“F-litter” biosecurity beagle puppies

So this is one of our puppies from our latest litter. They were born five weeks ago. Mum is Aria and dad is Watchman. You would have seen both of them on Dog Squad and Border Patrol. So in a couple weeks they’re gonna be named and we’re asking the general public through Facebook to name one of the girls and one of the boys and it needs to start with the letter “F”. The reason that we’re using the litter “F” is that we go alphabetically for our litters. This is our second time through the alphabet and this litter means quite a lot to us because it’s our 20-year anniversary so these guys
are the first litter born in our 20 year anniversary. So these guys are trained to look for fruit, meat, plant material and exotic animals – so risk agricultural and horticultural items. So the breeding programme started 20 years ago and we used a lone beagle from a breeder down in Hastings. Since then we’ve bred approximately 35 to 36 litters of beagle puppies over the years. The majority of those puppies have gone through to be working dogs and have done a fantastic job for us at the border

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