Francuski buldog – karakteristike rase i specifične potrebe

the French Bulldog has everything of a big dog save its size it is powerful with an atypical silhouette and bulging muscles on a solid bone structure its life Innes its intelligence as well as its legendary gentle nature provide a four-footed friend with a truly endearing character with a unique stature for its kind its particular physiology requires a diet specifically adapted to its nutritional needs the French Bulldog is a picture of natural dynamism day-in day-out it’s powerful muscles need more than just a short walk this constant activity requires important energy needs dire thus plays an important role in maintaining the muscular mass and the ideal weight of the French Bulldog it should provide it with enough calories to compensate it’s physical exercise and maintain sturdy muscles fats and lipids must provide it the necessary energy while proteins play a major role in renewing muscle tissue due to its sturdy body it’s relatively thin legs and it’s insignificant joints the spine of the French Bulldog is constantly in use it’s intervertebral discs seem to wear out prematurely making it quite prone to suffering from a slipped disc jumping or even going up and down stairs should be avoided for the French Bulldog just like other Braca cephalic dogs the French Bulldog has a particular Anatomy that may lead to deficient respiratory glands and digestive problems which are often connected the diet of the French Bulldog must facilitate digestion and limit the fermentation that causes flatulence during transit a good ecosystem should be maintained in the colon in order to produce stalls of good quality the bulldogs head is characterized by its sunken nasal maxillary mass the skull having grown in width by the amount lost in length it’s a Braca cephalic hound just slightly prognathous ie having a short very wide head with powerful square jaws the lower jaw adopts a broad curved shape its tip protruding in front of the upper jaw when the mouth is closed the lower jaw projects moderately using its jaw it is thus able to grab the kibble with relative ease nevertheless it’s somewhat flat face makes this task rather difficult the particular characteristics of the French Bulldog demand a nutritional solution perfectly adapted to its needs this is led Royal Canon to create as a worldwide first French Bulldog 26 a tailor-made food for the French Bulldog the French Bulldog 26 diet helps maintain the muscular mass due to an optimum top quality protein content furthermore the incorporation of l-carnitine enhances the unification of fat in order to encourage the production of energy for the muscles French Bulldog 26 contains chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine which contribute to supporting the joints and constant use and help to maintain good healthy articulations the Bordeaux 26 diet helps reduce the odor of the stalls and the occurrence of wind by optimizing digestion due to added hyper digestible proteins limp and adjusted fermentable and non fermentable fiber content reduces intestinal fermentation with his exclusive kibble adapted to the brackish cephalic morphology and to the dentition of the french bulldog the french bulldog 26 diet makes gripping of the kibble easier encouraging him to crunch moreover its texture produces a mechanical cleaning of the teeth to ensure good health and life expectancy in this exceptional dog a combination of power liveliness and gentleness French Bulldog 26 a new nutritional breakthrough from Royal canon

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