Everything We Know About King Rama X Of Thailand

Unlike the British royal family, not much is known about
Thailand’s monarchs, thanks to strict laws
restricting reporting on the Thai royals. However, King Rama X
isn’t a complete mystery. From marrying his bodyguard to flying his own plane and throwing a four-day
funeral for his pet poodle, here’s everything we know about
Thailand’s eccentric ruler. King Rama X was born on July 28, 1952. His full name means “adorned
with jewels or thunderbolts.” He was educated first at a
palace school in Bangkok, then prep and boarding
schools in the United Kingdom, before completing his overseas education at the Royal Military College at Duntroon in Canberra, Australia. After graduating, the
prince joined the Thai army. He underwent advanced military training not only in Thailand, but also the UK, US, and Australia, becoming an officer and qualified pilot for both civilian and military aircrafts. According to the BBC, the king still flies his own Boeing 737 when
he travels overseas. Despite his military
training, there were questions of whether the prince was fit to rule. Rumors of gambling, womanizing, and associating with illegal
businesses reportedly plagued the prince’s reputation. In 1977, he married his first cousin, but then got involved with a young actress with whom he had five children before the two married in 1994. But just two years later,
he publicly denounced her and disowned his four sons. In 2001, he married his third wife, a lady-in-waiting, but took away her royal title in 2014 and arrested nine of her
relatives, including her parents, on charges that they’d abused
their connection to him. After his father passed
away in October 2016, the prince ascended Thailand’s throne and became King Rama X, the 10th monarch of his royal house. In order to allow time for
Thailand to mourn his father, he waited three years for his coronation. And three days before
the highly anticipated and lavish affair in May 2019, the king married his fourth wife. The palace had never acknowledged the king’s longtime romantic relationship with the woman who helped
command his bodyguards before. But now, she was his queen. The queen joined the king for
his coronation festivities. The procession, which
involved 1,300 people and elephants, took six and a half hours and reportedly cost the
government $31 million. The South China Morning Post reported that the king wore a 15-pound crown and was carried on a
palanquin by 16 people, who changed every 500 meters. Just two months later, he made his rumored longtime girlfriend, a major general, his royal noble consort. The televised ceremony took place on the king’s 67th birthday, with the queen at his side. When the Thai royal palace
later published a photo of the king’s consort wearing a crop top and piloting a plane, its
official website crashed. According to The Times, King Rama X is Thailand’s first modern monarch to openly have more than one partner. However, in October
2019, the king stripped his royal noble consort of
her title, citing disloyalty. According to the royal
palace’s official statement, she was “ambitious,” her
behavior was “disrespectful,” and she tried to “elevate herself to the same state as the queen.” The statement also said
that the king’s consort had attempted to prevent
the queen’s coronation. The king stripped his former consort of all royal titles and decorations, as well as status in the royal guard and military ranks. Although Thailand is a
constitutional monarchy, the king wields much power. He commands an estimated 5,000 troops in the royal guard and has much influence over the wealthy Crown Property Bureau,
which provides the palace with an annual income
of about $300 million. Not to mention, as
king, he can pretty much do whatever he wants. Including naming his pet poodle Foo Foo an air chief marshal. When Foo Foo died, the king gave him a four-day-long Buddhist funeral. Despite his responsibilities in Thailand, he reportedly spends a
large amount of his time at his home in the
German state of Bavaria. An avid cyclist, the king has led a number of biking events in Bangkok, but if you see him out, think twice before snapping a picture. When a photo of the king
was posted on Facebook showing him wearing a crop top, he threatened to sue Facebook, saying the images were insulting. Thailand’s lèse-majesté
law subjects anyone who “defames, insults
or threatens the king the queen, the
heir-apparent or the regent” to a jail term of three to 15 years. The same law allowed the king to imprison his third wife’s parents
for two and a half years on charges of “royal defamation” and also imprison a Thai
man for 35 years in 2017 for insulting the monarchy on Facebook. At least two people arrested
on royal defamation charges have been found dead under
mysterious circumstances. The United Nations’ rights body has issued a warning that Thailand’s
use of lèse-majesté might “constitute crimes
against humanity.” The legislation has been
in effect since Thailand’s first criminal code was created in 1908. And the military-backed government says the law is needed
to protect the monarchy.

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100 Responses

  1. Xiellion says:

    The concept of monarchies is so bizarre

  2. J L says:

    Interesting I had no idea the king couldn’t be talked about negatively. When I was in Bangkok my taxi driver was telling me everything about the King and his father. He said many bad things about the king…

  3. J L says:

    Did the Kings father not see his son as a bad person and try to change him or the succession? From what I hear he was a very good person.

  4. Sky Watcher says:


  5. bokbon 87 says:


  6. trinralov GD says:

    Inmy contry (thailand) we call the king for rama IX and maybe his full name but we call rama ten 'tenth'

  7. The Observer says:

    Second class royalty. Real royal is British or Saudis.

  8. Dom Wings says:

    Why do people cry over their rulers death? Like seriously are they paying people to fake cry or something or are people that weak and desperate for leadership

  9. Ravi shanker says:

    He is FANTA F***And Never Try Again

  10. Hot Issues says:

    Wow what a slimy piece of garbage

  11. kyrios0307 says:

    All I know of him is from Thai Airways video about him loving planes lol

  12. Palestinian Rambo says:

    Imagine being the king of world's biggest brothel. Allah must love this man I pray to God makes me rich so I can go to Thailand and buy sexy womans

  13. Max McCormick says:

    Canberra is pronounced "cam-bruh". Two syllables

  14. Michael McNamara says:

    One thing for sure, luckily Business Insider is not in Thailand, otherwise, lèse-majesté you! 😂

  15. ilyn Payne says:

    Holy crap this looks like Joffrey Baratheon I bet she was born of incest

  16. Ceerstar Ceerstar says:

    Damn, them Thai women are beautiful.

  17. micho rizzoo says:

    Thailand bows and submits to one man .

  18. David Wang says:

    The most notorious totalitarian regime on earth.

  19. Edgar Garcia says:

    Wasnt this the giy that went shopping through a mall looking like a crackhead hooker?

  20. Checkerzzz gaming Hi says:

    Sinners that's who these theft's are

  21. betaharish says:

    Nice video…

  22. Zetsuke4 says:

    Long live the king!

  23. Casey says:

    Crazy how the King Of Thailand is also the biggest loser in Thailand. What a POS.

  24. 0m3n says:

    I always find it funny when people of power like this have to leave their country to get education

  25. Carlos Henrique says:

    Nobody cares

  26. smr144 says:

    He likes ladyboys too…

  27. Tom Black says:

    I want to be this guy

  28. destroyed idiots says:

    Yay he's the king of a shithole.

  29. •Murray• •HeleneJ• says:

    Poor Thailand having this “man” ruling over them they don’t deserve this …..

  30. EmpireTV(Dragon) says:

    The King should have the right to appoint his heir.

  31. annadeng dopamine says:

    when i visited thailand, i was amazd on how they worship their royalty, those big pictures every corner, gold intricates evrywhere.. i believe thailnd is also facing battle with corruption.. i hope just like my country, 🇵🇭 will win this battle, may the culture empowers us…

  32. שניר סבג says:

    What a weird monarch. Im wondering if he will keep his crown

  33. TheSunMoon says:

    I know one Thai, he said no one likes the king. And I can see why.. He's kinda living in his own bubble. Shame, cus Thailand is a nice place.

  34. Sinart Nilkamheang says:

    ระยำนะเนี่ย พวกมึงมาเสือกห่าอะไร ไอ้พวกตะวันตกขี้ข้ายิว

  35. Promothash Boruah says:

    Ooh no…🙏

  36. Kennek519 says:

    Lmfao this guy is awesome!

  37. Goofy girl says:

    This play boy prince think he is entitled and a waste of money!

    The Thai deserves better!!

  38. ZooSiab says:

    Lol that's what you call a true loser

  39. Jin Laihook says:

    This guy is a Illuminati plant who treats women like crap. The real life inspiration for M.Bison.

  40. Oktawiusz Płomiński says:

    Modern World and they still believe in Kings and Queens. People still blind forgot that nobody is more important than you or me or our loved ones.. He is not a King he is not a Buddhist… He is nothing.. Rich, selfish, perverted, egoistic assohole with power who think he is more important than you and me..
    Most of Thai are Buddhist but their minds are closed..

  41. Jamie Winters says:

    All cultures are definitely not the same no matter what woke people tell you.

  42. Simanta Dutta says:

    Seems like a normal king affairs … Why are people hating him again?

  43. IN A FLASH says:

    General Admiral Aladeen.

  44. Aragorn II says:

    This dude acts worse than medieval kings

  45. Adeel says:

    @4:57 UN what a joke! Can you answer why poor kashmiris had been house arrested, molested by cruel Indian PM Modi & BJP in the past 90+ days. No media is allowed to cover and expose what's happening in Kashmir.. … I am not Kashmiri but surely standing speaking of human right! #Free Kashmir

  46. Yan N. says:

    Lèse-Majesté is great things only when you have a great King…

  47. PINK MANGO says:

    I dunno … I cant tell if he is good or bad……thats why i would not judge things.

  48. Custer says:

    A friend of mine posted a meme of the king and got Jailed, just putting that out there..

  49. Nuno Anjo says:

    Why do you dont make the same but the quenn isabel from UK i like to see

  50. Ron Weasley says:

    Boeing 777 crashed tho

  51. Daryl Chin says:

    Next, he's going to sue YouTube for this video

  52. adnan e says:

    When money goes to your head……pure example money can't buy class

  53. 000 111 says:

    Only royal family in the world that grabe/stole whole wealth of their nation. They have more than 70 billion dollars of wealth but did not spend their wealth on common people. This family force the women or even under age girls to involve in prostitution to earn even food for one time.

  54. Zen says:

    Welp guess that girl won't be making that mistake again

  55. Chawanwit Auditore says:

    I just come to read a comments ,that's all i have

  56. C. Lincoln says:

    That guy is a fruit, I remember seeing him in that white crop top… that guy looked as gay as they come bro.

  57. amitnarayankar says:

    Sanphet the eight was the most evil king of thailand.

  58. Lexie02 Jones says:

    What's wrong with being ambitious?!?🤨🤨

  59. john hand says:

    the dude is totally wacko

  60. AntiMacaiBeeend Umnoob says:

    I think kim jong-un is better then this king.

  61. HU HU says:

    Sounds like a spoiled idiot

  62. Noppanat Khaoyai says:

    At least I wish I could born to be American. Not shitty hoe Thai cheap civilization 🖕🏻

    Thank you, Business Insider for this awesome video tho! Respect you, warriors! ❤️

  63. Rough collies says:

    Respect my authority!

  64. Natu The BudgieYT says:

    Jeez, so much of a democracy.

  65. May Saechao says:

    He’s too spoiled because he’s the only son, his parents lets him do anything he want, like banning his sons and ex wife, the old king just allowed it and I’m pretty sure his consorts are forced, like who tf want to marry this dude

  66. Tina Zhex says:

    Would you marry this nobel darkness ?

  67. san muttaqin says:

    Well I'd like to take 35 years of prison in exchange for a punch in his face

  68. Portgas D Ace says:

    A dickhead on the throne need to be thrown.

  69. Mystery Man says:

    She didn't realise the king was gone, did she?😂😂😂😂

  70. xxnike629xx says:

    M. Bison is from Thailand right?

  71. access says:

    Lmao… Thai people just as dumb as Trump supporters

  72. Medo Kiews says:

    I should say, this kind of ruler shouldn't exist.. Whoever this filthy bastard is by looking at his face we already know that he's a bad guy we don't need every explanation here. 😂
    Whoever is gonna be His successor I pray that you'll be a better ruler. Thailand seriously need a better ruler, just can't digest this man. 🤧 Even God will be so doubtful to forgive his sin. 🤒

  73. jadetiger88888 says:

    I heard his sister is a better choice to be queen and people like her

  74. Benjamin Mairs says:

    A guy who is a pos makes a law that throws you in jail for calling him a pos for doing pos things. Monarchies, all of them, everywhere, not just this one, are steaming piles of disingenuous crap. All royals are nothing special. They’re just another regular ass person with something shiny and heavy on their head with a god complex. They’re a virus, and society is the host. Remove them.

  75. blue face bonzi says:

    Spoiled kid who needs to get kicked off the throne

  76. sumeet sharma says:

    Rama is INDIAN GOD NAME …!!!

  77. _ Pentagon says:

    King rama is a moron!! Thailand deserve better.

  78. Kirtijyoti Senapati says:

    He is Kim Jon un II

  79. Rainy Love Food says:

    I’m thai………Thailand land of pretending … Would say ha ha ha everyone love themselves not love king

  80. King M Kangleicha says:

    Sounds like gaddafi and saddam combined.

  81. Roy B says:

    What a wicked King!

  82. A. Hamdani says:

    Her voice is so calming.

  83. Love Margarita says:

    He is like Robert Baratheon + Mad king. He has Robert’s laziness and mad king’s psychopath. Combination of tragedy

  84. Zheping Wang says:

    Thanks to him and Thailand’s stupid censorship that makes China’s policy full of benevolence and humanity. If you insult a government officer online with evidence that he’s involved in corruption, that officer will be jailed. And if you insult Xi online, you May be warned first, then jailed for 15 days. But up to now, none of my friends has been jailed or what for that cause.

    Please, don’t point anything bad on China. Use your holy democracy to crown somewhere that’s truely needed

  85. lucky Tiger says:

    He is ugly

  86. Chat Time says:

    His younger sister is love by all. She deserves it not him.

  87. MegaDreamer1991 says:

    Ewww. Probably an idiots

  88. Ainsley Ross says:

    I guess Thailand itself is a TRAP.

  89. Charli Di says:

    Thailand just banned pesticides which is brought FROM THE UNITED STATES. And then I see this shit about the king which is nobody's business but the Thais. 🙄😄

  90. M. A says:

    Monarchies are hilarious.

  91. Chariot says:

    This man is just rotten holy damn

  92. Luminous Space says:

    it must be nice become a royal, you can own and throw anyone to jail anytime you want

  93. KUUIPO GRACE says:

    Sounds like a complete dirt-bag
    Edit: are we all on the hitlist, or should I expect a summons in the mail?

  94. Ganga Rai says:

    He is the perfect definition of SPOILED KING.

  95. Abhishek shrivastav says:

    Does Thailand people know their origin

  96. J C says:

    Where is Nuclear Nadal!?

  97. Lazy Editing says:

    This reality looks like stupid movie

  98. Casie Bluez3 says:

    As someone who is Thai I can’t say any-

  99. anutta anutta says:

    300 years ago The prince had an affair with the king's concubine Therefore was beaten to deathhttps://youtu.be/pr2Z_SqL-kA
    His bones were stored at Chaiwatthanaram temple. Ayutthaya, Thailandhttps://youtu.be/j2T_-iA5P0s

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