French Bulldog gifts

Now the first time I saw French Bulldogs,
they were actually sleeping on a big cushion, just like in my drawing. If you have my Dachshund
art, which is available to buy on a throw pillow just like this, then why not get this
one as well, as a doggie friend! And you can buy this on other products too, but maybe
you would like this giclee fine art print, direct from which will be signed in this size
and it’s also in the 19 x 13 inch version. And the subject matter’s so cute, and this
version is really cute, just the right size for a corner of a room and it would totally
add a bit of fun which is exactly what Frenchies themselves do right? So where would you put
this? Or do you know someone with a sense of humor, who has a new French Bulldog maybe
and this would be a great present idea for them.

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