Every Cat At 3AM

*Alarm sound* What time is it? *inhales* Oh it’s 3 am 3 am? Uh, I gotta go do the thing Richard- Helen. I have to do this *Screeching*

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100 Responses

  1. Gus Johnson says:

    follow me on stuff in the description rawr XD lololol edgy

  2. Elizabeth Andrews says:

    Helen.. I HAVE to do this


  3. Nuno The Dude says:

    Same my cat likes to run like a madman

  4. Amin says:

    Still a better cat movie than the Cats Movie

  5. pookie pie says:

    This makes me miss my cat

  6. xPrwishesShadowWolfx says:

    Did I just watch a grown man run through his house and knock over everything

    Thank you YouTube recommendations

  7. Marjan Naderi says:


  8. Jakee Davisee says:

    Bro when he yelled I just started dieing HELP ME

  9. max kore says:

    oh god now everytime i see a cat meow im gonna picture them screaming like this

  10. Please Don't Take The Kids Karen says:

    Behind the scenes of the Cats movie

  11. Spoony Bard says:

    I didnt know you were auditioning for the new Cats movie

  12. Joanna Middendorp says:

    The accuracy is astounding. Cats, man…

  13. TheNoahFactor says:

    the furry community has really gone off the rails

  14. Everyday Views says:

    0:23 there is and actually cat and it looks so confused.

  15. NIKKI RAEL says:


  16. bleach says:

    Wait thats not sabrina

  17. SKOL CUBS says:

    Damn straighten up your house man

  18. ViVi says:

    That scream at the end is priceless.

  19. F1ourish says:

    Better than the cats movie

  20. todd montgomery says:

    0:19 when the fbi comes to ur house

  21. Auegh Pufferfish says:

    Replay Button 00:29

  22. Conventional Productions says:

    this is the real Cats movie

  23. joshua aguilar says:

    dang the new catwoman looks great!

  24. LailaMusic says:

    actually my cat have never wake up at 3 am he sleeps all day and sometimes i think he s dead

  25. Your Mom says:

    Brandon Roger for kids.

  26. King Chicken says:

    I fkn hate my cats

  27. 0 Subscriber 0 Video. says:

    My cat is so lazy that she doesn't even do this.

  28. Lachlan Phillips says:

    Can we sneak this to every projectionist?

  29. Jeydan says:

    a cat with a mutache and whiskers reminds me of garfield

  30. AceMercer AMV says:


    When you discover that the demon watching you it's just a pile of clothes on a chair

  31. Emily B. says:

    I felt the ending

  32. Preston K. Productions says:

    Cats, rated PG

  33. Yoshi Dinono says:

    Laughing so hard because my cat is going do this in four hours.

  34. Matthiel Argent says:

    Nice cats movie prediction

  35. Jaelyn Richardson says:


  36. 7 years ago says:

    I like the new and improved cats trailer!

  37. Mathew Twickert says:

    Cats 2019

  38. Rolled 8th says:

    Was THat gus old girlfriend

  39. AnimeT0getherEU says:

    Once your cat dies, it haunts you as a ghost every time the clock hits 3.

  40. Brad Ley says:

    0:23 actual cat in the bottom right: "lol wtf"

  41. moreofawave says:


  42. Legendary Kazoo Mann says:

    I love the way it just cuts out at the end!!

  43. Red Rum says:

    Helen don't play dumb.

  44. dega says:

    if your cats are doing this they ain't getting enough exercise. buy them toys and play with them, cause they're bored as fuck. imagine staying inside a house all day with no stimuli

  45. Charlie Dawson says:

    My boy's a patriot

    God bless

  46. Inquisitor Guy says:

    Me: nothing is going to be awake at 3 am too disturb my sleep
    My cat: OH BOY, 3 AM

  47. Trolldier of Fortune says:

    Pretty accurate but mine's still young so replace 3 AM with all the goddamn time.

  48. ramona lynn says:

    The e ding killed me my lungs flew out of my body

  49. shelby inmon says:

    The new cats moive looks great

  50. Swan Kelly says:

    The other night one of my cats woke me up running across my body like I wasn't even there. Then her sister did it too. Like seriously, they know where I sleep!

  51. Ashley Oliva says:

    I love this thumbnail!

  52. LePhantomChick N says:

    I scream Jon, it's what I do

  53. Gavin Kitchens says:

    Mom can we go see the cats movie?
    Mom: we have cats movie at home
    Cats movie at home:

  54. August is a guy says:

    My name is Gus too

  55. Jessica Lee Lee says:

    Still better then the cats movie

  56. 4lmo7y7d 4 says:

    after he screamed my cat came to me and started staring at me menacingly

  57. David Cahyo says:

    Well, still better than cats

  58. Colt Taylor says:


  59. The Skeptic says:

    The ending was good

  60. Midnight City says:

    There should be a follow-up where Hellen just threw up a hairball on the bed when the other cat walks in.

  61. noodlehead says:

    that scream at the end got me dying

  62. WarChicken says:

    Brah thats exactly what I do at 3am looking for my cookies

    this one time I remember grabbing some cheese from the fridge and started eating it and then alI of a sudden I heard my dads door open and I just froze in the corner eating the cheese turned away from him like a fucking demon from poltergeist I think my dad was horrified because he screamed like a little bitch ran into his room and slammed the door shut. I think he thought I was a ghost because it was 3 AM

    I later found out that he shat in his pants

  63. justin herrera says:

    Cats (2019) looks great!

  64. sparkb says:


  65. Jose Mourinho says:


  66. Channel says:

    You look exactly like my cat

  67. Ethereal Hauntings says:

    This video always makes me laugh. 100% laugh probability.

  68. Ablaze Dawn says:

    Still better than the cats movie

  69. Ava Krekeler says:


  70. Rainy Chain says:

    Love the actual cat's 'wtf? do I do that?' stance xD

  71. rezy 12 says:

    that jesus painting on the bathroom really got me lmao

  72. Slyfrik says:

    "Helen.. I have to do this"

  73. Bombed Nevada says:

    Still better than cats

  74. Faizal kuntz says:

    The Cats movie deleted scenes

  75. DylanTum says:

    i am sorry but this has to be 99.9999% moms

  76. Rachael Ward says:

    OMG thats was so freaking funny!!! That is EXACTLY what my three (Yep, I sad three!) cats do every damn night!

  77. zivex says:

    Eww imagine owning a cat

  78. Crazy Goose Kid says:


  79. The National Populist says:

    Oh boy, 3AM!

  80. The wondering Englishman says:

    the last 10 seconds of this video is the most I've laughed in 2020

  81. Ella G says:

    is this Cats (2019)?

  82. Crazed Person says:

    Every human that owns a feline: Dont worry weve been working with him, beside no moron is going to wake up at 3am

    Every cat ever: Oh Boy 3am!

  83. Atomic Bomb says:

    The Crackhead neighbors in 3 am be like

  84. Jack Bishop says:

    …Good kitty

  85. S Q U A M I S H Y O U T U B E says:

    You forgot the part where throwing a single LEGO all around the house

  86. Omar Z says:

    Cats movie: gets released
    YouTube Algorithm:

  87. IQ says:

    0:23 strange lifeform thinks it is a cat… but no

  88. Assertive Lemon says:

    Just got a no skips 15 second ad for dominos.. on this 30 second video. Wtf youtube ?

  89. Fr WiFi says:

    Legend says the cats do this at 3:00am

  90. jacksoncolemxn_ says:

    0:23, I love the cat on the bottom right staring at him in complete confusion.

  91. Ami Khan says:

    Cats do this too? I thought it was only me who did this every morning…

  92. Rory Gilmore says:

    This is what it would look like if Ron Swanson and Dwight schrute had a baby

  93. Overrated says:

    0:26 Gus got a bowling strike

  94. KillerKatMiller says:

    The scream is so perfect! 屢屢

  95. Destroyer gaming Hayes says:


  96. lucian kristov says:

    Seriously though? Wtf are cats doing

  97. Djordje XO says:

    So brave of gus to come out as a furry

  98. Mr. 8-Bit Doggo says:

    Literally no one:

    My cat: 0:28

  99. Alexander Marvelle Putra Hadi says:

    0:16 me when lost my phone everywhere on the house

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