French Bulldog playing and training with Puppy Jute Bite Tug

This Bite Tug Toy is especially designed for effective and easy training of your puppy. It will help you to achieve better results, while playing with your pet. Pocket Bite Toy is made of super strong jute. The size is perfect for your puppy to bite the tug without any efforts. The item is perfectly stuffed with pet friendly material, that is safe for puppy’s teeth and won’t cause allergic reactions. Equipped with one nylon handle, it allows you to control the course of training. Besides, it keeps your hands safe. You may use this bite tug as retrieve item or to introduce your puppy to bite work. Train your little pet with pleasure!

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10 Responses

  1. Екатерина Федякина says:

    This is really a must accessory for puppy training

  2. Iryna Zub says:

    Very useful thing for puppy bite training.

  3. Kate Kalmuk says:

    Puppies like playing with it! Awesome thing!

  4. Ольга Приходченко says:

    Adorable thing for puppy training!

  5. Нина Клафас says:

    my friend who is a professional dog trainer insists the puppy tugs must be made of jute. seems I'll stop my search on this very model

  6. Ирина Кривченкова says:

    It is exactly I was looking for! My doggy will be happy to play with it)))

  7. Cassie Clark says:

    Haha the Frenchie is super cute) Is this pocket toy suitable for adult pit?

  8. Svetlana Komyshenko says:

    great toy )) I need it to my cat ;)))
    joking , really great gear to play !
     the bully is gorgeous LOL

  9. Екатерина Статева says:

    My puppy is amazed with this wonderful dog toy!

  10. Eugenia Gordeeva says:

    lovely doggy))) i guess this toy will be great and for other small pets)))

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