Fight Night Brasilia: Official Weigh-in

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100 Responses

  1. Spencer Steele says:

    26:19 Fail fist bump

  2. Mr.Mask Maker says:

    cyborg vs Mcgregor at 170

  3. frank shamrock says:

    cyborg would beat Connor..she's the best featherweight in the world

  4. thatguyjosh thattallguyy says:

    Barao had no confidence in his stair down, he looked so uncertain and doubtful of himself, im gonna have to call this fight an l for him, his career is a wrap unless he gets a dick enlargement or something to boost his confidence. It was so silly when the ufc was trying to hype him as a p4p great against tj i knew for a fact he greatly trailed the likes of his training partner aldo.

  5. Aloan Pikachu says:

    Omg she is a man

  6. Michael Quiroz says:

    The Octagon girl to the right thoooo ….

  7. Mannypacquia0 says:

    look at the way she sounds, in her fight against some japanese chick in strikeforce she tested positive for steroids, like of course no shit!!!! hopefully shes clean in this fight, its almost hard to believe that ths woman is clean, rooting for lansberg however its almost like shes fighting a fuckin man.

  8. VinnyLand says:

    Last call at the bar and its just Cyborg….smash or pass???

  9. antwuan anderville says:

    according to their promo criss weidman is fighting anderson silva in newyork

  10. Niel Jarred says:

    Brasilia Ring Card Girls >>>>

  11. High Altitude Level Fabricio says:

    Länsberg will finish her.

    Inside one.

  12. Dazed says:

    bigfoot is a +330 underdog?

  13. Xion Temoc says:

    somebody hold Florian down while I cut out his annoying, condescending ass eyebrows off LMAO

  14. SchoolsNSession says:

    wish they would take edwards off the desk..not good at all sorry

  15. HeWhoChills says:

    Every time I try to forward the video it says the live event has ended.

  16. killa khalid says:

    the girl in blue t shirt again

  17. forleez says:

    that cyborg look: you gona get it !!

  18. Artur Diomin says:

    I want to marry that girl in blue t-shirt!

  19. ReverseCycoIogy says:

    Woman needs to fight topless like male fighters. It's the right thing to do!

  20. wonderwu says:

    Anyone else think Lina Lansberg is pretty fine? lol

  21. Matheus Rodrigues says:

    bigfoot esta igual o manfred de a era do gelo.

  22. Giblert says:

    Lina "Im Fucked" Lansberg

  23. Derrick & Ronda Lewis says:

    I don't understand all the "Cyborg is a man" comments. Cyborg has the same bodyshape as the swedish girl.

  24. Alexander Gussev says:

    25:06 slapped

  25. ADT2695 says:

    "…Nelson has lost 5 of his last 11…" – that's the oddest, most incorrect way of putting his standing into perspective.

  26. RascalKyng says:

    26:23 Portuguese: "Dont leave me hanging. Fist pump?'"

  27. Amey Patil says:

    Bigfoot vs Big Country is like Weak Chin vs Legendary Chin.

    BTW-Octagon girls are super hot.

  28. Victor Chu says:

    Cris Cyborggggg!!!!

  29. Freaking Beast says:

    King Diaz will annihilate all these bums inside one

  30. Phor Twenny says:

    fuck eric silva

  31. AlwaysBonpoint says:

    Gillespie by decision   Luque vs TKO   Patrick by decision   Silva by submission   Formiga by decision   Yahya by submission   Burns by submission   De La Torre by KO   Santos by KO   Trinaldo by decision   Nelson by KO   Barao by submission   Cyborg by TKO.

  32. Soulkey sbr says:

    16:37 Thiago " The Walking Billboard" Santos

  33. Ricardo Pina says:

    Cyborg – KO/TKO – RD 1 , Barao – KO/TKO – RD 2 , Nelson – KO/TKO – RD 2 , Felder – DEC , Santos – KO/TKO – RD 2 , Pepey – SUB – RD 2 , Burns – SUB – RD 3 , Yahya – DEC , Formiga – DEC , Silva – KO/TKO – RD 2 , Patrick – KO/TKO – RD 3 , Luque – DEC , Franca – DEC
    I predic dezz tings!

  34. Liam Nissan says:

    25:32 papa john.

  35. Igors Zuravlovs says:

    i think she's are transvestite,so creapy lady…

  36. Brandon Colling says:

    Cyborg needs to quit her job as a fighter and just do porn.

  37. THX video says:

    26:22 no touch gloves lol

  38. annon # says:

    awww sheiiiit ! that crazy eye girl is back ! <3 she kep her work for past 5 years !!

  39. MsLefthook says:

    Cyborg is a nice guy.

  40. MrBuds58 says:

    lina lansberg is a smoke show 3000

  41. juvefreddan says:

    man vs women not fair

  42. brandon mccomiskie says:

    stevie ray going to ko alan Patrick

  43. Insane says:

    Fucking no names card

  44. I'm on youtube says:

    Predator in the blue T-Shirt is back lol.

  45. IamJacksColon4 says:

    cyborg has taken so much steroids its crazy

  46. The Notorious says:

    Lansberg will do nuttin, not any of you on this card will do nuttin

  47. Corp Will says:

    Cyborg in war paint. How am I supposed to sleep now?

  48. 모모Momoring says:

    Damn that lips of Lina

  49. stewartinchina says:

    They need to stop showing Jon Jones' damn back at the end of that UFC 205 promo, the teasing bastards.

  50. Christopher Nihill says:

    who is he talking about? 29.05 ? :0

  51. Christopher Nihill says:

    who is he talking about ? 29.05 :0

  52. Richard Hayes says:

    R.I.P Cyborg 😭😭😭

  53. Roberto says:

    Cyborg will kill Lina Lansberg, but it's nothing personal.

  54. Divy Jain says:

    Dayum look at cyborg's eyes during the staredown.. wow. I'd be shitting in my pants if i were lina

  55. K J says:

    #UFC205 main event CRIS CYBORG VS STIPE MIOCIC ….,

  56. Bala says:

    Cyborg by vicious ground-and-pound at the very first round

  57. 77Sinner says:

    Would it be easier for Cyborg to make weight if she cut her dick n' balls off?

  58. Vault0 says:

    Roy Nelson did not give a fuuuck.

  59. The Last Dab says:

    Silva and Nelson – best staredown 😀

  60. hish k says:


  61. Tony Begley says:

    Cyborg will finally get her ass kicked tonight and it will be HILARIOUS!!!!

  62. Clean Cut Connection says:

    Love seeing Edwards up there doing his thing…

  63. Clean Cut Connection says:

    Ray vs Patrick fight of the night…

  64. Javi Garcia says:

    Cyborg is a dude

  65. Deeboss says:

    Cyborg looks ready to kill

  66. Krazy Horse says:

    Barao looks soft

  67. shola eribo says:

    has anyone noticed the return of the oggeling girl in blue?

  68. Restraining Dylan says:

    Such a inspiration all your haters chris are gonna watch your documentary and see what a real champion you are and a real person. how could anyone hate on a person with such dedication ,such will and such determination.You are the greatest woman fighter to ever live cyborg and ufc knows it they know ronda,holly,miesha and every other woman fighter dont come close to you .I cant wait till you rise to the no.1 spot where you belong .Ill be cheering for you all the way from australia!.Everyone here is proud of you and cant wait to see you fight again .

  69. Sexy Somali Galz says:

    k.o gal power

  70. SSShino says:

    damn 141, so close.

  71. calin vasile says:

    Cyborg has better legs than Kevin Levrone…lmao

  72. Carlos Diaz says:

    cyborg gna kill that girl

  73. Lonzo Gastineau says:

    Roy Nelson 248 lbs with all those clothes so prolly 245 lbs…lightest of his career…maybe he wont gas as bad

  74. O'CONOR MCGREGOR says:

    Hey Alan Patrick don't be scaring my sexy blue shirt girlfriend with your back flip 7:29

  75. Gapy Matungul says:

    War Cyborg!!!!!

  76. Adam says:

    lol cyborg just seems so unphased by what lina was saying.

  77. D W says:

    who the fuck is that chick in the blue shirt?? she's trippin!

  78. daobesebeast says:

    Tell me you still wouldn't smash that Hog Cyborg.

  79. Flavio Becker says:

    brasil best forever

  80. Arpez Turlo says:

    3:18 Must watch in 0.25 speed slow mo. Deve assistir em velocidade lenta 0,25 mo.

  81. Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

    Who is that men at the end ?????

  82. murtastic says:

    Do USADA test in Brazil? Cause I'd be shocked if some of that card doesn't piss hot

  83. ROBERT ROLAND says:

    That Blonde THO!!

  84. John Roughneen says:

    Octagon girls looking fine

  85. The Robot That Stole Your Jawb!!! says:

    cyborg will be the next ufc champ and there is nothing bitches can do about it

  86. Tere-Jackson Nanai says:

    Osu cyborg-San..

  87. - Hugh - says:

    Lina that left eye is looking bad…

  88. Bora Bora says:

    Cybog wins… fatality

  89. Chris Yaz says:

    he look a like bj penn

  90. Chris Yaz says:

    the look of a loss coming

  91. Mikey says:

    Why the fuck does the video keep restarting

  92. Derry Farrell says:

    "Cyborg likes to throw women around" so do most men

  93. Keith Morey says:

    Christ I just can't stand lansberg she just a cocky little bitch , she in for a world of hurt in the ufc with a smartass attitude like that….

  94. lee rodni says:


  95. Борислав Симеонов says:

    What's wrong with the girl in the blue shirt ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

  96. firestarterr123 says:

    26:20 ouch..

  97. Jim Lotus says:

    Cyborg is sooo hot !!!!

  98. Elf BlackWhite says:

    what a track on first minute?

  99. Spirit of Botan says:

    damn who is that chick in blue behind the fighters

  100. mitsubishidiamante says:

    Funny how that Girl in Blue Shirt is trying hard not to look lol

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