Evening walk with German Shepherd/Wieczorny spacer z Owczarkiem Niemieckim

We’re going with Major on a evening walk Sunset long ago There’s 19:30 So it’s practically evening & we’re walking It rained, so it’s nice cool Major is probably happy Let’s go Let’s go Major What do you fell there? Every tree you have to sniff, right Major? & every pole & again It’s doggy nature Doggy nature of sniffing everything Truth Major? Major confirmed A lot of clouds there, it’s probably raining It’s rather raining a lot There we can hear sound of an Expressway Which is cutting here Podbeskidzie Peace & silence at this hour Rain scared strollers, right Major? Cams sees us & we see cams & who’s watching who No train rides We can go How nice rail crossing they made Clear? Let’s go Major Good dog What are you doing? Are you chasing a car? You can’t Major! From where you can? Major has tendency to run to chasing cars Which are passing our fence Not good Major, why you are chasing cars? & what Major, they finally reconditioned tracks? Pendolino can now rides here Avoid a mud How mich parents tells it to their kids & I tell it to my dog Whatever You’re living outside so I only don’t know how you do it, that you can always clean all of this by yourself It’s interesting Major is all dirty after play But he’s clean in the morning. Leave it! Leave it Major! Leave it, leave! Leave it! Good dog! This old glove tempts you, but leave it & we’re slowly returning to home It’s already dark Literally dark Soon many of my films could looks like it, winter is coming Night will be more earlier coming Truth Major? Major, back a little Oh, green, let’s go Almost in home So thumbs up for Major’s walking after a dark It became dark fast. You’re already invisible Major, let’s go We’re going to the source of light Thanks for watching Like, subscribe, comment & share & see you next time LAter

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