Family Uses Their German Shepherd Protection Dog, Aspen, in Training

After the purchase, they didn’t quit their
effort in the sale. The follow-up, you know, they care about their dogs. They care about
you owning their protection dog. We did a follow-up. They came back for two more days. Two more
intensive days of training, above what we did the first time. It’s a great experience,
it’s exceeded everything I could ever imagine. I have had many correspondences with other
companies, I went on websites–web pages–you know, many conversations with other people
about what I was looking for. And Khaled was the first one who actually called me back.
It impressed me—he was actually the one in the videos on the website that I watched.
So that put me at ease—knowing that the guy that I was talking to on the other end
of the line actually knew what he was talking about. Upon Aspen walking into the front door,
you know my anxiety level was pretty high because I didn’t know what to expect. But
from the moment he walked through the door he was wagging his tail. My kids ran straight
up to him and pet him. He leaned on them, he rolled over on them like this, and immediately
they made that bond with him. I have a smaller dog, he paid no attention
to her. They get along perfectly to this day. I bring him to work, he walks through the
office. He’s a big teddy bear–until you need him.

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