Foxtail Removal From Dog Nose – Benny

Hold it in, baby. Jesse, who’s this? Jesse, who’s this? Benny! What are we doing to Benny? He’s knocked out right now. Benny is knocked out. He has a foxtail up his nose. Oh, there it goes. Wait, no. That wasn’t it. I got excited for nothing. I know, right? Really? Yeah. Oh, look at that! Come get it. Alright. Alright, pinchy grabby things, here we come. Can you put it in? Yeah And I’ll direct where I want it. Close. Close. Yeah! If you had another hand I would totally high five you. Yeah! Snorted a foxtail and then they gave me a thing that made me feel really funny. But I don’t have a foxtail in my nose anymore.

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