Everything you Need to Know about French Bulldogs! Behaviours, Characteristics and more!

The French Bulldog – what is there not to
like?! Their gorgeous bat shaped ears and their loving
and loyal personalities are perfect for any family. They’re particularly popular with city dwellers
because of their small size (usually under 28 pounds), the fact that they don’t shed
very much – they have got a very short coat which comes in a variety of different colours,
and the fact that they don’t bark and don’t need a lot of exercise. If there’s one thing for certain the French
Bulldog will always make you laugh – he’s full of personality. But he can be quite stubborn and sometimes
he is a difficult breed to train. Because the French Bulldog was bred as a companion,
he will be particularly attached to his family, so he is not the best breed for someone that’s
going to be out of the house for long periods during the day. Also because of this, he can;t be left outdoors. He needs to be indoors with his family. Now as far as exercise is concerned you only
need to give your French Bulldog around 20 minutes walk a day. This is another reason why they are perfect
for city dwellers. You need to make sure that these are in the
cool evenings or the cool mornings, because they can’t regulate their body heat very well
so they are very susceptible to getting heat stroke. Although the Frenchie loves any humans that
they meet and they are a very loyal companion for humans, they are not the best dogs with
other animals. They can be quite aggressive to other dogs,
so this is something that you need to think about if you have got any other dogs in the
household, and they can be similar with cats and small children. The French Bulldog is known for his quiet
attentiveness. He’s likely to follow you from room to room,
and he will not bark very regularly. Playtime for Frenchies can be quite destructive,
they’re likely to rip apart their toys, so it’s important to remember to only give them
toys that they’re not going to be able to choke on. As far as the French Bulldog’s health is concerned,
the main thing you need to be thinking about it any breathing difficulties. other common health problems with the French
Bulldog are spinal malformations, eye problems such as cataracts, and sometimes intestinal
problems. As far as grooming is concerned – the French
Bulldog is a very very easy one. They have a very short coat – this just needs
a weekly brush outside just to get rid of any dead hairs, they’ll tend to malt two times
a year to shed their undercoat, but this doesn’t last for very long with them either because
their hair is so short. The main thing that you need to think about
is actually sorting out their wrinkles in their face, so you need to make sure that
there’s no build up of bacteria inside the wrinkles. So to do this I would recommend probably just
using baby wipes and making sure that you’re getting inside any of the wrinkle folds. You may remember from last weeks video that
we had a special competition on, and we’d like to announce that the winner of this weeks
competition is Gravity Shock, so we’re going to be getting your lizard toy sent out to
you as soon as you send through your address to [email protected] But fear not – we have another competition
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dog. So if you’d like to win these Chuck It balls
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you again next week! Bye!

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  1. Gravity Shock says:


  2. Gravity Shock says:

    I mean hi

  3. Hulk - Jack Russell says:

    all Iknow about French Bulldogs is that they are a lot of fun to play with!

  4. Carl Christian V2 says:

    Remember to clean your dogs ears

  5. Emma Wright says:

    ayyyyy I have a franchie!!

  6. Emma Wright says:

    okay, my frenchie sheds loads, barks and requires loads of exercise and is hard to train (he would rather misbehave and play with other dogs than have treats but recently we have discovered fish skin bites, they are smelly but he loves them!) he has a great personality and loves my family and I. He is very needy and destroys toys in hours, he also chews cardboard parcels that get delivered to the house. My frenchie has had eye problems but his face isn't to badly bunched up so doesn't struggle breathing although we clean the regularly anyway. when you shower him, it's important not to get water in your dogs ears, if you want to clean their ears then there are other ways of doing that. I love him to pieces and I know he would be delighted to receive some new balls x

  7. Crystal Sturdevant says:

    ok i have a beautiful beagle and my dAd js having trouble with traning her because she is a red nose beagle and she is hard to train her and it is hard

  8. Jackie Noone says:

    My pitbull staffy/beagle mix is getting better around other dogs as i bring him to petco to get some socialization in and he seems to get calmer every time we go,, just a free tip that is helping my dog relax around other dogs while being supervised on a leash ; )

  9. Makeup and Me ! says:

    My family is planning on getting one. Plz any tips?

  10. Makeup and Me ! says:

    We will also be gone 5 days a week for about 5 hours

  11. Mike Murphy says:

    it looks horrific

  12. Who the Cap fits says:

    Your dog is ugly af

  13. jollyscarecrow says:

    Not good with other pets or small children? Are you high? I would consider the frenchie one of the best in this case!
    NEVER have i come across a frenchie that hasn't been great with all.

  14. Jules D says:

    I didnt even realize there was a frenchie next to you

  15. Amanda Hall says:

    Frenchies she'd like crazy.

  16. Meme City says:

    1:15 is a FALSE STATEMENT I have a frenchie and she loves EVERY person she meets INCLUDING Baby’s

  17. Victor Martinez says:

    How many French bulldogs have you owned yourself?

  18. VASSH says:

    Anyone here because their dog won’t stop crying when in their cage at night?

  19. bigmudbish m says:

    My frenchie ears are dry.. Poor boo boo i need to know what to do for my wizard

  20. Brielle C says:

    Mussog there chest or armpit if they don't like that mussog there hed.

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