– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV. Producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (dog barking) (electric guitar music) – Steve Inglegow from
Lake Arrowhead, California and I have a Pudelpointer. She’s a versatile champion. We’re with NAVHDA, North American Versatile
Hunting Dog Association. Had a lot of fun hunting the
last few years and competing in different trials and so forth. What I enjoyed most about hunting is obviously being in nature
and being with the dog. Seeing the dog actually work a field, work a pond. Oh I grew up hunting. Actually I was raised in Oregon and was around duck hunting my whole life. We did some upland stuff
but mainly duck hunting. And was around labs
and actually springers, spaniels as well growing up. And was quite involved
with ducks unlimited for some period of time too in Oregon. Was raised with a dog, so
I’d say as an adolescent in Coke Hill, Oregon, we
had our first dog there. And it was a lab, a mix. And so, always been around dogs. This is my first pointy dog. Actually, she’s 3 1/2 years old. I’ve her for 3 1/2 years. And she’s been a real excitement for me because I used to do a lot of hunting but mainly big game hunting, elk, deer, and antelope
and that kinda thing. And as I get older, I’m enjoying
bird hunting a lot more. It’s not as taxing on me physically. I got involved with some dog folks and I went to some contests
and some NAVHDA contests, and saw all kinds of dogs. Real common is the German short hair. And there’s some great field dogs. But I was most impressed
by the pudelpointer. For the natural ability, their
natural instinct and drive. (soft bright music) This is actually a new
breed to the United States. They came to Canada. A guy by the name of Bodo
brought this breed to Canada in the early, late 50’s. And came to the United
States in the mid 60’s. And so it’s kind of a brand new breed for the United States. The breed originated in Germany. And it was a mix between
a poodle and a pointer. And so the poodle, it was a water poodle. And a lot of features about the water part of the dog is really cool. And that’s why the versatile
dog is so important, it’s that they’re just
as good in the field as they are in the water. Well, they can handle extreme cold. And they love the water. They love retrieving ducks and geese. And it’s just a natural
thing for ’em, very natural. That’s the really big
thing with a pudelpointer, they’re very intelligent dog, and that’s what they claim came from the poodle side of things. They can retain a lot of information, and very eager to please
as far as being a handler. She wants to please me,
my dog wants to please me more than anything in the world. That’s the most important thing for her. And then you combine that
with what we call birdyness, the drive to find game is just
unparalleled in my opinion. That’s the beauty of this breed is that she’s as good in water
as she is in upland. She points and fetches and retrieves like, you know it’s just a natural for her. So in difference to other breeds that are specifically water dogs or field dogs, versatile is why this
is such a important dog in today’s dog world. The most exciting hunt, I would like to go to the Midwest and do some of the world
renowned pheasant hunting. I’ve done a lot of, I actually
belong to a local duck blind, and I have a duck blind
in a local spot here. So we do a lotta stuff
in the water already. And of course, chucker
hunting in eastern Oregon would be probably on the bucket list. I love the dog. And I love the dog being one with nature. In other words, to see the
dog work a field, to see that. The poultry that goes along
with the movement of the dog, and finding the bird and
then freezing on the bird. And as I get older,
taking time to wait for me till I get up to the bird,
and then we flush it, and hopefully shoot it. And I think that’s
probably the conservation part of hunting I think is very important. That we don’t abuse nature,
but on the other hand, work with nature. I see myself hunting till there’s no breath left in my lungs. This is something that I
have a real passion for. And the people that I’m around, the dogs I’m around and
the whole experience is, really gives value to my life.

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25 Responses

  1. Unit 12352 says:

    Nice job

  2. Dogumentary TV says:

    This is a reupload, with a critical correction.

  3. Young Coffey says:

    Still liked the vid even if I’ve already seen it

  4. Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made says:

    I always thumbs up the damn video before i even watch??✊??????? much love always from houston?

  5. Duke1800 says:

    Love this channel man. I'm a huge dog enthusiast, so your uploads always stimulate me. Keep doing your thing and thank you for the videos!

  6. DemonLizard says:

    I'd like to note that this is NOT a "DOODLE" mutt. this breed has been in existence since the 1880s and was bred for a very specific purpose. they have a breed standard and consistent look, temperament and ability unlike more recent "breeds" that are part poodle. thankyou.

  7. WutroePokPok says:

    Beautifull dog. Never heard about this breed. Thanks for spreading info.?

  8. Aditya Madridista says:

    Documentary love ur videos make one on saint Bernard please

  9. Nefelibata says:

    I imagine they love fetch:) can that be considered a job for them?
    Also are they allergy friendly?

  10. Alex Leo says:

    Is there possibility on doing a video on Valley Bulldogs?

  11. Nick Murray says:


  12. Livy Mac says:

    Please do another dogo argentino video!!

  13. Nick Semoudiaris says:

    Thanks for all the great work you do.??

  14. Dogumentary TV says:

    I do my best to make the best dog documentaries, please Subscribe to the channel!

  15. Daniel Provost says:

    Just picked up my 1st puddle pointer yesterday from tall timber poodle pointers I live here in coos Bay where can I hunt around here in Coquille

  16. Nasir Ahmed says:

    Kindly do one on the Standard Poodle

  17. Simar Yoos says:

    I do have two Pudelpointers, one long and one short hair. I do train them and I run both on National Shooting To Retrieve (NSTRA) Trails. The long hair just needs 1 point, 1 third place to be a Champion, and she did finish in 2nd place on the Canada regional elimination in 2015. I am very happy with this breed and I just run them on trails and hunt partridges in Ontario and Saskatchewan – Canada. You can see the dogs here on youtube, just searching my name.

  18. Shayra Valdez says:

    Can you please do a video about Poodles (mixes of Labrador or Golden) and about Dachshunds? They are good dogs for hunting and as companions.

  19. Rachel Medaugh says:

    this isn't a cross. Its a pure bred dog. they don't cross a poodle and a pointer to pop out pudlepointer pups. way back when when they established the bread they cross bred but thats true for a majority of breads. I hate when people think my pudlepointer is a "mutt". So maybe re-label the title of this… If you want to portray the correct information

  20. Niiles Punkari says:

    maybe make a video of poodle's next.

  21. Mr. Grumpy's Biggles says:

    my sister is a pudelpointer! Her name is Gertrude and she's awesome….my bulldog brother Wilson on the other hand…

  22. Mark McIntosh says:


  23. MrPezimmer says:

    Sorry, but using a training collar is poor and unnecessary. I'm an owner of a fantastic pudelpointer (all exams in Germany), everything is possible without pain.

  24. Chuckie G's Dodge Boy Mopar Garage. says:

    I knew bodo very well he lived a mile from my house in Quartz hill Ca. He moved to Oregon several years ago and he just recently passed away. Can I ask you what breeder you found your PP from because my male is getting up in age and I always had winterheld PP. But that's all gone now.

  25. Mateo Caietta says:

    I own a cane corso and pudelpointer and love them both

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