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  1. Brian Barczyk says:

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  2. Blink TWICE Love ONCE says:

    Poor lucy worked hard but she got tired 😫


    Hey Brian I am looking to get a snake and idk what kind to get but I do know that I want a albino snake, sunbeam snake, or a bermese python , or a holographic snake where can u find them at ??

  4. chase owens says:

    For everyone talking shit about how "that turkey is not a good meal for the snake blah blah blah" y'all are fucking dumb these snakes are capable of eating much much much larger prey the only reason Lucy couldn't consume it is probably because she has never consumed anything that large before so she doesn't ecactly know to, this snake is usually fed fairly smaller animals and nothing as big as this turkey meaning since she has never ate anything in decent size she doesn't know how to which caused her to struggle get stressed and eventually give up..there are snakes smaller than this that eat prey larger than this turkey with absolute ease because they are used to doing it..he didn't do anything wrong in this video matter of fact the ONLY thing you could criticize iz the encloser is too small

    Btw these snakes can eat things as large as deer so this turkey aint shit dumb fucks

  5. spy ninja nature team says:

    I love snake i want a ball snake

  6. K Mont says:

    i feel bad for u because you stayed up for 15 hours and she backed out

  7. Christopher Mackinnon says:

    elvis is gorg x

  8. hearts loving says:

    Why are you keep changing your shirt

  9. hearts loving says:

    Did you bathe

  10. Peppa Pig says:


  11. Paula Phaup says:

    Do you think you could keep a komodo dragon

  12. Football Realist says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. Man will the world come to a end. What ever happened to keep your distance! A this a hole is ever a meal from one of these dangerous reptiles he will not be missed by me take the rape music out of this video and go heavy metal. Thanksliving so crazy you got that right stressed out more like dead out.

  13. Rebeccssue Bessette says:

    You.always have amazing animals to.share and lesson about them

  14. CoolVortex says:

    Who else came here because Brian showed up on Vat19 a couple times?

  15. Lagmann says:

    Can we agree snakes are the second best pet

  16. sally and sammy plays roblox says:

    So what did u feed her??

  17. Haley Jeanne says:

    This pissed me off

  18. ShadowReaper2006 says:

    That snake eats as slowly as me.

  19. Shane's Blandina says:

    Wow that snake eat all the turkey that sound good i did not know that snake can eat the big turkey dang that kind crazy…. Lol πŸ˜†

  20. versatile movies says:

    I have black trntola I want to seal

  21. Summer Adkins says:

    the enclotures are great wat a beautiful place for them

  22. Wilbur1974 says:

    Yay salmonella flor

  23. Mybigsnake says:


  24. Real Tjr so smooth says:

    You have such an innocent soul

  25. Nick Dolphin says:

    This is gonna sounds awful but if you broke and cracked the bone of the turkey she might be able to eat it or cut the turkey right down the middle

  26. Eric Rosales says:

    15 lb turkey

  27. Singh Abhay says:

    This is amazing excellent

  28. neptune k says:

    first time checking out this channel, seems different than the others…

  29. Bonnie Banks says:

    Tazi or Tazy my is named Taz

  30. Roving Punster says:

    For those who worry a 25lb bird might be too big, check out this epic vid of a python swallowing a whole doe (deer).


  31. Ron Swanson says:

    6:04 yo this man face planted into the ground trying to get sum food πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  32. Neos Son says:

    What happened to snake bites?

  33. fortnitex145 says:

    6:04 everyone going home when school is over

  34. John Phillips says:

    1 o’clock Brian do you get enough sleep πŸ›

  35. Lapis The Bottle Blue Tarantula says:

    That poor snake, its moute is full of bubbles, signs of respitory infection and mouth rot.

  36. Cramptyheadsman Z says:

    Taz is so gentle

  37. WaVy Cali_bizz559 says:

    Brian:Elvis is a pretty quick eater
    Me: just like my ex

  38. Lungcham Rimai says:

    If this happened in Asia, disrespectful western will be criticising so much about the video. M not racist….

  39. Morgan Jolie says:

    Why would you ever feed your snake something that large?!? Your awful just for click bate!!!

  40. ClosetNerd 330 says:

    Either pluck the Turkey or remove the wings 😳

  41. Jazmine Robertson says:

    I think she was having a hard time breathing if u watch her closely u can see she is breathing heavy after she try to get more in her pls if she isn't use to the size width of the animal being feed she won't be able to handle it

  42. rogue woolf says:

    " this is horrible Lucy what happened girl." Well how do you think the snake feels you jack off

  43. Creepy Pasta Girl Rockz 101 says:

    How can snakes fit a whole Animal in there much like OMG…HOW DONT THEY CHOKE ON THERE FOOD EVEN THE LIZARDS DAMMMM 😯

  44. The peacock channel says:

    Your giving that snake way to big of food that could cause her to rip her skin on the sides of her mouth

  45. Marguerite Brassard says:

    C'est quoi ce truc de tuer un si gros oiseau pour que le serpent n'en mange mΓͺme pas la moitiΓ© c'est vraiment pas correcte

  46. T. Betancourt says:

    This was horrible to watch, never feed your snake something so fucking big you moron. A rabbit is easier to compress for a snake since their bone structure is different. You just put this snake thru something so unnecessary, feed the fucking snake something reasonable.

  47. Beegfood says:

    Bro how stupid are you ??? That is wayyy to thicc

  48. Parker Slaugh says:

    Aaaw that’s snake has bad nose rubbing and tiny enclosure I guess that’s why she died

  49. Parker Slaugh says:

    Clearly way to big of a meal like if u cut it up it would’ve been okay prolly

  50. Parker Slaugh says:

    And I loved ur Chanel but I’m hearing and seeing some bad things unfortunately

  51. Kelson McNamee says:

    I love snakes but that’s terrifying

  52. Shrilling Chicken says:

    Funny dragon dizzy lozard XD CUTE 😍πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ¦ŽπŸ’–❀️

  53. Ken Amaro says:

    Lost me at 1:58 ….

  54. oof_im_weird x says:

    Every one giving hate when if the snake didnt want to eat the turkey she didn't have too

  55. tsipadidau tsipadidau says:

    Diy vr video

  56. SansΓ³n Krylow says:

    I always am so nervous when I feed my boas because they get soooooo agressive πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ€£πŸ€£

  57. sandy portillo says:

    Taz is such a gentle boiπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

  58. Jai Marie says:

    I want a kimoto dragon so bad

  59. Traci Smith says:

    Maybe this dumbass should not be allowed to own animals if he cannot even feed them properly.

  60. HanksterπŸ˜‘ says:

    New subbie. Love your channel…been binging them all day. Theyre sooo beautiful ❀
    I didnt like giving the 🐍 the πŸ¦ƒ. Too big for her, not necessary. Glad youre realizing you didn't make the right decision.

  61. Subham Dasgupta says:

    Why cant you stfu and focus on Lucy only. Let her do the explaining and take care of the video. Just handover the turkey and focus the camera and very importantly, don’t try to explain.

  62. Young Casti says:

    Mum: *comes home with McDonald's*
    Me: 0:01

  63. gizzard2025 says:

    I know this was long while ago but poor lucy defeated by that turkey i bet she really wanted to finish it but was like to big i give

  64. Calvin Joaquino says:

    I like Ur video

  65. Eleanor Shauntee says:

    maybe if it was cut up it would've been easier for her just a guess

  66. Mariah McCray says:

    What type is the first lizard fed? Can’t spell the name to save my life lol

  67. Minke Barendse says:

    The turkey is to big for her

  68. Bloody G.I.R says:

    Good thing I never subbed

  69. Mere says:

    Boarder line animal abuse. He obviously knew she was going to spit it up. The health of an animal isn’t something you should exploit for click bait.

  70. Taemeister says:

    I seen boa constrictors eat new-born goats before.

  71. NotToxic says:

    Argumus: Yay Food

  72. NotToxic says:

    Argumus: Yay Food

  73. NotToxic says:

    He put it slowly in his mouth just like me back then

  74. Loso Damainman says:

    I love ya vids man specially when u feed them, Elvis is like a hamster keeps eating till his pouch is full

  75. μ–‘ ν•œλ§ˆλ¦¬Hanna Yang says:

    please…..don't feed bigger than her. next time

  76. jerr8550 jerr8550 says:

    That turkey is way to big for that snake there a RULE that you can only feed a snake food as thick or smaller then the thickest part of their body her mouth looked like it was going to fall of it must of hurt so much to open her mouth that wide! I hate how you treat your snakes to your breeding pairs have literally NO space they have a egg/laying box and a water bowl they need enrichment twigs rocks etc
    She probably spat out that pig because it was WAY to big and broke the snake food size rule! As you can probably tell a hate this channel all together a lot of your bigger animals need a lot more space I prefer snake discovery their breeding cages are a perfect size they have plenty of enrichment and she plays with them a lot the snakes are super friendly I could keep rambling about how AMAZING snake discovery is but I will ramble about why I hate this channel instead also I don’t care how cool some of your morphs and just odd looking snakes are some of them probably have sad miserable lives because of their disability’s/morphs/genetics also they barley get a break between breeding you say you love animals yet you treat them so terribly ALSO when you feed your animals huge meals your just fishing for views it’s unessisary stress for the animals and when they don’t eat it you just COMPLAIN That they didn’t finish it I really hate it also you say you need ANOTHER big snake I don’t think you deserve any more snakes this channel is just TERRIBLE you have good morals for US but you treat your snakes terribly well I could probably ramble FOREVER ABOUT HOW MUCH I HATE THIS CHANNEL but I won’t because I am being NICE only rambling as much as I did thanks for reading my comment! Please reply to this comment if you want to disagree or agree also please like so he can see and learn how much I hate his channel thanks again for reading fellow snake enthusiast πŸ™‚

  77. Clayton Holsgrove says:

    Scary tha if tha snake could be bothered it could wrap round your neck and just kill u without breaking a sweat

  78. Haley Coveney-Stortini says:

    This is absolutely terrible!! You shouldn't purposely put a snake in a stressful situation such as this one for views and money. I'm very disappointed, to think I supported you channel…

  79. Lisha Alexander says:

    I actually ended up going into labor on thanksgiving and having my son the next day! It’s crazy to just now be watching this video!

  80. Wigga Mcwiggins says:

    I respect this man just cuz of his attitude

  81. NEW YORK says:

    That looks like a chicken to me πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  82. mediocre shadow Weaver central Firerocketpony says:

    I thought after feeding a snake you had to leave it alone for a few days. Wich is completely true. I give my SnEk time then I hold him

  83. Einstein II says:

    Kill all reptiles, I say we get a shit load of garlic and heat it up to the highest temperature and pour it directly on any and every reptiles eyeballs, blind them. Then pour it over there scales to see the melt away. 2020 C. phnumonia

  84. XxDisturbedEmoxX 182 says:

    That is way to big for that snake

  85. Vailwolf says:

    Feeding a snake a meal that is clearly too big for the snake is a very bad and negative experience for the snake. Not only do they go through the process of regurgitating the prey item but all that stomach acid comes up with it potentially damaging their insides. I dont feel its right to exploit living animals for views.

  86. ARKHAMANI 82 says:

    The snake eats the chicken alive and he just stands there and laughs
    What a freak

  87. Ed Eddy says:

    3.22 so cute

  88. Luna Light says:


  89. She Flys says:

    ugh, Brian, I love you, but this is cringe..

  90. Paul Brown says:

    Stupid American twat

  91. Butters says:

    I be worried about seminala. But that might be a human disease

  92. Tevyn Falcon says:

    I think it was just a little too big. But im sure she will love it lmao

  93. Poro Sandwitch says:

    Subscribe for more TurkeyπŸ˜ŠπŸ€£β€οΈπŸ’•

  94. MrBeast6000 says:

    Find the difference:

  95. Dan Greenzweig says:

    Should of just crushed the breast bone.. chickens and turkeys… I crush the breast bone for my retic. Goes down like butter.

  96. S Yao says:

    OMG that scared me

  97. Freddie Beltran says:

    I subscribed

  98. DB - 07SN - Morning Star MS (1114) says:

    That snake is kevin durant

  99. TheyCallMe H says:

    Anacondas can grow up to about 11 or 10 meters long

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