First Look: What Is The Masked Singer? | Season 1 | THE MASKED SINGER

This show is
out of this world. American woman. Stay away from me. I’m so fricking confused. I don’t know who I am. This show, it’s been
popular all over the world. But it’s not just a
singing competition show. The Masked Singer
isn’t just a who dunnit– this is a whole sung it. The show starts
with 12 celebrities dressed in elaborate
costumes, and we don’t know who’s under the mask. It could be an
athlete, or a singer– People who are
in broadcasting, could be a magician. The clues are everywhere, from
their costumes to the packages. You get invested
right away because you want to be smart enough to
know who’s behind the mask. Yes! I think the panel is so fun. We’re really the voice
of the audience at home. [singing] I feel like I know that voice. I’m in diamonds. Trips around the world. Don’t mean a thing
if I ain’t your girl. Undercover. Everybody wants
to know my secret. Another fun part
of the show is the fascinating costumes that
the celebrities have to wear. The costumes are so
ornate and beautiful. Yes. And very unique. I haven’t seen this type
of stellar performance from a horse since
the Kentucky Derby. It’s definitely surprising
when you’re completely wrong. I’m sure there’s
going to be people at home screaming, Robin! I can’t believe you
can’t tell who it is. And that’s what it
makes it all inclusive. Starting right now,
we’re all detectives in a very big musical mystery to
find out who’s behind the mask.

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100 Responses

  1. jamal badran says:

    Can't wait for season two for robin thicke not to come back

  2. Nantarat M. says:

    ดูข้ามประเทศเลยกู รอๆ

  3. theskorpionshow says:

    At 0:08 sounds like singer Terrell Carter.

  4. Kay Kay says:

    Literally the Korean show

  5. ren huffman says:

    Dinah Jane is singing the theme song so she has to be on the show. I think she’s the lion. She dances and sings so the judges were right the first time.

  6. Troy Mons says:

    Whoever singing American women sounds like Ruben Studard

  7. Maggie Gonzalez says:

    That golden woman has to be beyonce idk but it just has to!

  8. Autumn Moon says:

    Katy Perry ?

  9. Jimmy KrackKorn says:

    Looks awful

  10. Becky Smeilus says:

    I think the line lady is Lady Gaga!?

  11. Yin Mong says:

    Finally it’s coming to America.

  12. Nick Riddle says:

    If Lenny Kravitz is not under the mask I’m really retarted

  13. GetReadyWithMeMamma says:

    Seal he’s seal

  14. Falco Lombardi99 says:

    0:05: Kirk Franklin
    0:47: Jesse McCartney
    0:48: Celine Dion
    0:53: Vanessa Carlton

  15. Nightcore Pãndø says:

    1:02 Sounds Like Rihanna

  16. imbored help says:

    Furry: the signing competition

  17. R Velazquez says:


  18. cherrys1975 says:

    One of them sounds like Sisqo

  19. RandomR4 says:

    Love the rabbit costume!

  20. Jazzerlat45 says:

    Wow, just like how they copied Ninja Warrior (that was my show back in the day but they cut off the channel).

  21. Ryan Saulus says:

    This looks fucking awful

  22. Miley Distroller says:

    The lion is queen B

  23. MaiyiaT says:

    I think it will be much appreciated if they mention this is an American version of a Korean TV singing show King Of Masked

  24. Féeyth2face pleure de l'encre says:

    robin thike has been mdrrr

  25. Sara R says:

    0:58 Lady Gaga???

  26. Cheebi Umi says:

    i feel like the the lion is either lady gaga, fergi, or sia

  27. Whit says:

    Everyone is arguing about who it is but I actually WATCHED the clip, and got the impression each episode is a different “celebrity”. Damn guys. You all fighting over nothing. Hahah

  28. Alicia Northenscold says:

    What time is it at!??????????

  29. Leo says:

    When I'm repeating :45, to try and think about who the Deer and Poodle are, I love the costumes for these so much

  30. GiGi says:

    Nick is WINNING!!!!??

  31. Jade zvl says:

    i think the alien is Britney Spears

  32. Tree Lee says:

    Your coping South Korea masked singer

  33. Kennedy Justice says:

    The poodle…I like the poodle.

  34. Juli T says:

    It's like Rotschild Night Party…

  35. Hi Bye says:

    So basically it’s just a bunch of singing furrys ?

  36. Ginnie Powell says:

    The lion aoumds like Lady Gaga. Ive seen 2 songs now the lion has sand and it sounds like her. Ive seen others say artists like Leona Lewis to Kelly Rowland. But they have different sounds in their voice. And GaGa is somewhat distinctive. So lets see who it truly is. Start the show already ???

  37. Lauren James says:

    Monster is Pharrell Williams?

  38. Brendan M says:

    Why does it have to be on the fox network ㅠㅠ ….

  39. delcodave says:

    are they really singing, or are they lip syncing to a song that they themselves previously recorded? I'm just saying it must be really difficult to sing in a big heavy hot costume and get it right. Maybe they should have had them behind a screen or something? I'll figure it out when i see the first episode

  40. Christian Wallace says:

    I kn who the lion is

  41. Toya says:

    King of Mask

  42. Himangshu Kalita says:

    Did I just hear Sam Smith!!!!

  43. Dead Virus says:

    What's the song at 1:00 it sounds too catchy –3–

  44. Kat Attack says:

    I know nothing about singers, but for some reason, the lion reminds me of lady gaga

  45. You say what?! says:

    I see only sneak peek of this fucking show

  46. Lunaya Cesar says:

    who is the lion?

  47. Despite block 1 says:

    Jungkook did thisssssss well in another show tho :3

  48. str8EDF says:


  49. str8EDF says:

    Was this filmed in the United States? Looks like a UN meeting….

  50. BLYTHE says:

    There is a chinese version too…just so u know

  51. amesyamy says:

    Jessie J should deffo get on here and win this

  52. Cee says:

    That would be dope if an A-list celebrity is purposely singing mediocre to throw people off.

  53. Medjy Davis says:

    This Asian guy looks like my math teacher so bad

  54. Brianna Sanchez says:

    Umm this is just like king masked singer from Korea

  55. KoolSoda says:

    I'm thinking the deer is that wwe guy I can't remember his name though but he's from death valley
    Because he said he was from the wild west

  56. Brigid Steele says:

    The monster sounds like Seal.

  57. 민재 says: bts

  58. ALIFF ONCExSONE says:

    Well guys, the OG is Korean. But for who don’t know, this concept are actually come from Thai Masked Singer Version.

  59. Life With Drew says:

    Anyone know the song that starts playing at 1:01?

  60. I like Unspeakable Speak says:

    I see on TV

  61. Kayla Wright says:

    the elaborate mask trigger me I'm sorry its too much for me

  62. Cena wolf says:

    I love this show

  63. Whoamireally 4652 says:


  64. kase yung says:

    They ritual costumes but ok

  65. jameka robinson says:

    I just can't figure it out

  66. *nothing* lol says:

    Imagine Simon Cowell is one of them

  67. Following John17 says:

    I know 2 of them , since I was in music twenty years till my sister lost it. But I will not post them at all or tell people , that is just mean.

  68. Rose Morris says:

    Prediction: The peacock is Donnie Osmond. The lion is one of the Kardashians/Jenner girls. The monster sounds like a cross between Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrass. I know, they're both dead, so who from the 80s or 90s fits that sound?

  69. Sugabouttawhipyoass says:

    It says this show is not available in my location (I live in Canada) does anybody know a loop hole?

  70. diesel블디 says:

    Its funny koreans dont really talk about this is berter this is not in this comment sections. We mostly looking forward to see how US will make it. But why other people keep talking..

  71. TheSportsGuru says:

    0:23 Group performances, that ought to be fun.

  72. Alfie Barnett says:

    Is there any easy way to watch in the UK???

  73. Lucy Bang says:

    태국놈들 지들이 원조라고 우기는거 어이없다. 우기면 진짜가 되냐? ㅅㅂ 일본놈들이야 뭐야?

  74. andy good says:

    Wow performance is very attractive ?? there are many funny Korean music programs.
    너의 목소리가 보여
    'I can see ur voice'
    'Hidden singer'
    'Fantastic duo'
    'Sugar man' and so on.?

  75. Samantha Jester says:

    99% comments about how they stole it from South korea

  76. Santiago Castro says:

    Nick needs to do something with that hair

  77. H AR says:

    Does anyone know that song starts at 1:00 please tell me

  78. bc a says:

    North KOREA is the only Korea

  79. Shelia Youngblood says:

    Who do yell think the lion is?

  80. Fledder Maus says:

    The costumes are the shit.

  81. Blossom49451 says:

    The pineapple is Weird Al Yankovic!!! LoL???

  82. TexasGirl 1 says:

    Love the costumes soooo much!!!

  83. hello people says:

    0:14 buddy where are you looking at?

  84. Tammy Gordon says:

    I think that the poodle is Tiffany Haddish.

  85. Karen M says:

    Poodle …….Kathy Griffin ?!??

  86. HomeTown Honey says:

    Could the poodle be Kathy Griffin? She’s sung before!!

  87. Sai Pituk says:

    Let me set its straight. The show is originally from Korea. A Thai network bought the rights of the show and produced in Thailand. It did extremely well. Some would argue more than the Korean version. In fact, Thailand's the Mask Singer won an international emmy last year. The American version is based on the Thai version. Having said that, mad props to the original K style!

  88. kingikiller says:

    Why is Nick canon wearing a turbin? He doesnt get to appropriate cultures because he’s black.

  89. M M says:

    Margaret Cho is the poodle!!!

  90. Kevin Lopez says:

    This Korean knock off show isn't bad. Just wish their products would follow suit.

  91. Staci KaLia says:

    Can someone please tell me what song it was when it said "Undercover, everybody, wants to know my secret"…

  92. Lilllie B. says:

    Fuck off Robin Thick

  93. Edelweiss Montera says:

    This is a huge deal of a show! It's genius! ????❓????????

  94. 윤창준 says:

    First of all "The masked singer" is made by South korea (Republic of korea) TV show producer!!! all of the people in the least , people now watching this show on the youtube know that ????자랑스런 한국의 예능 포맷이 미국에서 이리도 흥하고 세계인들이 영상을 보며 추측하는 댓글들을 보니 너무 뿌듯하다[email protected]@@ 이 댓글 보는 한국인들 모두 좋아요 눌러서 이런 신박한 포맷의 프로그램의 아이디어가 한국이 원조라는걸 세계인에게 알려줍시다!!!!(제 영어가 중딩수준이라.. 혹시 제가 전달코자하는 뜻을 올바른 영어로 수정해주시는 댓글 있으면 달아주시면 감사하겠습니다)

  95. jett goldsworthy says:

    Omg ?

  96. Pearl * Tears says:

    Peacock is ROBERT DOWNEY Jr
    He was in the movie singing Detective

  97. Valkery Black says:

    1:01 i still don't know what song it is?????

  98. Nyxie Baybe says:

    oh u have to be a celebrity

  99. SushiKat says:

    People are getting pressed over it not being exactly like the Korean version. I’m here to tell you that no one cares. It’s not a big deal that the costumes are different, they’re American so of course they’re gonna have to hide them more than the original, because even showing a bit of skin, or seeing their body shape, could make it a dead giveaway. It doesn’t matter what the costumes look like the point of the show is still, listen to them sing, and try to guess who it is. It’s an American twist on it, it doesn’t have to be an identical copy of the original. Also there are people trying to put down the celebrities here saying that there are no good singers or that they sound bad. I think it’s time you stop watching only Korean shows and start exploring more of America theatrical, musical, and film actors, because there are so many good singers but they’re skills are overshadowed, or unappreciated just because people don’t have an interest in their lines of work, or choose to ignore it. Just because they didn’t train in a company for half their life, doesn’t mean they’re not good at singing or dancing. Natural talent exists and they have it, stop acting like we don’t have any skilled people here.

  100. Potato Blossom says:

    “I don’t know who I am “ ???

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