan Mahendran says:

    AGT anyone?

  64. Hush Kit says:

    I thought this was Beyonce singing when i first watched the episode

  65. Divaliciousbeauty123 says:

    I bought this song right after I saw this episode

  66. Франция says:


  67. Lynn Stone says:

    When I first heard this song, I wasn't very fond of it, but now I can't stop listening to it

  68. Petros Kyragiannis says:

    that makes me feel so sad and happy in the same momment 🙁 the lyrics are perfect

  69. Niladri Das says:

    I like overdosing while listening to this song … My restless mind plays it in a loop

  70. Mariah Carr says:

    For some reason this song reminds me of Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender. Just me?

  71. Icy Mya says:

    This was everything 🥵

  72. Lighterfluid flowerpanel says:

    This song here

  73. Abigail Redding says:

    Could somebody tell me what euphoria is about, this was really confusing not knowing what the show is 😅😅

  74. Chad bad says:

    I was only gonna watch the show for zendaya.and it was so realistic that I loved it. Sad reality

  75. Rocio Quevedo says:

    the choir's parts are amaaaaaazing

  76. Teajaa says:

    I literally loved her since shake it up.

  77. Manu Nvi says:

    Eu preciso da segunda temporada na minha mesa agoraaaaas

  78. Lighterfluid flowerpanel says:

    idk why this song scared me yet made me happy

  79. Greta Allman-Shuttleworth says:

    Ok Jacob is an icon

  80. loa jimenez says:

    Can't find the comment with the views
    We're now at 3.2!!!

  81. zion says:

    I will fight all of those 670 people who disliked this 😤

  82. AJ says:

    How can I watch euphoria. I don't have the channel because I have to pay and I don't have hulu. I only saw episode 1 because it was free. Someone help.😭

  83. lolchick001 says:

    Its scary. Good but scary

  84. Sammy roxxs says:

    Plot twist: Zendaya was the true leader in "Us"'s the Upside Down.

  85. karmabitch xoxo says:

    She better get an Emmy

  86. Eden Newsome says:

    Love this song 😩😩

  87. achemicalsunset says:

    Amazing ending to one of the best new shows on TV.

  88. Brayden Eames says:

    e u p h o r i a

  89. Life with Gene McIntyre says:

    Looks like Zendaya has now officially been initiated into the Illuminati.

  90. Jaguar Creations says:

    Why does this remind me of a James Bond Song??!

  91. The1stJennyBean says:

    why isn't this version on itunes 🙁

  92. chris Ez says:

    Still need her to do a cover of Erykah Badhu – Tyrone it’s definitely within her range and she already lip synced it quite well

  93. Jericho Pascual says:

    Release the freaking album already geeeeez

  94. Adam Martin says:

    Such an incredible series so far; Zendaya 2020!

  95. sTr's buls***s says:

    Hey I made an edit about the relationship between rue and jules can you pls see it. That mean a lot for me

  96. Burrito says:

    @Ariana Grande wow you were right, god really is a woman

  97. Sandrine Buffeteau says:

    Euphoria is insane like this music

  98. Janiyah Bridges says:

    This song give me chills 😩

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