Fairy Tales of Cat/Neko Girls | Nekopara(2020) Funny/Cute Moments

Like any other day, the
lumberjack was hard at work. The axe fell into the fountain. Is the axe you dropped
this golden axe or this silver axe? Both. I see, so it’s neither– what? If you’re lying,
you’re going to be in trouble… Cut the nonsense and just hand them over. If you don’t, I’ll drain this whole fountain. “Vanilla ♡ Chocola Diray”
I’m not going to make you give them for free. Oh, pistil to pistil…
This is a whole new world… I… I… I’m getting very moist! Thank you for this wonderful experience. You may take both the gold and silver axes. Score.

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  1. 이카 says:

    제목 흔한 시리즈.. 오르골엔딩.. 역시 그분인가!

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