Fall Out Boy – “The Take Over, The Breaks Over” (Official Music Video)

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  1. Restcb says:

    Guitar hero decades.

  2. Mark Garcia says:

    2019 anyone? Still one of the best.

  3. Carl louise Flores says:

    2019 guys?

  4. A Person says:

    So is that why Dan and Phil draw whiskers on themselves?

  5. Karolin Wälke says:

    ich hab nach 10 jahren erst kapiert dass das video schwarz-weiss ist weil hunde alles so sehen

  6. LisV :3 says:

    Ryan Ross & Chad Gilbert play the guitar solo

  7. Gosho Gaming says:

    can anyone tell me the name of the middle cat woman 1:49

  8. Georgia Prince says:

    Anyone here in 2019? Nope? Just me? Okay….

  9. michael jayson says:

    2019 yeah

  10. Артём Ященко says:


  11. Jade Trolland says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Andy looks really good in this video? Like I'm not attracted to him, but I can appreciate him in that shirt.

  12. Cyrene Ortiz says:


  13. A Person says:

    2:44 is the funniest part of the whole video.

  14. J-Dog West-Combo says:

    12 years on and still in love with those cat ladies

  15. lucy g says:


  16. RV XIII says:

    Seguirá vivo éste perrito? 🙁

  17. Adriana Kurtz says:


  18. Just a killjoy says:

    I'm starting to listen FOB and the first thing i see is a dog saying 'shut up Pete this is my dream'

  19. MusicMan 655 says:

    Ryan Ross from Panic! At The Disco (2:38) and Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory (2:25) killing it on the guitars 👌

  20. Christian Cb says:

    2019 Nostalgias 💀🚬🤘🇵🇪

  21. Nathan Nightfall says:

    Actually dogs can see yellow and blue.
    Too bad, FOB.


    This is if the guys from Big Bang Theory made a band.

  23. pippa jackson says:

    this was released on my birthday

  24. Sneaker Head says:

    August 2019?!??!

  25. CallMe Y says:

    missin the old days

  26. JossToGo says:

    2019. Anyone?

  27. Amber133 Xo says:

    GH on tour Decades,Ultimate Band And GH5 Brought me here

  28. septyan adi says:

    Merauke, 3 agustus 2019

  29. yxjgkxdwpqln says:

    2:26 stare into his eyes he looks a little creepy

  30. Allison Hargreeves says:

    Where’s that one person in the comment section with the lyrics, cuz we need them with Fall Out Boy songs

  31. Sirisak Khwanma says:

    Hi Wolff 0:11

  32. sachiko gm says:

    2019, i really missed that times

  33. Muhd Hisyam says:

    2019 anyone?

  34. milos i dimce milivojevic ristic says:

    That makes me cry!

  35. Videos with Doggos says:

    Doggo! 0:02

  36. Patricia Diana Larasati says:

    Just tell me I'm not the only one cried when "We do it in the dark with smiles on our faces". I don't know why that lyrics feels so beautiful to me

  37. Rhiannon Taylor says:

    The guitar solo was actually performed by Ryan Ross apparently

  38. sid da science kid says:

    How come it took me like 10 years to notice how Andy was throwing punches at absolutely nothing at 2:36

  39. William Makeins says:


  40. LuiiGaiimer says:

    2019 ? 😍💁🏽‍♂️

  41. Alexis S. says:

    So this is what Bryce Dallas-Howard was doing before Jurassic World

  42. pudge says:

    Remember when fall out boy single handedly ended sell out culture

  43. Blake Fletcher says:

    I swear i spent all my teens singing "Wouldn't you rather be a weirdo…." i only realised it was widow ….. well, not that long ago

  44. Slippery Noodles says:


  45. Kaila Jenkins says:


  46. Al ex says:

    That UwU in the beginning tho

  47. Conor McManus says:

    3:03 any one else recognise this drum beat?

  48. Sᴜɴsʜɪɴᴇ Rɪᴘᴛɪᴅᴇ says:

    Shut up ,Pete
    T H I S I S M Y D R E A M

  49. Илья Березин says:


  50. Zedonia says:

    Pete looks like a baby with a baby face in this. he looked older in FUTCT lmao

  51. BandaAFK-hardcore says:

    ae escuta minha musica "vagabundo" é sobre da a bunda pra namorada kkkkk

  52. h Martin says:

    Patrick: hair can be a prison
    looks at joe

  53. oscar leonardo samaca arguello says:

    September 2019👍

  54. Cee Ramírez says:

    Recuerdos de Prepa en 3… 2… 👌😍

  55. Vagner ramos says:

    the sims …

  56. tiny tonic says:

    imagine listening to this with broken headphones

  57. Never Knows Best says:

    Am i the only one who never considered them emo? Just popular with emos

  58. cyberduckshark says:

    Pete smiling in this is the best

  59. Ptone Ttone says:

    one of the most rounded video and song combos of its time. just dead good. roll on hellamega 2020

  60. Another Yeemo Rat says:

    I turned on captions. There is nothing.

  61. Alessandro Bistacchi says:


  62. jhon dhoe says:

    so this is where antifa the violent blight on the earth started

  63. C slyJ says:

    Still singing in 2019

  64. Hardcore Productions says:

    It’s only occurring to me now that ‘Baby, seasons change but people don’t’ isn’t what they actually believe; they’re just reacting to their haters.

  65. Deserted Movies says:


  66. its_cole_ outside says:

    I always hear it as "we didn't even talk with smiles on our face" lol

  67. Pacific Coconut says:

    Who’s here in 2019?

  68. I Luv Catz says:

    there's something really cute and charming about patrick in this video but i can't put my finger on it

  69. ilikesum 41 says:

    The trusty fedora

  70. Frankhatesghouls says:

    That's alex wolf playing young Pete for anyone who didn't know
    Read that in Nickelodeon magazine back in '06

  71. theexistentialvoid says:

    memeia who?

  72. Brennen Hyde says:

    expensive misteaks

  73. Rodolfo Adrian Quinones says:

    When I was in College way back 2008, I thought the title of the song is "Secret Places" 😁 .
    Still listening
    October 2019.

  74. TheHardfluid says:

    oh yeah!

  75. Rienne says:

    Is that baby Alex Wolff?

  76. Brena Nichole says:

    my friend made me watch this… it’s interesting.

  77. Peep Wentz says:


  78. celina perez says:

    2019! Love this song

  79. B Luz says:

    Back when Pete was the hottest

  80. Kimberly Esther says:

    💜💜 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  81. Pablo Chavez says:

    10 years later I realized the video was shot in black and white because dogs see fewer colors than humans.

  82. Austin Mccully says:

    Early fall out boy is so underrated

  83. Santiago Hernández says:

    Nunca le había prestado atención a la letra por estar viendo todo el tiempo al Bulldog y a los demás perritos… Ok no estaba viendo a las pinches mujeres disfrazadas de gatas :'v

  84. Sayzon Collins says:

    Guitar Hero on Nintendo DS thank you for making me appreciate rock music and bringing me to Fall out boy and Paramore

  85. Lawreil9 says:

    How do you stop an argument? Just get a doggo to spit truth

  86. Inter GalacticBurnikTV says:

    The Bulldog on Video. How is he now?

  87. メダ瞬JUNSUINA says:

    mi banda favorita

  88. E Rus says:

    9 months and 11 months and I still cant find the name of the dancer in black and white as a cat. A man can dream.

  89. recipejinkins says:

    It's a bop

  90. Jolie Wallace says:

    I love this! AWESOME! I made the place I bought CD's get this!!!! Great album!

  91. Virtual Stoner says:

    1:00 Me during the exam

  92. beebo says:

    Hemingway is dead :((

  93. Klocc562 says:

    Patrick: Indie/hipster
    Pete: Emo McGee
    Andy: Metalhead
    Joe: Bob Ross

  94. Klocc562 says:

    I was 10 years old 12 years ago and this along with Thnx Fr Th Mmrs were the songs that made me truly love music. First cd I eve bought.

  95. Klocc562 says:

    Kinda wish this had around the same views as Thnx Fr Th Mmrs… don’t see how not, equally loved these songs as a kid

  96. Itz_ stillmehcookiez says:


  97. Christopher Hetzel says:

    I thought the lyrics to this song were "would you rather be a weirdo, or a diva…" LOL

  98. Huiiico Rodriguez says:

    Que chingona canción!😢

  99. Low-key Emo says:

    I will take their tomatoes and shove it up their asses. They can have fun pulling out tomato peel out their asshole. How dare they hit my beautiful boys.

    I've may have gotten to attached to this band. 😳✋

  100. Samuel Suarez says:


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