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hi friends it’s Amanda Mae with Ardith Design. welcome back to my channel if you’re new
welcome thank you so much for joining me today it is made January 2018 and I am
an artist and crafter and a firm believer of hashtag you know “make all
the things,” and I am a cross-stitch designer and I’m here today to celebrate
all things Valentine’s Day, and I am so excited that you’re here with me today I
have so many fun things to show you I’m gonna do mail call
I’m gonna show you my new pattern releases I’m gonna show you some of my
fun stuff that I have in my stash. I we’re just gonna talk about all the
things today. so let’s get started. I I want to give a big shout out to everyone
in Flosstube land and Instagram who have talked about my book thank you so much
CindyStitches shouted me out last night on instagram and i really
appreciate it. thank you all. it’s my notebook is to just help keep track of
projects. okay. thank you for the shout outs and
for everything regarding my notebook. I am just so excited. I uh I’m just a
little back story if you’re new to my channel. I absolutely positively cannot
get enough of Valentine’s Day. Something about Christmas is over and then the New
Year instead of having that New Year slump, I love looking into getting the
pink, the reds, the the pastels out and celebrating winter. Winter on the East
Coast can be really dark and dismal. I mean we had a snow storm a couple days
ago. You know, people get cabin fever and why not you know celebrate love, and
light, and all things fun, and get ready for spring. because you know daffodils
are just around the corner. Easter, if you celebrate Easter, is just around the
corner. so why not celebrate now with Valentine’s Day. and with that, I don’t
know if you can see my “love pug” tree in the background. I’ve got some more little
ornaments and balloons, and I have twinkle lights up red, white, pink twinkle lights up. I want to show you my ode to “Friends” with my Lobster jello mold decoration, my
doilies, again my card garland, strawberry shortcake
winter ornament, all the fun little things, my pugs. I mean why not right? I got Doug the pug,
Secret Life of pet pug, all the pugs. The balloons, and the cute doilies,
the fun little things. the cat was actually I rescued that. I went to a
second-hand store a couple weeks ago and I found these really awesome
place mats, but they double for me as decorations. and it’s got the fact
that “I love you” stitching on it, and I think it’s really fun. and I’ve got like
a black and white table runner so black, white, red. Why not, right? oh! and I have in
my quest to “make all the things,” I have had a basket of fabric out for two years
now of some of my favorite Valentine’s Day fabrics in the hopes of actually
making a Valentine’s Day quilt. well you know life happens. last week I got sick,
and what they tell you or they don’t tell you [laughs] is when you’re a parent and you get sick you don’t just get sick. everyone so if you’re down for two or
three days multiply that by the number of people in
your household. yeah that was new for me. I didn’t know that. so shout out to
everyone who sent me kind messages and and well wishes. I really appreciate it!
It was a rough week. thank you for watching my time-lapse art video. I
wanted to show just some of my concept art, and you know again, “make all the
things.” thank you for tuning in it was three minutes long. I wanted to get
something out on flosstube, and I apologize that I wasn’t able to be here
last week. it was it was rough. well that is part of my haul. now I want to show
you some of my other goodies that I have just in my house the Valentine’s Day
wise. and I love all things stationery. I think I said that on my very first floss
tube is “You’ve got mail,” and like the bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils and
then I you know make the school notebook stuff, like make all the things, and I
love cards so in my haul I also got some cute little Valentine’s Day cards
I’ve got these at that dollar store! and it’s got the love potion, and love is
in the air, and I got a narwhal because who doesn’t love the unicorns of the sea?
so I guess that’s haul, right? well I love Valentine’s Day, so I also have a
collection of vintage Valentines. and I like to display them like ornaments on
trees or I have a really fun chicken wire dress form and I had to wait
until I showed it on my video so that I can carefully put them on my dress form and decorate with that. so here we go. I have this little guy he is the space
patrolman and he’s got a really cool vintage plastic piece over his face. I’ve
got the little bunny, and the little cowboy. look at these little precious
little things! and I just love Valentine’s! this is one of my favorites because I
love nautical stuff. I love–well I love to many things [laughs]. I have a lot of
a lot of these little things that I love decorating with them and these are from
the 1950s. I just I love them. my mid-century love kicks in [laughs] and so what I’m gonna do I have I have them and I’m it is my little decorative craft clips.
they’re like the little laundry hanger clips. and I’ll affix them on like that. I
also have this twine. it’s the artist twine stuff our Baker’s twine. I got this
at the dollar store as well, and I use that. and I think I showed a couple weeks
agoI got this new little punch. and it the punch comes out smaller than I
anticipated, which is fine. I still love it. and I’m gonna be making the little
banners with the twine and these little goodies.
[giggles and throws confetti] Oh I love Valentine’s Day! Alright. I want to show you my yeah I’m
gonna show you my fabric basket here. I have baskets of goodies. alright I silk
scarf you know and then all the fabric. I’ve had most of this since I moved to
the East Coast. I started buying it like little by little and like I said I need
to actually do something with it. I cut out at one point I cut out some
squares and started something art the electricity went out back on the East
Coast like five years ago we had a thing it was called “Snowmageddon,” and to say
that I was trapped in my home like literally trapped in my home for four
days, plows couldn’t get in, like it was a hot mess here in Maryland. Snowmageddon,
so and our power went out. anyway I sat and hand cut the quilt stuff and started sewing. and I started sewing no sooner had I cut out the squares and started hand
sewing the power came back on. it’s almost like when you go to a
restaurant, if you if you need to go to the restroom you once you leave to go to
the restroom your food arrives. like as soon as I actually started sewing the
quilt the power came back on, and then I haven’t touched it since. but I have it and
the finishing fabrics now are here for cross stitch which I wasn’t doing five
years ago so I mean everything happens for a reason!
and OH before we move on to new releases because I have so many new releases
please stay please stay for my new releases. I want to do– as everything
falls more goodies–I want to do mail call! MAIL CALL! Post office boxes are so cool. and
internationally like all the post office stuff–the coolest cutest little post
office thingy was at the Vatican. you can mail your postcards actually from the
Vatican, and they postmark it because the Vatican is its own little country state.
anyways, it’s really neat to see the history of mail, mail trucks, Wells Fargo,
you when it crossed the Sierra Nevadas
a turn of the century you know 1850s and stuff and the wagons and they took the
mail, I mean awww mail! and that’s– Valentine’s fun fact, so
the history of Valentine’s most of them were hand delivered back in the day
because it was so cost prohibitive to mail a letter or mail something. even, fun
fact, newspapers–people would take the day-old newspapers and their pins like
their sewing pins and prick out the [individual] letters on the writing of the newspaper
to spell out messages because in the United States it was free to ship
newspapers, so people would use the newspapers to make the letter
correspondence stuff. Isn’t that fun?! anyway,
Valentine’s Day has a long history and it’s just it’s so cool. alright so we’re
gonna do mail call. I got in the mail from Tifa, XpressLifeTifa, Flosstube and Instagram she sent me a wonderful holiday card. thank you so much
so thoughtful. so gracious. she is another firm believer of “make all the things.” I
got the most awesome package in the mail today from
California, from a tremendous viewer named Allie. oh my gosh. I got this card.
beautiful beautiful note inside Thank You Allie. she sent me
the kit this spring bird card. Oh “put a bird on it!” Now I’ve got to stitch
it up it’s super fun it’s got that 14 count Aida, and then she sent me the
newest issue of [Just] Cross Stitch Magazine with Valentine’s Day because it’s my
favorite holiday thank you so much. okay that would have been tremendous. I would have been giddy. No! I was even more giddy! you know what she sent me? I was dead on
the floor. So I had mentioned a couple weeks ago that I love pretzels like I love pretzels. My fun fact about me my first job was at a
mall like working retail I was a pretzel girl where you like did you like roll
out the dough and you bake and you flip it. look yeah legit I I made pretzels for
scholarship money. no spending money in high school it’s not scholarship money
and I’ve always liked pretzels, and I’d shown a pattern in one of my hauls and
it’s a beer pattern, and it had a really cute little pretzel charm. I was like, “I
need a pretzel term in my life.” Okay. I need one in my life! and then after my
Floss Tube video of course I edit, I do my closed captioning, I insert photos.
like it takes a long time. so if I do a 30 minute video it usually takes me
multiply by that by three like an hour and a half to do all the closed
captioning and not including the editing in the upload time, so it’s about an 11
hour commitment altogether, which is totally cool totally cool, but like in
between steps I was on ebay going I love miniatures I love pretzels let me find
some miniature pretzels oh I found some and I like added them to my eBay
wishlist right? [Sigh] and it’s been percolating in my mind,
like, what do I do what can I do to utilize pretzel stuff like Oktoberfest
is coming up let me design something fun let me do something. I want to do
something inclusive though. I don’t want to just do a pretzel and be like look “blah!”
so the wheels are turning, well Allie’s got my number. yes you do.
look at what she sent me! are you kidding me right now? they’re little miniature
pretzel charms! thank you! oh my gosh. Oh flippin adorable is that? and this is the
shop that’s it’s from. and I am blown away, and I love them. and now I have no
excuses. I have zero excuses. what she said to me what what well she didn’t say
it but what I glean from all of this is, “Amanda Mae, you need to design something. I’ve sent you the prototype, I sent you the card of weird to buy more, and let’s
make this happen.” So with that Allie, I say challenge
accepted. So stay tuned Flosstube world, I’m gonna make a pretzel pattern. Comment
below. Tell me if there’s anything that you particularly want to see featuring
pretzels. now craft beer with pretzels? do we want to do a mustard sampler and by
mustards I mean all the different artisanal mustards that you use to dip
in your pretzel? are you from California where you don’t do mustard you do ranch
dressing and sriracha you mix that up or guacamole ranch dressing with your
pretzel or are you from Maryland and you do the pretzel with the hot crab dip
with Old Bay or are you internationally do you eat pretzels down in New Zealand
and Australia if so how do you eat them? Vegemite? no that doesn’t no no you tell
me so that is my mail call thank you so much
one for thinking of me and I appreciate it and I love all of you. you don’t need
to send me anything, I sincerely appreciate it from the bottom depths of
my being. I appreciate it. it’s not necessary but thank you thank you for
thinking of me as I’m like literally like cradling my– [laughs] okay we’ve done mail call. thank you again. I had to set down the
post or else I was gonna sit up I’m holding it it’s like echoing in my [ear].
okay. I’m standing up for this. are you ready? are you ready for my new releases?
okay here we go all right I have a list I had to make a list because I have so
many and we’re gonna start with my sustainability part of my new releases
and I’m gonna say sustainable frugal because I am very frugal it is the new
year and with the new year came Netflix’s they just released the konmari
method of decluttering and sparking joy and all of this well I read her books
and I started watching it I was ill I started watching it and she’s talking
about you know things that love and spark joy and love ah and in a few extra
weeks and we’re gonna talk all about upcycling and using the stuff that you
already have in your home like to craft with and stuff so I’m not gonna go on a
huge long tangent other to say you can look at your stuff in a new light you
don’t have to just donate it or throw it away
keep it love it whatever so with that my first little thing I want to show you
that I worked on is this it’s gonna be a needle keep this is a cuff off of my
husband’s Brooks Brothers shirt that he got 10 years ago it’s like pink maybe it
was men’s wearhouse pink and charcoal and white and he was going to
donate it and it had a stain on it and I was like no you can’t you can’t donate
things with stains they just throw them away
it just gets it literally gets funneled into the landfill stuff or where they
put it in to the rescue mission charities where they it fabric and stuff
is purchased by the pound like 17 cents a pound and then it gets shipped either
to landfills or gets shipped overseas or whatever but it never actually hits like
the floor of the the charity shop op shop thrift shop so I said I love it
let’s make let me make something out of it so I started Pintrest-ing about
doing the memory pillows out of doing like something really cool because I
love this shirt like I did not want to see it go so then I thought well what
can I have that’s close to me that I would treasure well I’ve been doing a
lot of needlework stuff so I thought why don’t I make this in a cuff cuff bag. so
I could put my needles in and then I hand sewed I embroidered around here and
I wanted to make like a little pocket I was laying my needles down on here just
to kind of see how I liked the setup and then I even thought about adding like a
third button in case I wanted to actually like wear this and tighten it
because his cuff is considerably larger than mine and then using it to put
needles on you know or my clips so that’s the first thing and now this
isn’t a new release I shouldn’t have said new release this is a sustainable
project that I’m doing the next thing I project I’m not ready to release it yet
but I am showing it to you I went to one of the big-box stores one of the big box
stores and got a peruse in the craft aisles and I thought
this uneven weave linen and it’s in the wedding section and they’re showing it
here where you can make the little like party favor bags it was a $1.50 for
uneven weave ten pieces and I said what can I do what can I utilize with this to
make something awesome well y’all got to go down and get you a set .pack of 10. $1.50.
at and this is the first thing I made. it is punch needle not punch needle you can
tell my wishful thinking I really want to learn punch needle. it’s got colonial
knots and beadwork and some embroidery stitching and then in the center there
it’s cross stitch. I can officially say have cross stitched on uneven weave linen
and it’s it’s not my favorite, but it inspired me to make a prototype for a
needle case it’s not done yet I’ve got to figure it all out
comment below if you want to see a tutorial and how I did it but just one
of these I’m gonna make into a needle case and again it’s that the fabrics
that I used on the cuff and I did it a little embroidered stitch around and fun
fact to you fold the circle like this so with the seams and you have a cloth
envelope boom. alright. now this is a new release. here we go. it is my “Knotty love” cross stitched colonial knot heart pattern. I love it.
I used Victorian motto sampler threads and it turned out really well.
I wanted it to have that kind of wonky handmade look and boy did I achieve that. one thing about my channel I hope you
all know that I I know I’m not perfect, so I embrace the wonky. and Here I am
right oh I’m sorry my camera is being funny alright my next little release is
my little fraktur flower fraktur bird fraktur Valentine. I was thinking
Valentine or the like little little love coupons. I don’t know if anybody ever
gave like the little love coupons, but here we go.
and I had originally prototype this to make my own mailbox right little mailbox
for Valentine’s Day and I was gonna use a milk jug and I like cut out the plan
and I did all this stuff it was a lot and then I walked into the dollar store
and for a dollar they have the little mail boxes so I bought four of them
because I could I couldn’t leave them there they were a dollar! so I had this
and I had made this into a love token a love like a love coupon but my ultimate
thing is I want to have it affixed down and then design something on either side
where you can have a little mailbox with your lovebirds. again my little fraktur Valentine my
next little piece is back because I love mail, “Sealed with a kiss.” I stitched this
on I even took notes it’s on 14 count Aida and I just think it’s so precious
I developed the fonts myself that’s all custom fonts and colors I forgot to say
that this is stitched on 18 count fiddlers cloth aida
18 count it’s not 14 count i was happy i found this in a vintage section so i
checked 123stitch carries it and a
lot of places do carry Fiddler’s cloth i liked i like the kind of the look of it
a lot of people don’t like it i thought it was fun. the next little pattern i
made i wanted to do something a little abstract and fun where it’s not like in
your face Valentine’s Day cutie cutie cute cute
cute nests because a lot of people are like Amanda come on here is my take on a
deconstructed banner bell pull say that three times fast
a deconstructed and banner bell pull and the design is such that if you wanted to
stitch there are four different little motifs here if you wanted to stitch them
I don’t know say four or five eight ten eleven you stitch them cut them out and
you can make your own banner right so you can have this as a 3d component
where you actually like physically make the banner with the twine or you can
make it into a bell pole and you can add as many down as you wanted maybe
loved ones family members you know grandma grandpa your significant other
your partner your children your dog your cat your Chihuahua wait chihuahuas a
dog your reptile your turtle your salamander I mean your fish a lot
hamster yeah hamster Oh in California the illegal one uh ferrets
the ferrets you could there you can have ferrets here in Maryland but not in
California oh all the things you learn stream-of-consciousness okay I finished
it just really basic and then I did the again because it’s deconstructed beyond
her I did the twine around it and then the twine to hang and I just think it’s
really fun fun colors and then my final pattern if you’re still with me thank
you for this day on this lovey dovey adventure my final pattern is my little
love pug this little love pug is wearing a sweater because it’s cold and snowing
and pugs are temperature sensitive little babies with their short snouts
they can’t be out in the cold or out in the heat like because they the snout
they don’t have the temperature regulation my cute little pug I made
this pattern I stitched it on aida. I think it would look delightful on
linen one of the hand dyed fabrics by Stephanie, Rolanda, well
a Victorian motto sampler shop, Lakeside linens. I mean the list goes on and
on on all the beautiful fabrics and goodies that you can use I stitch this
with DMC and Victorian motto and I have the DMC color conversions I think it’s
super sweet and I made it so it can be put on the tree
as a Love Bug ornament I also think it would be absolutely delightful
if it was made into a little dough bowl, stand up or all the cute things I really
I think I should make some more little animals and think about doing a Vonna
method stand-up with them let’s see what this year 2019 has in store for me
learning how to do the finishing work on stuff and little bear and just making
all the things. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for tuning
in to my little Valentine’s Day extravaganza. I hope to continue the
momentum and talk about more cutesy wutesy stuff next week. we’re gonna do a
save the stitches kind of thing I have I have a lot of projects to show you and
see the stitches stuff that I’m really excited about and doing all the things. thank you for tuning in. again I want to
be the thread or at least one thread that helps connect historic needlework
to contemporary needle art. I hope you have a great week of stitching. be well
and I’ll see you next week.

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11 Responses

  1. Lena Autzen says:

    As always a wonderful Video i Love your new patterns , we don't do valentinsday in Germany but i think say can be great gifts for weddings. Best wishes from Germany

  2. globalhikingcr says:

    Hello Amanda! I’m pleased that you are feeling better. You were not kidding… It was indeed a Valentine’s Day extravaganza! I’m loving all the things you’ve made! 💜 Especially when knots are involved ! Lol The Valentine spaceman is very darling!
    Have a great stitchy week! 😘

  3. Rags to Stitches USA says:

    You, and your creations, are just the cutest! What a fun video! Blessings–Lorraine

  4. Karen Bowen says:

    I like what you did with the cuff of your husband's shirt. That is a really cool idea. I think a pretzel stand would be neat.

  5. Susan Solloway says:

    Hi Amanda May, I'm so glad you're feeling better. Thank you for showing your lovely new designs and your upcycling. I love your valentine tree, it's so sweet.

  6. Tanya knight says:

    Thankyou for another fab video, i loved your new designs esp the love birds one i will defo be buying that soon, my sister has a pug so i may have to stitch your pug design for her one day, im in the UK and we can buy chocolate dipped pretzels my husband loves them, it was fun seeing all your valentines stuff and i look forward to your next video xx

  7. Sabine stitch'n'wrap says:

    I live in Bavaria, the homeland of "Brezeln". Traditionally we eat them with weisswurst (veal sausage) and sweet mustard OR yellow cheese OR radish OR Obatzda (cheese spread with Camembert, butter, cream, onions, caraway seeds, and other good stuff).

  8. Sara Brunsvold says:

    What clever and wonderful things you have made!!! You are sooo very talented!!!! I love Valentines Day!!!

  9. Stitch and Be Well - Mrs Vendsel says:

    Hi Amanda! I’m new to your channel. Your enthusiasm and joy are delightful! Along with your creativity and crafty skills! I love the “upcycling” ideas. My word of the year is sustainable. So fun!

  10. Mary Warman says:

    How can anyone not feel joy when watching your videos? Love all the new designs and your repurposing ideas.

  11. SewGrateful says:

    Hi Amanda, Thanks oodles for sharing and showcasing Valentine's day. I too am a big Valentine celebrator. People think I am silly….however, I guess I haven't been "hanging" with the right people! Your charming, uplifting spirit is beautiful. Thank you for inspiring and sharing such sweet ideas. I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" a few. You have also inspired me to be a bit brave and make my next floss tube video heavy on the Valentine goodies. You are a gem. I appreciate the time and energy it takes to make these videos. You are a light in the world. I am so fortunate that I stumbled across you. I look forward to seeing you again. Happy week ahead, Daleen

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