French bulldog barking tutorial :)

1.) Jackie Chan style, action barking 2.) Rick James style, bark your couch 3.) Supermen style barking 4.) Robert De Niro style, “You purring to me ?'” 5.) David Hasselhoff – Baywatch style Who’ s there Look, it’s Pamela Anderson ! 8.) Cesar Millan style 7.) Cat is near, bark for no reason style 8.) Monty Python – argument clinic I don’t believe it, again this guy with the camera. Will you stop recording me already !! I’ll bite your head of, i swear on Laika !

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12 Responses

  1. C&C Vee says:

    ive never heard my frenchie bark

  2. aerofish says:

    oh god, our frenchie does the same thing on the couch – rolls and digs and barks.

  3. Ashley Bishop says:

    My Frenchie puppy (11weeks) tries to bark back to this video. It comes out as more of a forced breath of air but it's still cute

  4. Silvia Haro says:

    my french bulldog keeps up awake each night with her weird bark

  5. _x.KEXCIE CHARLOTTE.x_ says:

    666 subs ??

  6. House Pets says:

    I swear I’ve got your dig

  7. Jessica Lin Barnett says:

    The black and white French bulldog is the same exact one,my mom has but she's brown and white!! with the one spot on the back and brown on her head!

  8. LeaxX x says:

    I have small blonde xd sand color doggie

  9. Kelly Conway says:

    So cute!

  10. krkic agan says:

    dobar dan mario hoces li jos jednog francusa

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