Facts About Shiba Inu’s!

hi everybody and welcome back to RelaxMyDog now today I’m gonna be doing another one of our facts about videos which you
all know I absolutely love and this week we’re going to be doing our facts about
Shiba Inu, I think that’s how you pronounce it I’m not really too sure I did actually google it so I
think I’m saying it right but you’ll have to let me know down below in the
comments I have 8 different facts in total and some of them are pretty
interesting so let’s get started before we do begin it with our facts oh
definitely do let me know down below in the comments anything you know about
this a dog breed and I’m definitely intrigued and to what you guys already
know at home before I even show in my facts with you all, now the first fact is
this dog is actually a Japanese and dog and their name probably it translates to
brush wood dog as it is a Japanese dog now the second fact is they’re actually
initially bred at to health hunt they were actually there to be versatile
hunters to go after balls birds and affairs they also have very very dense
undercoat which means they can also withstand extremely cold temperatures as
well now fátima threes that they have been around for years and years and
years they actually believed in Japanese history it’s believed that they were
bred before the 19th century so they are such an older breed now fatter before is
that Japan absolutely lost them they are the number one a companion dog in at
that country now fat so number five is that they actually nearly went extinct
just after World War two Japan’s focus wasn’t obviously all of dog breeding so
the Shiva green actually suffered from this quite a lot to the point that the
almost became extinct now a factor number six is that they actually went
into America in 1954 so that it’s actually pretty recent if you really
think about it and the fact that they’ve never been in that country until fairly
recently now fat number 7 is quite a cute one and
that is they actually show behaviors are very similar to those of humans when
they get upset they are quite a stubborn dog and and they might even cry or
they’re very very human-like in their emotions which again I think is quite
cool and their fact number 8 the very extremely extremely loyal breed but I
see it for this week’s video thank you all so so much watching don’t forget
to give this a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it don’t forget to comment down
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and me and Milo we’ll see you next week for next week’s video, bye!

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3 Responses

  1. Bianka’s World says:

    First I clicked right away;)

  2. Bianka’s World says:

    Pls do more of these

  3. Sarah ELC Le Chat says:

    A former roomie of mine had one. He was a great dog but always looking to make a run for it and go exploring on his own. He also climbed up into the windowsill to sit and got a lot of attention from passersby. The fur blowing in the spring is no joke. You have to brush brush brush to help get rid of that excess fur or else you will find puffs of hair everywhere.

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