Extra Strong Leather Dog Collar for Large and Medium Breeds – Quick Review

Hi, guys! Welcome back! It’s Fordogtrainers.com And today let’s check this training dog collar for large and medium breeds. This collar is considered to be one of the most reliable ones as it is made of 2 ply genuine leather This leather is soft yet extremely durable without being rigid This allows you to use this collar for many different activities with your dog, like attack, agitation, protection, obedience training and for safe regular walking as well This training dog collar has the most comfortable width Therefore, your dog is provided with comfort and confidence During agitation training it is extremely important for the collar’s D-ring to be properly fixed If secured unreliably, it can fall out because of pulling force Here you can see that the D-ring is placed between 2 layers of leather and fixed with rivets for you to feel total confidence when conducting training sessions Both the D-ring and the buckle are made of brass It won’t get deformed under the big pressure and looks really rich Sometimes, the dog’s fur can tangle into the buckle This can cause fur damaging and irritation This fur protection plate solves this problem in the best way Well, a lot of our customers have already value this great dog gear It is both, comfortable for a pet and long-servicing for you! It was Fordogtrainers.com stay with us See you in the next reviews!

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