Fish Store Tours #4 Pet Freek in Kyoto Japan – Fish Store Aquarium Shop in Asia.

– Hey everyone, Cory from Aquarium Co-op. In Kyoto at Petfreek. It is raining an insane
amount, and we’ve been walking for quite a while to find this place, and had to take a bunch of trains, but let’s see what’s inside. Let’s get started outside,
the tanks start outside, and a bunch of cool goldfish here. This is like a fan tail,
for lack of a better term, fan tail lionhead or fan tail ranchu. Yeah, so it’s got, you
know, the mixed tail there. But you guys probably see
a short body ram again, things like that. And how much are these guys? These guys are 50
thousand, so what is that? $500? No, that can’t be right. 50 thousand, yeah these
guys are expensive. Down here looks like
we’ve got baby goldfish just chillin with the aerator going. Over here it’s got some kind
of like barb that I don’t know. Reminds me of like
mascara barbs and things, but yeah so let’s take a trip inside. So right when we get in off a skin tank. Gonna zoom in. This little mushroom doing some work, drinking quite a bit of CO2 really. And we’ve got, see even
this tank’s got, you know, black green anemone going
up some of the wood, but they’re addressing that it looks like. Just kinda glancing over stuff. I haven’t looked at any
of this stuff either yet. There’s a little brackish
puff right there. Kind of a dry start, I
think this is a dry start to be calling a full up kind of deal. Some hermit crabs, but you
know, lots to look at here. Let’s see there’s Petfreek again. We’ve got some angels over here, lots of fan tail angels. I love the curved glass these have. Oh interesting, they have right there, they have a plastic kind of return that’s usually a glass lily pipe return. Wonder if we can import
those in the United States. And I noticed here they
have two different types of axolatl foods. I heard these are coming to the U.S., but that’s been like six months
now and they’re not out yet. So that’s kinda neat. Other axolatl food here too, but hopefully I can find all kinds of stuff
we don’t have in the U.S. that I can take a look at. Lots of koi foods, they’re
not quite foods but. Oh interesting, see these here. Oh this is a curry doggy
wafers, different packaging. Kinda neat. I don’t know what this is,
but it’s kind of awesome. Earth eaters and oh I
see what they’ve done! They put the spray bar, the
return for the eheim filter here is under and it’s doing that. That’s kind of a real cool effect. I might have to replicate that at home, cause that is, that is really cool. These are albino stirby koi. They’re not as common, normally
you see just normal kois. Some waterfall tanks
here with some plants. Arabis, looks like. Waba cru some balls that you can buy. Looks like they’re, you
know, roughly $10-$20 depending on, you know,
these guys look pretty nice. Let’s go over here, we got wando shrimp. See these plants seem pretty
comparable to U.S. prices. Again, each stem plant,
like this is money water. It’s $3 for a bunch, which you know, I don’t like bunches
much but very comparable. See what else we got. Lots more plants, more styria. What is this? This looks like, okay, this is sponge that you basically hook
to the bottom of the tank to hold the plants, the stem plants. Also nice (mumbles), healthy (mumbles). That’s all pearling, so they
must be injecting CO2 somehow, but at the same time, I don’t see it. And they’re just using,
so the crazier part is, so you see here that the
splyxa, if you look up top, they’re using T8 bulbs
to pearl the splyxa. I’m impressed by that. But they have a very
still top water there, but it’ll show you that it’s
not all about the lighting. So over here in Japan
we’ve got cyanobacteria taking over this tank here. Looks like some crips,
it’s all crips in here. What else do we have going on? Kinda trying to take
it all in for you guys. Some java moss that’s not doing so hot. Glowlight tetras, neons. Wow, if I don’t know any better, these neons are decently
small are $3 a piece. The albino neons, $3.50 a piece. $1 for white clouds,
roughly, I mean this is, you know, with conversion rates. Cardinals, cardinals are only $2 a piece. How’s that possible? Maybe those are diamondhead neon tetras up there or something. We got sluffstick robanios at $5 roughly. We’ve got lots of lamplight killis. Some more cardinals for $2. These only look like 10 gallons here, and lots of basic swordtails,
blattis, and guppies. I almost built my store this way actually, to have lack and doubt to do this. Kind of choosing not to. Got lots of umbrella filters. These guys are nice. RREAs, the albino blue topaz. I like those guys quite a bit. I think I got some, something
similar in my fish room. These blue silverado endlers are nice. I think they’re a nicer quality than I normally see in the U.S. We got more of those,
we’ve got some red deltas. I think I like mine better that I have. Got some half black
pastels, those are decent. Then we’ve got the black moscows. I’m not sure what these ones are. They’re kind of a different
one I hadn’t seen before. But looks kind of, you know lots of EDA, or at least you know, sub
straight, I would say. Looks like we’ve got some angels up here. Some female betas, some koris. Looks like clown killis? How much are clown killis here? I have to guess, my guess
is $3 but what do I know? Stirby korris are $7. Some brocus. I don’t know if the
(mumbles) are the same there, but looks like lots of korris. What I do love about this store is most the tanks are one to two species. I love seeing that. Oh man! I’ve been looking for
this fish for so long. I want this korri dora so bad. This is the, I think it’s proper name? I’m super jealous; I would
love to take those home. I want them in the U.S. badly. I’m gonna try to spawn them. They’ve got that flag tail to them, they’re on my to-get list. There’s not that many fish
are still on my to-get list, but that one is. Let’s see we’ve got in here. It’s got lots of
bristlenose, it looks like. More and more, wow this is like commons. These guys are decently cool. Doesn’t have an L number, and I don’t know off the top of my head,
looks like a gold nug or something like that back there. And then some nice zebras. It looks like that right there is actually a leopard frog bucco. Yeah so I would guess
that this is the zebra, and that’s about $230. I can’t read the other
ones but I’m guessing maybe the leopard frogs are about $48. We’ve got some more stuff back here. Huh, I don’t know that
I’ve seen that one before. So I’m kinda just go look at it, but we’ve got the long fin tiger barbs. I don’t know if I’m in love with it, but I like the orange on the bottom, but kinda neat and unusual. I hadn’t seen those before in person. Looks like these might
be, oh what are they? Bitterlings, maybe? And this fish I don’t know actually. I don’t know this little like barb fish. Never seen that before ever. So that’s kinda cool and unique. Some blood fin, glass blood fins. More, oh, it’s probably
some ithaca rice fish. See what else we got here. Congo tetras, some thomas eye. Looks like baby rainbows. What else do we have here? Looks like some furcatta rainbows, and some thread fin rainbows. Some kissing fish. Baby mascara barbs or
something close to that. Some little hatchets. That’s a plant, oh that’s why, I was like I didn’t know that plant, but it’s attached like kind
of a hair of a moss ball. If you guys haven’t seen these, I can import these, I
decided to choose not to. These are the balloon pearl grommies. Kinda cool but at the same time, I knew it was taking the wrong direction. Looks like we’ve got a bunch
of pea puffers over here. Let’s keep looking, shall we? Let’s see, we’ve got rams. Not doing so well on the rams. Albino crips. Electric blue rams up here. Oh is that thing a super
red ram that I haven’t seen in virtually forever? I’ve seen it and can get it online. So yeah just like a Facebook group, but I’d never seen them in person. More and more rams. So lots of dry goods. Well let’s see what we have,
I mean not too different I would say. But let’s take a look at
goldfish things while we’re here cause I kinda like that so. Some decent ranchus. Yeah, something like that we’ve got $48. Some butterflies at $5. I’m finding some cool stuff here, some finger stuff maybe. Some koi. These koi looks to be maybe
about $50 a piece down here. They’re definitely pretty big. But they don’t look quite
great though, honestly. And they’re only $28 for
this decent pectoral fin. Little lemon apricot goldfish. Looks like we’ve got
some chocolate orandas, or black orandas. Some more small koi. Some more orandas. These guys are cool like this shubunkin. Such a beauty. And I kinda love, I don’t
know what style it is, a fan tail I can’t even think of it. Fan tail oranda. Geez, that was so rough. You know, let’s see what
we’ve got over here. Some more koi it looks like. Lots of koi, and then I think
these are all cool water. Yeah look at these stands, these (mumbles) I don’t know what these
are, but they’re amazing. But they are very colorful. I need that in my life. I gotta figure out what these are. And I think there’s (mumbles) here, but they’re not (mumbles),
the type of fish. They’re really nice. You guys are wow I want this fish. These are all really cool. I’m gonna have to get into these. These are very, very cool. Yeah, they’re not too expensive either. Oh those guys are just neat. Might just go outside in my pond. Let me take a look at the other side. Some kind of goldfish
bowls made out of pottery. Glass side. Not the cheapest thing
I’ve seen, about $168, but they are cool. They’re nice. Man these (mumbles) fish,
these rice fish are very neat. I really need to start getting into these. $5 a piece, $3.50 a piece. See what else they got over here. Looks like some newts
and some other shiners. Some long fin koi over there. Well let’s take a look and see if there’s anything else upstairs. So now we’re upstairs, it’s
all the other types of pets, but you can get a view
of the store down here. At least half the store. That’s with all the goldfish and rice fish we were looking at. And then as I come down here, might be able to show you
the other half of the store. That way, it’s pretty big
for Japan I would say. So that’s Petfreek. Awesome store, I fell in
love with those rice fish. I’m gonna try to get some into the country and start playing with
some of these strains. I didn’t realize they were
bred like guppies here where there’s so many different strains, they’re all line bred. I already tried to get some,
but they can’t ship them without customs, things like that, so I’m gonna look for some (mumbles), see if I can’t get them in. But if you like this
content, go ahead and like, otherwise subscribe if
you haven’t already, and we’ll see you next
video, thanks for watching.

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