“Fantastic Pets and Where to Adopt Them” Animal Shelter Event

We are at the Fairfax
County Animal Shelter getting ready for the
Fantastic Pets and Where to Adopt them adoption event,
which is a Harry Potter Wizarding World event. We
have really transformed the animal shelter in to
Hogwarts or Pawgwarts as we have been calling it. In
addition, adopters will get 25 to 100 percent off their
adoption fees for all pets. Adopters will pick their
adoption fee by either catching a snitch or
opening a howler which will then reveal their adoption
discount. One of the volunteers had the idea, he
just came up with it and we ran with it and the
volunteers really took the lead on this one. they were
amazing. They made all of this. If anyone is
interested in volunteering with us, that includes
things like walking dogs or playing with cats, or
putting your crafting skills to good use, they
should email the shelter, it is
[email protected] .Gov. I think the shelter
does a really good job of bringing people in and
welcoming adopters all year round, but these events
make it kind of extra special. Maybe they are a
Harry Potter fan and they did not realize we have so
many awesome cats like little Luna here … You are
so good … So after this Harry potter event we are
going to have our annual Black Furday event, the day
after Thanksgiving, we will be open and all pets will
be entirely fee-waved thanks to the Friends of
the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. This is their
sponsored event. They have a lot of fun with it and so
do we and lots of animals get adopted.

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