Feed the Bulldog

[Reporter] An end of the year cook off competition.
The first ever “Feed the Bulldog” grill-off between the Bluffton Township Fire District
and the Bluffton Police Department took place today at H. E. McCracken Middle School. [Joe
Babkiewicz] Great opportunity for us to interact with the students in the school and just for
them to see us in a different limelight serving them food and just having a good time and
wishing them a happy and safe summer. [Reporter] The students will vote for the
department that cooked the best food and the winning team will have its name engraved on
a plaque that will be displayed in the school. The Feed the Bulldogs competition is a way
for students to feel connected to the community. The event is part of the schools end of the
year celebration rewarding students for having positive behaviors though out the year.
[Lindsey Skirtich] We’re having all of our kids out here today we’re just really excited
to connect our community back to our kids and thanks to our teachers for all their hard
work I’m just super thankful for all of them. [Reporter]
During the day kids had the chance to listen to music, get creative with sidewalk chalk,
play fun games and more. [Cason Moore] We have a tissue box and 10
ping pong balls and we had to shake it till all the balls come out and the winner in the
is the one with the least balls or no balls in their tissue box. [Alyssa Rose] So basically
the person on the other side of our team had to throw the balloon and we had to get it
in our bucket and whoever had the most in their bucket won that round ad it was really
fun because it taught us to communicate with each other and figure out where the balloon
was coming so we could move. [Reporter] The last day of school is Friday, May 31st.
At H.E. McCracken Middle School, Ron Lopes Beaufort County School District.

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