Fade-Away Poodle Kuretake Gansai Tambi Illustration

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative!
Today’s artwork is a bit of an experiment. When I was sharing the negative space Dalmatian
in the gold circle that I did recently, someone commented that it reminded them of the Coles
Phillips “Fadeaway Girls” paintings. I wasn’t familiar with those paintings, so I looked
them up, and they’re so cool! They’re paintings of women doing various things, but some major
element (usually their clothing) is exactly the same colour as a background element, so
they’re “fading away” so to speak. I wanted to try that with a poodle in a typical show
cut, and this is my first attempt. I started out using a white wax based pencil to fill
in the parts of the dog that I want to remain white, kind of like masking fluid but I don’t
need to remove it. I’m using just one violet colour from my Kuretake
Gansai Tambi 36 palette. The original goal was to have everything that wasn’t left white
be one flat shade of purple, but I made the mistake of painting directly out of the pan
and not putting the paint onto a palette, and because of that I wasn’t getting a consistent
wash every time I dipped my paint brush. Sometimes I was getting the wash, sometimes I was touching
down onto the softened cake of paint in the pan, and of course over time the wash in the
pan will settle and separate, so I was constantly stirring it up. In the future I would definitely
move some of the paint to a palette first. But anyway, because of that mistake, I ended
up throwing in the towel and making the hairy parts of the poodle darker. It’s still all
the same one violet paint, though! Have any of you ever heard of the Fadeaway
Girls before this? Leave a comment down below, let’s talk about it. I’m honestly surprised
I hadn’t heard of them before, because I do love negative space techniques, and it really
seems like something the professor of the one post secondary art class I took would
have known about. But then again, it was a charcoal and conte only class, no using colour
for colour’s sake, so maybe she didn’t want to encourage that. That was the one thing
I didn’t like about that class, not being allowed to use colour.
I have another art collaboration just finishing up, so depending on when my collab partner
and I can get our videos edited and uploading, you’ll probably be seeing a bonus video this
week. I’m really excited to share it with everyone here. We kind of did an “opposites”
type theme drawing the same animal. I don’t want to be more specific than that before
you see it, though, so you’ll just have to wait for the video to go live!
As I was painting this, I noticed that the white pencil hadn’t completely covered every
little bit of the paper where I wanted it to. The grain of the paper didn’t accept it
completely, and since I was colouring white on white, it was hard to tell. The purple
started grabbing onto those tiny little gaps between the wax pigment, and I considered
leaving it that way, but in the end I did decide to correct the whites. I watered down
a little bit of Copic White, which I believe is meant to be similar to a gouache. Painting
with the Copic White took a lot longer than I expected it to because it kept separating
from the water in my mixing palette and getting too tacky. I’m really glad I decided not to
use that straight out of the jar! I easily could have ruined the whole thing. The jar
of paint, I mean, not the painting. I’m curious to know if you guys like what
I’ve done with this. Do you like the way it was looking earlier on better, or do you like
the darker hairy bits? If I did a series of paintings in this style, would you want to
see them all here? What other animals do you think would look really good done this way?
Let’s get a conversation going down in the comment section below.
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I’m doing the January monthly theme challenge at ACDA. The next YouTube Artists Collective
upload date is January 18th and 19th and the theme is “vintage.” I’m really looking forward
to doing that as well. I really should get my butt in gear and do that piece soon. I’ve
still got some project footage to use from my Operation Olive Branch gifting back in
December, so expect more butterflies! My partner really loves butterflies. I’m also going to
be working on some Copic pieces as I prepare to enter the 2nd annual Copic Award contest.
(Yeah, that’s a thing!) So yeah, lots of exciting stuff in the works!
And speaking of exciting things in the works, as promised in my recent videos, I am going
to start doing face cam intros and outros. I’ve decided to make that a subscriber goal,
so my official face reveal will take place in the first video I edit after reaching 250
subscribers. We’re past 220 as I script this, so I’m getting hopeful that we might be able
to get to 250 before my birthday! That’s February 2nd. Yes, Groundhog day. No, I don’t like
that movie. I won’t hold it against you if you like it, though!
Anyway, continuing with my unintentional theme recently, I’m running out of things to say
before the video is done. I’ll let the music take it from here, and I’ll see you
in the end card. You made it to the end of the video! Don’t forget to hit like and leave a comment, and
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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you later. Bye guys!

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  1. Abigail Kelly says:

    I really like this. I think I like it better with the darker purple, but both are really pretty. I think if you were to do a series a giraffe or a lion would look cool, especially with an orange brown background.

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