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Hi, this is Deirdre Layne from Earth Clinic here today with my dearest friends, Tuxy and Emmy who have agreed to appear in a few of our videos just as long as there are some good cookies at the end of the video! There are a number of reasons why a dog might lick or chew his or her paws. Sometimes a dog may lick his paws if he has a yeast infection or other type of fungal or bacterial skin issue. Arthritis or another painful condition could cause a dog to lick his paws, right? Dogs that are lonely, bored or stressed will chew and lick their paws. We’d like to suggest another reason why dogs might be licking their paws. Many dogs may be busy cleaning their paws from all sorts of unpleasant things they picked up from their most recent walk. After a typical walk, your dog may be removing pollen, dust pesticides and grass, motor oil or gasoline leftover in puddles. All that in addition to your run-of-the-mill dirt! You don’t want your dog ingesting all these things Yikes! Doing a simple ritual after their walks may very well end the issue of your dog licking his or her paws. Additionally, it might greatly improve their health as allergens and contaminants have now been eliminated from their “daily diet”. First, fill a pot or a bowl with warm water. Add a few drops of a mild dog shampoo. Gently wash each paw thoroughly. Towel off. My dear friend Emmy here is losing strength in her back legs so I am very careful to support her when I go to the back side. As you can see, I am wedging her against me so she won’t lose her balance. Give a good scratch and massage at the end! And smooches (kisses) of course! We hope you enjoyed this video! If so, please subscribe and don’t forget to give us a big “Paws Up”. Oh! I mean “Thumbs Up”.

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13 Responses

  1. MR G-MAN says:

    Very nice, you are a sweet mom ! …. (-:

  2. kjbrocky says:

    Another cause is toxic lawn chemicals

  3. Happy Trails says:

    Thanks so much for posting. Love EC!

  4. Michael Johnson says:

    How sweet. Good info. Thank you!

  5. Sam says:

    Her paw, is about as big as your hand!

  6. Vegan Vocalist says:

    Ha ha ha ha ;D))) that was soO funny when you mentioned cookies to your friend , they suddenly did a double take like "Did you just say COOOOOKIES " ? that really gave me the giggles . Thank you for the tip although I personally never use dog shampoo on my friend as someone I know lost their canine family member after bathing them in dog shampoo and they ingested some , they died in their arms, it was so tragic and sadly heartbreaking and they must have been in so much pain .
    Apparently many dog shampoo's have an ingredient in that they use in rat poisen . The gentleman involved did much research after and investigated and after he shared this vital information , I have never used dog shampoo since . I use a few drops of Citricidal ( Grapefruit seed extract ) in warm water to bath her down with a flannel . I did my own research to make sure it was safe to use on my canine friend first : ) thank you for your wonderful site. Someone put up a poster with your details on in Cornwall, UK, so I thought I would check it out as it looked interesting , hugs for your two cuddlesome lovelies ;D <3

  7. Omar R says:

    This is reminding me a lot of poppy.

  8. Jonathan Young says:

    i'd just put her in boots to save time. or move.

  9. Rob Lovegreen says:

    Now if I could just find a woman who treats me as good as she does her dogs. I want a good scratch, massage and kisses.

  10. Tim Green says:

    Excessive paw licking is an ALLERGIC REACTION.

  11. cedartouch says:

    My impression is that the excessive paw licking is a sign of boredom. Dogs need to get out and run around, explore, have something interesting going on. They deserve consideration.

  12. Luv-Truth says:

    Great video….Her voice is so calming.🙄

  13. Lucy Fur says:

    I use baby wipes to clean my little girls paws 🐶

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