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– Playing fetch with
your dog is a lot of fun, but the challenge that some people have is their dog loves to
chase after the fetch toy, whether it’s a ball, or a
Frisbee, or anything like that, but they don’t love bringing it back. So today I’m gonna show you how you can use something just like
this as your secret weapon to get that motivated retrieve and have a dog who fetches
perfectly every single time. I’m Ken Steepe, and this is Rad, and welcome back to McCann Dogs. (guitar strums)
(dog barks) Now the real challenge that people have when they’re playing fetch with their dog is that when they throw that object out, whether it’s a toy, or
a ball, or whatever, it activates that dog’s chase drive, they use their prey
drive, which is naturally built into them, to go to get the object, but there’s not as much
value with bringing the object back, so
today, I’m gonna show you how to use this, it’s
a simple fabric Frisbee that cost me a couple of
bucks at the dollar store, to really increase that drive back to you. Now the great thing
about an interactive toy like this fabric Frisbee is
that it’s an engaging toy, it can really reinforce Rad for playing with me, and playing with the toy. So let’s exaggerate that a little bit, let’s exaggerate the fact
that when he’s not with me, this toy isn’t that much fun. So I’m just gonna toss the toy, and when Rad picks it
up, I’m gonna back away and encourage him to bring
it all the way to me, which is, he can be
rewarded by playing with me. So let’s just give that a try,
I’ll just toss it like that, okay get it, good. Once he goes to get it, I’ll back away, really encouraging him
to bring it into me, and then I’ll make it lots
of fun once he gets here. Good, and I’ll drop it again, and I’ll back away, I’ll
just move maybe a little further away from him, yes, good boy, and you can see, he brings it to me all the way, and I make it
really fun once he gets to me. So we’re gonna activate
Rad’s chase drive with us, we’re gonna really make
him focus on the idea that bringing the toy back to
us is the most exciting part of the fetch and retrieve activity. Okay, get it. So I need to use that motion. Good boy, bring it all the way in, yes, good boy, and I’ll just drop it, not be lots of fun. I won’t make any sort
of engagement with him, but I’ll just continue to move away, yes, good boy. You can see, he naturally
wants to bring it in to me when it’s not fun anymore. See if I just stand here, I’ll back away, yes, good boy, and tug, tug, tug. Really increasing the idea
that this game is only fun when he’s bringing it to me. Yes, good boy, tug, tug, tug, tug, tug. Good, and out. And if you need to work
on your out with your dog, I’ll post a link to a
video where we taught you guys how to, teach your
dog how to bring a ball right back to your hand. So that ending part of
your retrieve is really what we’re working on
here, Rad will certainly go out and get this toy,
but I really want to make the fun part him returning to me. So I’m gonna do it a
little bit more quickly this time to illustrate to you guys how I’m activating that
drive to bring that toy to me and make it really fun. Bringing it in, I’m gonna move over here, I’ll make it a game, trying to
get away from him. Good boy! Tug, tug, tug, tug,
tug, and I’ll just drop the Frisbee, and play
out, you see he really wants to bring it in to me. By using your motion away from your dog, and by making the most gratifying part the part where they get
to you and get to play, it’s a surefire way to
have a 100% solid retrieve and have a motivated
retrieve from your dog. Now if this is your
first time on the channel and you consider your dog
a member of the family, then make sure you hit
that subscribe button. We publish new videos every single week to help you spend some
quality time with your four legged family members. See that video beside us? That’s actually another retrieve video that you’ll probably enjoy
about teaching your dog to retrieve a ball directly to your hand. On that note, I’m Ken, this is Rad, happy training. (upbeat music)

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