Free Pet Adoption Portal and other Free Services Overview

Welcome! I’d like to introduce you to’s free pet adoption portal service and our suite of other
free services. Let’s talk about the free pet adoption portal, available to any
organization operating as a non-profit. With it you get the maximum exposure
possible for all of your adoptable pets with only a single site to update. This
service, as with all of our services, is secure, web-based, and accessible anywhere. Notably, unlike some other technology companies we never put ads on your pets
descriptions. Most volunteers don’t have time to enter pets on several adoption
site. With our services, when you’ve updated your pets once, we send them to
over 200 adoption listing websites including Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet and
you get to select those sites. This creates a time saver for organizations
as you can update your pets once and then we send them to those adoption
listing sites you choose. This service is available with our free pet adoption
portal and also with our low cost website and data management services,
which are discussed in our other videos or user guide. We have a few other free
services as well. Our pet adoption toolkit lets you display your adoptable
pets on any website with no advertisements or outside links. Here are
some examples. That means that potential adopters or donors stay on your web site
to view your adoptable pets rather than going to a National Pet Adoption web
site. The management app for Android let’s use some of our services from any
Android device, including your cell phone. This includes adding new animals,
uploading animal pictures, editing more than 40 animal attributes, and more! Imagine- you can do this anywhere you have an Android device and Wi-Fi. For
example, at an adoption event or fundraiser. The pet adoption tracker gives you information about where your pets are
being seen. The pet adoption iframe for Facebook lets you post your adoptable
pets on your organization’s Facebook page, and finally the pet adoption kiosk
lets you showcase your pets at adoption events. This allows you to have a
continuous photo stream of up-to-date adoptable pets on a laptop at an
adoption event. Contact us today to begin using our technology services to help
your organization

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