French Bulldog Facts

Best Breed Ever! French Bulldogs!
Frenchies were first bred in England, but were popularized in France.
Frenchies are a mix between Toy Bulldogs and Terrier or Pug
Frenchies have large heads and small hips… Most Frenchies are artificially inseminated
and delivered by ceasarian section Frenchies are top heavy and will sink like
a rock in water. Frenchies cannot regulate temperature well.
Heat and cold can be lethal. Frenchies are BANNED from most commercial
airlines — having died in-flight because they are brachycephalic (flat faced!)
Frenchies not are yappers, they only bark when they need attention for a good reason
Frenchies do well in apartments, but still need their daily walks.
Frenchies are exceptionally patient with and protective of kids.
Ducks say quack and fish go blub, and the seal goes OW OW OW. But what does a Frenchie

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100 Responses

  1. Dina El-Maghalawi says:

    Dooooooo LABRADORS

  2. Maria Jackson says:

    I just saw a frenchie at the airport the other day allowed on the plane 😬😬😬

  3. arthur savino says:

    Wow wtf

  4. WuuKong87 says:

    can i not really take on a flight? noooooo

  5. Alicia Hartigan says:

    Do Springer spaniels pleeeeeeaaaaasseeeee

  6. MrPLYS says:

    Our Frenchie Does not sink, unless he stopps moving 😉

  7. vapor dave says:

    ours cost 500$ and we to drive to Dallas

  8. guzzy92fs says:

    do boston terrier!!

  9. cecilia 2 says:

    i watched this with my frenchie its so cute

  10. Kay Chim says:

    They are the cutest! Check out my frenchie's INSTAGRAM @MVP_Frenchie 😉

  11. ROCKY says:

    1/2 bulldog 1/2 mouse. Cool!

  12. Noe martinez says:

    I'm actually getting one tomorrow

  13. splatoon fan says:

    I have a frenchie named louie

  14. Hilary Tovan says:

    I'm a cat lover and yes I know people are gonna say I HATE CATS SO MUCH you know what cat haters are idiots😜 I hate dogs

  15. Phil S says:

    why do you think it sinks in water? they can swim just as good as any other dog 😮

  16. Kelley Nelson says:

    cute video. but please leave text on the screen longer. I had to rewind it a few times

  17. Porter Gibson says:

    I have a Frenchie name cash

  18. WHITE TIGER says:

    can you pls. do poodles ??? pls..

  19. Achi games TV says:

    do a st bernard facts please plz

  20. Louvenocturne says:

    Do they have a hard time with stairs?

  21. John Rambo says:

    Please do English bulldogs

  22. barbara chipman says:

    Like the Boston Terrier they have such an innocent puppy look.

  23. barbara chipman says:

    The picture with the infant is priceless.

  24. Emma says:

    they are my fav😍👌

  25. Emma says:

    most of the clips are from too cute! I love that show!!

  26. brokenedpromises says:

    can you please do cavoodles/cavapoo?? 🙂 they are super popular in australia! mixed between poodle + cavalier king charles spaniel 🙂 thanks!!

  27. Faze Radar says:

    pls do st bernards

  28. Stu Stewart says:

    Frenchies  can be taught to  swim , and can do quite well ,BUT, are not natural swimmers like most other dogs.  Check out Frenchies swimming on U-tube!

  29. Alize Ibarra says:

    I'm getting mine next week and so excited

  30. Prince Gurung says:

    I have a Frenchie rn in my house lol

  31. Unknown Name says:

    Mine has an underbite and its bottom teeth are always out

  32. SHING SHANGFU says:

    english bulldog pls

  33. Jeremy H. says:

    I have had french bulldogs for over 10 years. Best dogs ever!

  34. TheFukkup says:

    you forget to say that there the cutest lil things ever….love my deaf frenchie

  35. KISHOR KUMAR DAS says:

    German Spitz please!!

  36. SHING SHANGFU says:

    english bulldog pls

  37. amazing toys says:

    can you make video about boston terriers

  38. James Sullivan says:


  39. DarcyAlexEmma says:

    My frenchie is sitting right next to me

  40. BruhItzAna 73 says:


  41. Foxy Lover101 says:

    Getting a cream frenchie in 2 weeks, paid $4000 for it lmao

  42. DirtyBob6969 says:

    stupid dogs…

  43. magicalamathyst says:

    Mannn some looked like my old one. Aww miss err ❤️ the pug like ones reminded me of her because that's her fur

  44. Robert Stoudt says:

    my French daisy goes up and down stairs also likes to howl a lot can anybody tell me y

  45. AG Fairytale says:

    Im getting one in spring and namin her mckindly or him calvin

  46. frienjie says:

    😍 gaah!! 💕

  47. Shanna Eith says:

    cute! We've flown with our Frenchie…but maybe they just have to be in the cabin rather than the cargo hold. Love them 🙂

  48. pratham tamta says:

    can you guys do english bulldog

  49. BepisDaddy says:

    wtf arent french bulldogs a mix between French ratter and English bulldog? hence the name

  50. Umbrella Corp. says:


  51. Hazox says:

    they look like tiny pigs and pitbulls combined

  52. Migdalia Acosta says:

    I have bf(French bulldog

  53. Steve Joy says:

    I  am so lucky that I have a rottweiler

  54. Ramrose Canada says:


  55. Victoire Philippe says:

    I had a french bulldog,the love of our life,my beloved Albert passed away and Donald ,the cute bull too,I remain with my 90 . pas

  56. slime forever says:

    make a English bulldog one because I am it's #1

  57. Zoe M says:

    omg i have a frenchie named after louie the 16th. my dog's name is obviously louie <3

  58. John Lemon says:

    Pls do a video on Yorkshire Terriers

  59. Ymr Bleav says:

    I've personally seen Frenchie's dive deep into water and swim perfectly back up. They enjoy swimming a lot! This breed is always underestimated, they are capable of most activities, except in hot or extremely cold weather!!!

  60. Shivan Bawa says:

    english bull dog

  61. bouli virgule, mikado says:


  62. Matzzz says:

    Im actually getting one in about 2 days

  63. Offensive Username says:

    One of those videos that use material from other uncredited sources without permission. Report it.

  64. stuns says:

    can you please do boston terriers

  65. Alex McCann says:

    My Frenchie swims, hates it, but we taught him how in case he ever fell in our pool.

  66. Ok No says:


  67. Norbe says:

    Isn't frienchie from a pug and Boston terrier

  68. Brian Burke says:

    The thumbnail is a picture of a Boston Terrier

  69. Cookie Cookie says:

    Bulldog plz plz plz

  70. Paul Farmer says:

    2:05 oh my god! adorable overload!

  71. irishmanatthepub says:

    These dogs are absolute genetic trash, they can’t reproduce and they’ll have chronic health problems – horrible dogs. Way to go humans

  72. Victor Guerrero says:

    i hate ad like if you agree

  73. Mdm Crzy says:

    pls do Westie facts

  74. Alan Wayte says:

    My Frenchie is quite a good swimmer, is fine in the snow, and I took him to Ireland last week via BA….?

  75. Beth black says:

    Since it's still a ''bully breed'' does it have any tempe issues? obviously it's not dangerous, it's teeny tiny, but I'm wondering if their is still a dominance issue?

  76. xd IDONTLIKEYOU says:

    No some Frenchies swim like mine

  77. karlAaron says:

    I'm gonna buy one

  78. cheer nastics says:

    Do a shar pei video

  79. Patrick Temming says:

    0:32 Cute doggie ❤🐕

  80. Geoff Longford says:

    Useless mutts.

  81. GeloBeans says:

    So cute!!!!!!!!

  82. Avriel Grace Abejero says:


  83. Marco Sc says:
    Hey guys, we need help for Milka, a 5 year old Frenchie from Hungary with severe breathing problems 🙁
    Here's a link to her video with a gofundme-campaign attached

    Please help a Frenchie Friend in need 🙂

  84. Nagarjuna Chowdary says:

    Siberian husky pls!!!!

  85. franck jacques says:

    God save the croissant ! So funny !

  86. Tracy Barnes says:

    Cool I got a dog called Bruse this no funny he pooped on me I had to get in my Pjs

  87. wishahpatricia says:

    My grand dog is a Frenchmen! She’s the sweetest most adorable love able giving grand dog I’ve ever known! She says “I luv you” too!

  88. dabbing unicorn says:

    G A W U D S A V E T H E C R O I S S A N T !

  89. Fake OG says:

    I can’t believe people buy these dogs. They are riddled with health problems due to generation upon generations of inbreeding. They suffer from not being able to breathe correctly. They cannot breed on their own. Don’t tell me that they can because that’s total bullshit, just because a few can, does not mean the majority does. For a dog to breed naturally they have to do it without any human intervention at all. If a human is holding the together then it’s not natural, all it does it continuously breeds worse and worse traits. Also just because they can breed naturally also doesn’t mean they can give birth naturally too. So it has a minority chance of first breeding and then a minority chance for every puppy the mother gives birth to because the puppies can be born with big heads that would get in stuck on its way out, and if one gets stuck then all of the puppies would die and the mother. Obviously because the majority are being born are unable to give birth, if were to eliminate them via natural selection, then even the breeding population would be to small and the only thing that would make it better would be to inbreed them which is already massive within the breed, so it would just make things worse and could cause the recessive genes that allow them give birth naturally to mutate towards one that makes it unable to breed naturally.

    This just isn’t humane anymore. We need to stand together to save the doggos and end their suffering.

  90. Michele Morotti says:

    che dolci i bulldog

  91. Pizza Rabbit says:

    I upload frenchie videos. Please watch

  92. David Sultana says:

    There no good too many health issues

  93. shizukagozen777 says:

    Love the animation ! 😁

  94. Daniel T says:

    So Cute Frenchies

  95. Diamond Girl says:

    I was Shown that a English Bull Dog has NO Connection to A Pug!

  96. Ron Onderweg says:

    Most terrifying about FB's is the complete lack of fear and their abundant self confidence.
    They will approach the biggest and meanest alpha dog without hesitation.
    Same with horses, cows etc.
    Their self-awareness (or should i say ego…) can cause their owners a heart attack.
    Make sure to train hard with them on obedience and following orders. That's a challenge in it self, but if you put in the time and energy, it will pay off in the heart attack section.
    After about a year we could take the dog out without a leash as we had verbal control.
    Be strict and consistent at all times during training and don't let them fool you with those saddening eyes.

  97. Sasuke Bra says:

    I hope that everyone who disliked dies painfully

  98. AndrŽs Ochoa Torres says:

    my frenchie goes to the robber and huggs him

  99. Frank Kwok says:

    Frenchie and Pugs are the most loving human’s best friends. 🦅🦅🇺🇸

  100. actnowone says:

    Simply amazing stuff

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