First day of my litte kitten cat (First day of Cookie)

Coco? Kiki? Kong Nyung Yi(???) Nyang Yi (???) Koooogy? Kukugi? Pipi? Mang~? (I have no idea what I’m saying) Alot? (A lot of what..?) Bonkeuny (cat butler name) Bonkeunny!? (Oh, she listens to this name) Bonkeunny uh hahaha? (Sorry I’m too high;) You like this name? (She’s interest about butlers name) Oh well, she still loves her butler… Bonkeunny~ (Bulters name) Bongdarri (Korean language of plastic bag) Phong yi~ (She didn’t listen, but I was too high) Jinseokki (Little brother name he was nearby me) Hye-ranni (I was too high tenshion this day) Helen? (She didn’t listen but I’m on my way…) Why you interst of name Helen~! Uh huhuhu Thank you for watching this video 🙂

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