Food making for dog – German Shepherd

And now, how to make food for a litle dog,
This is a cottage cheese of Diado Liben trade mark. 1/2 of 250 grams package of cottage cheese, I will put on 400 grams of ground beef meat. Now I am putting the half
package of cottage cheese. Now I am adding the beef meat to the mixture. Ground of beef meat. To the mixture, I am putting there, tree raw
eggs. One of them is putted with the egg shell. I have started on the begining with the half
shell of one egg. We have to mix all the components very good. This is the food for the
puppy for one day – 24 hours. Be sure that the mixture is homogeneous. It must be homogeneous mixture. Now, at least I know what is my dog eating and what I am putting inside his food. You don’t know really, what is inside into the granula food you can buy. The mixture start to be homogeneous
and in a few minutes will be ready. Now the mixture is homogeneous and ready. And beecause will be light and better for the digestive system of the litle dog, It will be better to eat It is better to eat more – often on smaller portions. Because of that I will divide this food on four portions, because I am feeding him four times daily. I will divide the half of this quantity into a difrenent plate and will put the second half into the fridge. I have now the half of this mixture. And because the dog needs also plants and vegetables into his food and plants proteins and carbohydrates, I am using this suplement of Happy Dog, from wich I am taking 150 grams. I am putting it into the mixture and I am putting there hot water, from the kettle. Because all is from the fridge
– the beef meat, eggs and the cottage cheese, now everythink will be with normal temperature
and the stomach of the puppy will be safe. This dry plants are very good. There is wheat,
corn, oats, rice, carrots and others vegetables and plants. There is putting dry vegetables with extra carrots, others with extra berries and forest herbs. Once I am adding plants suplements with extra forest herbs, otherwise I am putting with extra carrots. Now you have to mix again all the components, to achieve homogeneous mixture. I recomend to make blood analysys of the puppy at 3,5 monts of Age. and check the levelsf the calcium, phosphorus and the proteins and be sure that the puppy is health and is growning well. If there is need, your vet
will give you tablets with calcium, phoshorus and vitamins A, D3 and E. But only if there
is such a need. Now the mixture is homogeneous and ready. Now, I will divide on two parts the food. In that way, the puppy is receving1/4 of all amount of the food. After 6 hours I will give him the other half. It is divided exactly on half and now Bont here you are, Bon Appetit!

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  1. guergo says:

    This is human food, for my dog.

  2. Akshay vaidya says:

    english please !!!

  3. dido Angelov says:

    Какво си играеш 20 мин с тая вилица да мешаш няма да си изцапаш пръстите ако го направиш за 2 мин с ръка, абе …….

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