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hi everybody and welcome back to
relax my dog now today’s video is all about beagles as you all knowbeagles are such a popular dog breed and so we’re going to talk about a few facts about
them so let’s get started before them again don’t forget to let me know down
below in the comment any fact you know or if you’d like to go as a
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them down below in the comments I will be sure to add them to our list so the
first fact is all about where beagles came from now their exact origin is
actually unknown they are very very old dog breed
however they are known it to be about drawing sort of a Roman times so
obviously a very very long time ago now the second fact is that vehicles were
actually extremely small they’re sort of early beagles as you sort of call them
were about on average eight to nine inches long so they were extremely tiny
even small enough to fit into a pocket obviously nowadays they are on watch
bigger dogs sort of a medium small to medium sized dogs what I imagine that 8
to 9 inches long for a dog and it wasn’t until much much later that these dogs
were bred to be bigger so they could become hunting dogs now if you have a beagle and you want to check if they are a pre-op Reid you can actually do this
pretty easily it is known that a pure breed beagle is
know to have little white hairs on the end of their tail it might be quite a
lot of their tail it might only be a few little tiny hairs on the end but if they
do have white hairs at the end of their tail they all know it to be a pure breed
but a beagle without any white on their tail whatsoever I know to be probably a
mix with another breed now be good to know it to be extremely loud and vocal
dogs and vehicle actually means loud mouth in France which is pretty cool now
beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds ever in the u.s. in 2014 as well
they were absolutely nominated as the fourth most popular dog breed in America
they also extremely popular dogs here in the UK although I don’t really know the
statistics but I know that whenever I gonna walk I’m guaranteed it to see you
beagle now do you guys know what who’d if most famous a beagle is I’m gonna
give you a clue they aren’t a real dog they’re a cartoon let me know down below
in the comments do you know the this question no so the actual most
famous beagle is Snoopy obviously it’s new Pierre’s the most popular and most
famous vehicle out there I didn’t actually know if it’s new what it’d be
you gonna come being honest but that’s quite a cool and interesting fact as
well now queen elizabeth ii is known it to be an extreme Corgi fan however when
she was a lot younger she absolutely lost beagles and she would have sort of
the early vehicles or the military beagles back in them days as well and
then our very last fact is that beagles have actually been in at the White House
now President Lyndon Johnson actually had it to be gel’s he called one of them
him and one of them home so obviously it’s quite easy to remember
their names and that is a it’s for this week’s studio thank you all so so much
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you would like to learn more and more about your dog thank you all so so much
for watching and we’ll see you all next time, bye!

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