Here kitty, kitty, kitty, come on mittens, come on sit daddy’s lap. Needy much? Here’s my butt hole. Bye. Every cat ever. Hey fluffy, what’s that fluffy? What is that? What is that? Where can I get it? My paw is already on it. Every meow ever. What the [xx], Heath that’s nasty. Get your mind out of the gutter. Every cat ever. Dinner time Abby. You know I can’t afford wet food all the time. Meow. Every cat ever. Meow meow, how did you get there? I just wanted to jump on a high stub and I did, but now it’s scary. Mama’s got you, leaping in to my embrace. Every cat ever. I bet I could jump over there. Don’t do it pet pet. I was born to jump. I believe I am able to fly. Every cat ever. Heathcleve that’s gross. Don’t you bring that up to the door. How else am I going to show my love for you? You just don’t get it, do you? You so cute. Meow meow look, I got you a colorful new bed. I got a mansion and I ain’t ever leaving. I’m good. Pull me out I don’t need you there. Oh sweet [xx]. Every cat ever.
Oh Fluffym you’re going to get you close.
I’m going to get you,
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30 Responses

  1. i love nawaf says:

    They predicted the movie “cats”

  2. Eden Aulenti says:

    Cats the movie in a nutshell

  3. SkyTheCollie says:

    This was better than the cats movie

  4. LilCruz says:

    2:15 NARLY

  5. Freedy700000 Roblox says:

    Every Meow Ever

  6. Doøfus Doofman says:

    We need Brandon Rogers on this

  7. k i r s l e i says:

    Furries OWO

  8. Kim Tae Tae says:


  9. Monica Ramirez says:

    So true

  10. Shyanna Schmidt says:

    I was watching this with my cat

  11. zoro thegrand says:

    nobody: 1:55 captions "pull me out i dont need you there"

  12. Flash6ordonRox says:

    2:16 when your dad smashes your xbox so you smash his wife

  13. hihihihihihi says:

    My cat when we get her a new bed: Goes In Box,

  14. JazvecGabo TV says:

    At least its better than Cats the movie

  15. Drake Drystan says:

    Better than the 2019 Cats movie.

  16. Josiah Montanez says:

    Every pspspspspspspps ever

  17. Julyssa Mendez says:

    When Keith said I got a mansion and I’m never leaving it I died

  18. ew_ itslinda says:


  19. Yeniel Ortiz says:

    0:56 has got me dead🤣

  20. Alex Thompson says:

    the cats movie on 10x more crack

  21. Hayden Samuel says:

    Wtf is this

  22. persephonoe loveyou says:

    When he got "sick" EWWWWWWW what but my cat pooped all over the bathroom

  23. Skinny Jean'z says:

    Yall never even played Nekopara tho

  24. Jacob Marcus says:

    AYE!!! ANTHONY!!!

  25. ItsYaBoi Fry says:

    Who remembers heathcliff

  26. Mga KaSolar says:


  27. Antonio Gomes says:

    My Favourite character from Smosh Is Oliva Sui

  28. bluemonky says:

    watching this in 2020
    me: what the frick

  29. Brandon is Epic Yay says:

    This is better than the cats movie

  30. MattAnimatezYT says:

    Me: come here cat
    Cat: doesnt come
    Me: pspspspsps
    Cat: red glowing eyes

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